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  • By - Bh3r

American dream

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  1. Disclose your struggles to your doctor. Seek out a mental health specialist to help you work through your struggles. Put aside anything you think you know about about therapy, Hollywood gives so many wrong impressions.

  2. Meditation, exercise, weed and delicious food.

  3. Currently, we’re at ~5% to make the SB and ~5% to get the #1 pick 👀

  4. Hi Home Alone (1990) when the McAllister’s are trying to remember what they forgot at home, the dad says he forgot to close the garage. He really did forget to close the garage., I'm dad.

  5. He's apparently a rapist and domestic abuser.

  6. My god, RW is WORKING for the Hawks… love this dudes dedication!!!

  7. The separation is in the preparation

  8. And baby you're all that I want When you're lyin' here in my arms I'm findin' it hard to believe We're in Kevin

  9. Check your power plan in control panel. The low battery alert can be adjusted within the advanced settings. Unsure why 80% would be the threshold for a low battery warning to begin with.

  10. Great photo! I’ve been there two times. What is cool about these slot canyons is the elevation of the sand changes so the view inside is unique each time you visit.

  11. Hooray for infrastructure spending!

  12. Stealing food from a chain or franchise owned supermarket to survive, but not an independent shop

  13. Or how about theft of private property is never okay

  14. What do you REALLY know about Dino Rossi?

  15. Enjoy the tiny bean while you can. Lmk if you have any questions about raising a puppy. We got a golden retriever puppy in summer 2021. We crate trained her and she seemed to get slightly bigger each day. She’s now over 60 pounds!

  16. I bless the rains up in the PNW 🎶

  17. Probably a mechanical issue with the lens. Not sure what the cost/effort would be to replace the camera. Otherwise it may be time for a new phone. The quality of phone cameras contributes to improve in each model.

  18. Could you suggest some resources regarding this? Anything that I could work on/ read about for that matter? I know that I need therapy , for this and other unresolved issues as well , but in the meantime I’d like to read , and get to know more about this.

  19. Get a referral to visit with a mental healthcare specialist

  20. Companies need to be sanctioned or terminated for committing crimes against humanity in the name of greed and profit.

  21. Awesome pics! I did the same itinerary with my partner a few years ago. It was my first trip to Europe and it was absolutely incredible. We stayed in the town of Nochelle on the Almalfi coast and took the stairs down (once) to Positano. Walking the streets of Pompeii was mind blowing.

  22. Hello, I creepily found your phone number through questionable means. I realize this is a little awkward because you didn’t reach out to us about potentially selling your house. Anyways, I am eager to exploit and price out more people from the overhyped and underserved housing market by any means necessary including persistently messaging you so I can bulldoze your POS property. Holla back! /s

  23. Jokes on you mate. Kids don’t have lockers anymore because they could house guns and drugs.

  24. That’s great! Hauling around 25 lbs of textbooks, school supplies, meds, lunch, sport equipment, etc should hopefully be enough to stop bullets from an AR-15.

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