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  1. They needed to hear the truth. You are fine. They definitely are not as funny as they think they are.

  2. I think you should read about other universe. Dune is a good start !

  3. Years ago I tried to explain to my MIL how much first graders touch their teacher, and how carrying a gun would be a recipe for disaster. She gasped in actual horror and said, " I am far more worried about that first grade teacher who touches kids than I am about guns." This was even before the grooming thing.

  4. How did she become a mother without meeting a six-year-old?

  5. I didn't get it either. I was horrified in general. I keep wondering if I can just cut off in laws.

  6. I know Switzerland requires gun ownership, but from what I understand they really monitor access to ammunition.

  7. Actually, that is factually incorrect. Switzerland does not require gun ownership, quire the opposite, as you only have a gun while you’re still within the service range. But the guns belong to the army.

  8. i fear he will self harm in an attempt to stop the victims from getting his money.

  9. His constant statements against self harm really make me nervous. Every time he talks about it, I want to tell everyone in his life to run.

  10. I love it when these people show me who not to vote for.

  11. Yes. And sometimes I obsess for a few days and get over it until my brain decides I need a reminder. It just sucks.

  12. That sounds awesome. Where are you located? I have a teacher that would want you to come in almost immediately.

  13. What grades do you teach? When does she promote?

  14. Time and patience. It sucks, but you are doing this the right way. It is important to be clear with partners. You will find the right person eventually.

  15. I have managed all of mine solo. I even lucked out on a zygarde run and made it through.

  16. I feel terribly for her daughter. I hope she is OK.

  17. Are we going to vote for politicians that will support abortion rights? I don't think Democrats care enough to get over their purity tests. Republicans have been single issue voters for years and it was incredibly successful. They will cut their own throats to get prolife politicians in place. These are the consequences. I am scared out of my mind for my daughter's future. I believe she will have far fewer opportunities than I will. Already, we are seeing Democrats talk about staying home for the midterms. This will become a nationwide ban if McConnell gets his way.

  18. I am super hopeful it is freaking bots, but every time something comes up about midterms there are always a few who have to say they are staying home. Also, historically, we suck at voting in midterms.

  19. They're going to go after gay marriage and interracial marriage next.

  20. Don't forget birth control too. We are truly f'ed.

  21. California doesn’t have a state wide max. It is by district. Same with additional pay. The fact that the principal is giving you some pay for planning is nice. My district wouldn’t do that. It sounds like it is bad luck.

  22. I always have making a meme for history as an option at the end of a unit. There are always kids who are choose it and make cool stuff. Some make terrible things, but you can’t win them all.

  23. I imagine that for some of these people seeing the scars that pox can leave will send them run to a vaccine. They may not “fear death” but they are shallow.

  24. I use a lot of movement around the room and positive reinforcement. I thank students who are doing the right thing. “Johnny, thank you for getting your book out so quickly. Jane, thank you for waiting quietly.” I would thank three students and then give a reminder to the fourth. Usually, they started to get on track because they need reminders. I also scan the room constant. I was a lifeguard before a teacher, and it serves me well. I catch issues before they become problems.

  25. Maybe reach out to the principal who told you to apply or another friend in the district. Ask if they know anything about being blacklisted. It might be because of your father's false information.

  26. I've reached out to my friends there who advocated for the principal to please hire me, or at least give me an interview. Some worked with me there, some worked with me at my current school (before leaving to go there) and basically she wouldn't give them a reason that she wouldn't interview me. They think it's because of my father and the district not wanting to deal with him if they hire me. I did just email the principal basically just to ask if she could meet and provide me with any feedback or suggestions for future job-searching and that I really loved my time at her school. We'll see if she replies.

  27. Good luck. It's the best you can do under the circumstances. It is incredibly unfair though. I'm sorry.

  28. I like the businesses he bought, I don’t like the man

  29. He chose to use toxic paint and pay the fines in California because it looked cooler. He doesn't give a shit about the environment. He only cares about making himself rich. He is purely a being of marketing. He is fucking brilliant at self promotion.

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