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  1. I bet it's still delicious. I had a few already that were 2 feet long and still taste so good. I'll never not plant them in my garden.

  2. Remember when they paid out bounties to Alqueda for killing US troops? Seems like we should have been paying attention instead of letting Conservative reps spend the 4th of July chilling with Putin.

  3. This week on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, the gang starts a conservative clothing company and gets caught swapping "Made in China" tags. Seriously though, most of the conservative schemes seem to fit perfectly when applied to that show for some reason.

  4. Just buy the cat its own boat and let it sail away. If it comes back to you then you know it was meant to be.

  5. Maybe the republicans see diabetes as a life choice, and this is their way of punishing more people for being different.

  6. Also here's your corndog and tater tots as a "healthy" school lunch. Remember when they blasted Michelle Obama for promoting healthy food in public schools? I'm pretty sure Trump went as far as to cancel the program with an executive order.

  7. I read "the entire Bible" before I was 18 and realized the Christian Right were completely full of shit and didn't actually read the book. This kid might have a chance after all.

  8. Absolutely we do. You increase obstacles for any business you get less production and higher prices. Simple logic

  9. Is that why gas is more expensive everywhere else in the world?

  10. Isn't, costs about 3 American dollars to fill up in Iran. Mexico is significantly cheaper than us the only places more expensive have always been more expensive because of the incredible taxes on their fuel

  11. The price of oil is set by global supply/demand right? So oil prices increased globally. This isn't something that is just happening in the USA. There was an invasion of Ukraine by Russia followed by sanctions and oil embargoes. One would think that this likely had more of an impact than anything Biden did to the poor oil companies who have massive amounts of leases that are just sitting there doing nothing. Not to mention that refineries slowed down production during the pandemic and haven't increased production back to pre pandemic levels. Oh and all those recird profits surely didn't effect anything either.

  12. Ah tes, the militant left who want less guns in Wal-Mart are going to rise up against oil companies and corporate executives by making them pay taxes. Complete anarchy.

  13. Looks great! Those leaves are yellow because the buds are so fat! Nicely done.

  14. That's looks great! Is Photon Pharms available online? Definitely looks like good genetics.

  15. Im so sorry I called u sir. I just saw your username and realized I might have messed up. Plz excuse me for assuming and not reading.

  16. Wait until you see what happens when the mid Atlantic current stops flowing in a decade or so.

  17. Dear Mommy, existence is pain. Your uterus smells like a gas station bathroom next to a bad Taco truck in August. My grasshopper sized brain doesn't understand everything but I do understand that humanity in general isn't going to make a single sacrifice on my behalf which means that by the time I'm your age I will likely be dead or living on a dying planet surrounded by suffering and undescribable horrors. Please end the cycle of suffering and pain by snuffing me out before I am truly sentient. Love Grandpa.

  18. 100%. But why shit all over it first?

  19. What piece of legislation in the last 20 years or more wasn't "shit all over" by pretty much every GOP representative because it did a tiny bit of good for the vast majority of Americans at a miniscule expense to corporate America? Was the massive bank bail out a compromise? Was the largest tax cut in history for the top 1 percent compromise? Are we compromising by allowing billionaires to direct government policy through legal bribery? Are we just supposed to forget all these things because we got one little piece of legislation that acknowledges the biggest problem future generations will face without actually making those directly responsible pay for any of it?

  20. It says a lot about our priorities as a species that we are 1 miscalculation away from total annihilation yet millions of complicated steps away from saving the planet from extinction.

  21. It says more about our ability to create technology. We aren't the only species that fight our own species, some forms of chimpanzee will fight each other with rocks for instance, but we just happen to be the most technological of known species and that means we figured out big explosive weapons.

  22. And increased carbon to levels never before seen since the planet wasn't a lake of molten rock. But whatever. Blame the chimps. Those bastards

  23. Remember when the other guy wanted to nuke a hurricane and played golf literally every fucking day?

  24. Luckily no one has sex in hotels and the bedding is thoroughly washed every time.

  25. I remember working at a Motel 6 when I was 19. The sheets were always changed but in the 6 months or so I worked there I never once saw them wash the blankets or comforters. I'm close to 50. Maybe things are different now, but I still cringe every time I stay in a hotel and think about it.

  26. You know if there aren’t any solar panels on something you can assume it’s running off non renewable resources. Most Tesla chargers are connected to city power which is usually coal

  27. Usually coal? Coal generates about 21 percent of electricity in the US. Renewable are right behind at 20 percent. That number is changing almost daily because of investment in green infrastructure. Usually natural gas would be far more accurate.

  28. How many popular issues will the GOP take a negative position on before people in the US realize that Republicans don't represent the will of the people? It seems strange to me that we still don't have a majority on issues that 70 percent of the voters support yet the same shitbags are representatives year after year. It defies all logic.

  29. The GOP has shown recently that they really don't care about anything but creating a chrostofascist state. That's literally all they care about. Women don't matter, veterans don't matter, the economy doesn't matter, workers don't matter. So what matters to them? Religious oppression, guns, and racism. That's it. VOTE THEM OUT BECAUSE IT MATTERS.

  30. First good largemouth of the year - and it's easily my PB - previous was a (weighed) 4.5. this one longer and fatter.

  31. Find her next Spring during prespawn and she'll be a 6 pounder.

  32. Inhumanity is a virtue amongst the Christian Right. They rejoice in the suffering of others and think compassion is a sign of weakness. They believe the exact opposite of what their "savior" preached.

  33. Start over and mix better soil to begin with instead of dumping a bunch of chemicals into whatever that stuff is. Good dirt makes for easy, low maintenance growing. Plastic bottles of nutes made for hydro look cool but usually just burn your plants and fill your soil with salts.

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