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If Office Space is the movie to watch and relate to for those who work in an office, what other movies are a must watch for a specific profession?

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  1. Don't forget that a lot of the early pioneers of the genre are still touring and producing great albums. Carnifex in particular has dropped several great albums in the last few years.

  2. My man! So many people are forgetting about Carnifex! The most consistently awesome band out there!

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one here. I hear their stuff and I get sad. I’m sure glad that it happened, but damn it hurts that my favourite band just up and left like that. I had tickets to see them play some Radical shit, and then it was all gone. I hope one day I’ll be able to jam their tunes like I did when they were around.

  4. Not necessarily metalcore, but Paleface has laughing/heavy breathing in almost every song

  5. They’ve always been one of my favorites. I’m not a Christian, but they’re song writing is second to none, and their lyrics are really good. They have a sound that no other band has been able to replicate.

  6. Not hardcore at all, but Hacktivist. They combine metalcore and grime if that sounds like something you’d like.

  7. Yep, you've described my lil guy. I'll have to try a weighted blanket 🤔 thanks so much for this. It's nice you get that little peice of hope, that he'll one day talk.🤞

  8. I’m sure he will! Just monitor who it is that he confides in and use that person to have alone time with them and hopefully it’ll come! And yes, they love weighted blankets and REALLY big hugs and cuddles. We had times where our son would have a meltdown and I’d just sit there and squeeze the crap out of him. Calmed him down immediately. Enjoy learning life with him! It’s different, but astonishing. I hope things work well with you!

  9. Yeah hes pretty equally obsessed with both dad and I, this kid shows love like you wouldn't believe. If it's anyone else he pays a little attention, And only follows direction from us, He's already sounded out I love you to me, He tried so hard to say it... abraxia is a component of his autism. but yeah its already fascinating, I love every second of it. (Especially when we have metal on ;-) )

  10. Hopefully it’ll come over time then. We were in the same boat wondering if he would ever talk, but eventually he started saying little things like he’s hungry or I love you, and then it grew from there. I wish the best things for you! The thing I still fight with and tell myself is don’t doubt his future, revel in what it can be! It’s facts that autistic children are typically better at many other learning subjects than the normal kid. And keep teaching him about metal! I look forward to being 50 years old watching him shred on stage!

  11. Loathe is the first one that comes to mind

  12. This is the best answer. You never know what’s coming next.

  13. Like the person below me said, Whitechapel is from TN, but I come from the East TN scene and it’s trash. Full of elitists, drug addicts and shitty venues. No way any big band would go there. This is speaking solely for the East TN region which was a budding scene in the early to mid 2000s.

  14. So far it’s Rolo Tomassi - Where Myth Becomes Memory

  15. Hate to be that guy, but Every Time I Die. I will always love that band and never skip a single track. Sucks they went out the way they did.

  16. Did you ever listen to "Figure Four"? Jeremy the guitarist for CK, originally was the vocalist for Figure Four. They're effing great too. Heh, I just checked the wiki and apparently CK's current vocalist was also the sound and light guy for Figure Four. TIL.

  17. CK’s current vocalist is also an original member. He started out playing guitar, then stepped up to lead vocals when the original vocalist left. One of my favorite bands!

  18. I’m from Tennessee. As far as I know we have Whitechapel. But I’ll give you bonus points if you know of The Showdown who were from my hometown. They were signed to Solid State Records.

  19. Jarhead for anyone who’s joined the military, or more specifically, deployed in the military.

  20. Not metalcore and a really old band, but the band I was in at the time opened for The Beautiful Mistake. I was a huge fan of their music, but they were assholes to me and my band the whole night. Just had the whole superiority complex going on because they were signed and we were just locals. Then when they went on stage they screwed up the song On Building (their most famous song) so bad that they had to stop, then start it all over again. It left a really bad taste in my mouth. I used to think they were so good, but they were just another crap band that happened to get signed off of one song that they couldn’t even play live.

  21. I was in a melodic hardcore band called Autumn in Vanity back in 2003-2004. Just a local band in East Tennessee

  22. Every Time I Die - From Parts Unknown to Low Teens. But you could say all their albums. They just keep raising the bar!

  23. May not be metalcore, but thanks for throwing this up! This band gives me Alexisonfire and Dead Poetic vibes and I can’t wait to see them at Slam Dunk Fest this year!

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