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  1. Pass along your seed phrase and wallet address and I can take care of it for you.

  2. All of them. Kinks are sin. Don’t sin. Missionary and sleeping in separate beds is what God allows.

  3. I’ll call you when I’m done using your rangefinder.

  4. I didn’t realize rug pulls included air drops.

  5. The definitely designed a logo where the silhouette’s back is turned to you.

  6. You could tell me I’d lose my nuts to hypothermia and I’m still teeing it up at ANGC.

  7. Posting about Adams golf clubs in this the year of our lord two thousand and twenty two.

  8. The yearly reminder that I’m getting older can go fuck itself.

  9. When newspapers were still a thing a friend and I got the lost and found section of my local paper and called people saying we had found their pets.

  10. When I was 16 or 17, seven other friends and I decided to drive to Tampa (from Dothan, Alabama, two cars, four people in each) and left around 9/10pm at night. Somewhere along the panhandle down a long stretch of road I see out in the distance a horse galloping towards us with a rider on it in the other lane. It gets closer and closer and as it passes I think ‘wtf, was that a headless horseman’ and sort of shook my head like I was seeing things and as my head is shaking one of the phones in the car starts ringing. Buddy answers and everyone in the car behind me is yelling and screaming and freaking out at the headless horseman that just galloped by. So yeah, saw a headless horseman and of course it was in Florida.

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