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I needed this today

  1. I'll believe it when I see it. Gotten my hopes up too many times for nothing by now

  2. This is a civil case with enough evidence to take away all his stuff led by a DA that wants to see him pay and a judge that doesn't buy his bullshit.

  3. It should be permitted to just taser any person who does that bullshit hand gesture where the finger goes up and the hand does a swipe. It is the mark of the deranged.

  4. They do it when the person with the finger is not white.

  5. Bolsonaro needs to be kicked out like Trump was.

  6. I wonder which IP they stole for this.

  7. Dude. What?! Is this shit real? That’s insane, I’ve never seen this.

  8. Yep, BD has building these cool robots for more than a decade.

  9. Trump belongs in prison, not in office.

  10. Wherever that is, don't buy gas there.

  11. So, he's calling out his own country's terrorism. Nice.

  12. Russia blew up its own pipeline that it built for billions of dollars by secretly coming up to Poland, right next to the place where the US navy was performing "underwater exercises" and rigging it with explosives to effectively cut off its own selling point for gas. But the Americans that are going to be selling the gas to Europe now for double the price had nothing to do with it, trust me

  13. No wonder the Queen decided to close shop after meeting with her. After Boris, she probably thought UK couldn't get any worse. She stand corrected. But at least she's not Greg Abbott because Greg Abbott is a little piss baby.

  14. It's really embarrassing for the US when India is ahead on abortion. India is not the most women forward country in the world and their supreme court has better judgment than ours.

  15. So true and that's why Greg Abbott is a little piss baby

  16. String theory and multiverse are not the same but neither has been proven or any evidence has been provided.

  17. Funny that you only use the real definition of theism, and make shit up for religion.


  19. Firstly: ah, wikipedia. Famed for it's trustworthyness. Second: this proves youe point how? It literally changes nothing lol

  20. I've read several anthropological papers describing studies of the more than 6k deities and religion over the existence of humans. The core psychological reasoning related to fear and insecurity driving people to seek religion, the history of political power plays that led certain religions to evolve (e.g., Constantin I and Christianity) and other serious debates about structure, abuse and extremism.

  21. I hope the suspect files a massive lawsuit against that police department for attempted murder.

  22. That looked like a black bear cub. The cub was likely more curious than dangerous. The poor thing must have been terrified.

  23. Poor thing will rip your face off though. They are cute, too bad everything pretty in nature has death lurking around it.

  24. Have you seen a black bear cub? The only way for one to rip your face off is by accident if your face is on their path as the flee.

  25. Greg Abbott is a little piss baby and he won't be happy the other piss baby is getting attention.

  26. He might want to avoid stairs and windows for a while.

  27. So, you don't want voice features. Sounds strange getting a device with voice activation and not use it but you can always turn the mic off using the button on top of the Show (looks like mic icon).

  28. Didn't Boebert drop out of HS and then failed her GED twice?

  29. That woman wasn't faking. She has serious mental issues. The way she was shaking seems like an involuntary reaction to extreme stress.

  30. For someone that's hated in the UK and wasn't even invited, he talks a lot of trash about people were actually there.

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