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  1. I think we should be firmly in the 6-8 seed with this roster already to be honest. Assuming healthy of course

  2. Kuzma is clutch, leaves it all on the court and seems to like being here. I don’t get why so many people want to trade him for marginal upgrades or sidegrades. Can we at least see how these guys will play together before blowing it up?

  3. The only reason I’m worried is simply because of salary/him walking in free agency, but I’m definitely down to try it out

  4. Please no, by any means not this trade. I agree we should consolidate the roster and that collins is better than Kuz but I don’t think the gap between them is big enough to also give up our best defender and one of our better shooters. A pick as well? This trade stinks man

  5. I agree. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me lol. The hawks sub shat on me when I suggested Kuz + 10 for Collins + 16 pre draft, so I guess they really overvalue him. I can’t really tell what Collins’ actual value is. 2 years ago he looked like a 22 year old that was on trajectory to be an allstar. Then his role decreased and here we are

  6. Collins trade is so bad for us because of how the salary match works, imo. Trade away your young players (no SF if you give up Deni and Kispert, right?) or wait until you're eligible to trade Barton with Kuz, but then the Hawks have to work some smaller contracts into the mix. Also lol @ including a pick, that's a huge overpay no matter how you look at it.

  7. Yeah, I’m just not sure what other players we could really go after right now. Do we know if we could trade Barton in a 3 team deal if Barton was the only one from the wizards going to another team?

  8. The problem is playing time at this point unfortunately. Going to be hard to be a star with Kuz playing 25-30 mpg

  9. That sounds ridiculous, but Beal was out half the season, dinwiddie was traded, ish was only there for like 20 games, and Raul neto is a shooting guard that doesn’t play that much.

  10. They want future picks so they can pick their own players.

  11. 5 rotation players and 4 mediocre prospects for one of the greatest defensive players ever is cheap.

  12. Our picks with gobert would still be fringe lottery, he doesn’t take us to the top. 4 draft picks would take us out to like 2031 with the stepien rule and I’m not even sure if we actually could do that. We will be well beyond the brad Beal era at that point and there’s a good chance we would blow it up before then. That’s just not smart lol

  13. I wonder if we are going to start playing Riley at 1B in AAA?

  14. Lol that’s a pretty bold question.

  15. I agree, but I would have only been willing to do Barton and a second. I’m not sure that would have taken that

  16. Do those +/- figures account for what we traded away? Didn't we trade Ish and KCP to get Morris and Barton?

  17. Yes, I listed in a comment what all it includes.

  18. The good news is that we could have won seven more games last year with these deals. The bad news is we were eight games out of the play-in. All we've done is move our draft position from 10th to 14th.

  19. Well, we also didn’t have Beal for half the season, and we only had KP for like 15 games. We also didn’t have Davis and WUJ was in his first year with a bunch of locker room problems. People seem to get we were in prime playoff position before the locker room imploded and Beal went down with injury.

  20. Are there no new (side, not featured) programs this week?

  21. Getting a rotation player at 10th pick is not guaranteed. He will meet his expectation if he does that.

  22. This isn’t about draft position, it’s about ceiling. I’m just saying he looks really good. He definitely projects above just a “rotation player” if he hits his ceiling, so I don’t think him just being a rotation player is a win.

  23. Oh man, you’re gonna piss some people off with that. Brunson and Ball are fringe AS in my book. I thought you meant like PJ tucker

  24. Nah you’re right, you can make the arguments they are fringe allstar, I just don’t see them actually making one. Not trying to offend anyone.

  25. I actually say zero. Mitchell + Beal is going nowhere, especially when you consider the assets you have to give up to get him

  26. Beal and Mitchell don’t really make sense together

  27. This is the weird case where we actually have assets too valuable for the trade to make sense for us. Any trade we would have made for him would have had to involve

  28. Even if we weren’t gonna to trade for him, I feel like they coulda gotten more for Brogdon than 5 end of the bench guys and a late first round pick.

  29. Not with his injury history and contract.

  30. “Downtown Petersburg” lmao 😂😭.

  31. I would merge teams just to get your throwback uniforms. Problem is I'm not sure we could have a worse owner pairing than Leonsis and Jordan.

  32. Don’t forget their new courts, they all look dope. If only we would embrace the “wizards” theme. We could really do a lot with it I think

  33. Wishful thinking, Miami, Boston, Milwaukee, Chicago, Philly, Toronto, and Atlanta are all several steps above us. One of those teams will have to be in the play-in, along with Cleveland, Charlotte and New York. I’m hoping we can sneak in to the 7-8 seed from the 9th spot.

  34. I agree it is wishful thinking, but with the exception of Boston, Philly, Milwaukee and Miami, I don’t think those other teams actually have a significantly better roster if we got the best out of our players offensively and defensively.

  35. Pretty much spot on, but I think your “expectations” are actually the worst case, not expected. I think what you said as worst case would actually be the same as an explosion.

  36. Man I really wish we could snag a few players from the raptors. They have a bunch of wizards killers. Not that Otto is a wizards killer historically (other than the contract he signed), but he fits the bill of a typical raptors player.

  37. I rationalize it this way - the difference between max and supermax is only like $10m a year. It’s not like a $10m player is putting us into the finals. Brad is slightly overpaid but it’s not going to make a meaningful difference. You either want Brad on the team because he’s a good player, or you want to tank. The contract amount is just a straw man.

  38. Okay, now we’re approaching a very similar issue that we had last year. Too many guys, not enough minutes.

  39. This was a move at a position that had no depth. While I agree with you, the log jam is at the 2-4 position, not 1

  40. Oh no doubt. Back up point guard was definitely needed. I’m not mad at the signing one bit. Especially after browsing the Hawks sub lol

  41. Yeah, I think Barton is the odd one out at the moment. I think he and kuzma could be consolidated into a better starting level SF or PF (Collins for example)

  42. I mean we have too many players that would want playing time at the moment .. so he should ... to avoid a situation like last year ..

  43. I believe Barton would be a 3 in the depth chart. Regardless, think we end up trading him for someone

  44. Will Barton + Monte Morris + Delon Wright = 3 guards

  45. I edited my comment, I misread. But Will Barton is a forward no?

  46. I was under the impression he was a shooting guard. Looking at basketballreference it seems like he can play SG or SF. Last year he played SG, for 3 years before that he played SF.

  47. Gotcha. I just remember the nuggets fans commenting in the sub that Barton was a better fit at SF than KCP and that KCP was a better fit at SG than Barton

  48. I like collins as an upgrade to Kuz but I’m failing to see what we could attach to Kuz to make this worth it. I don’t want to give any young players or picks in addition to Kuz.. he’s not THAT much better.

  49. I agree (Hardwood knocks) a very underrated basketball YouTube channel talks about our offseason outlook Morris/Barton trade and how are situation is not that bad.

  50. Being a play in team 6-8 is like the worst place to be in the NBA. You're basically spinning your wheels. The truth is that this franchise needs to draft/develop better that's what's going to put this team over the hump. That's where Tommy needs to prove himself. Last time we were 4-6 seed with a rising Beal/Wall team, Ernie overpaid for bad FAs and/or made bad trades that pretty much torpedoed that team especially once Wall got injured.

  51. Am I the only one that doesn’t think this is worth it? I know this trade in itself is a bit inflated and KD is great but he’s 34 and I don’t think he brings us to championship contention. If we gave up like 3 picks, 3 swaps and like 3 young players im not sure it’s worth it. But idk. It’s not happening anyways

  52. Far from it. Deni, Rui, Kispert, Davis, and six first round picks-- that's ten years of first rounders for a 34 year old who may not even want to be here: this is a borderline troll post.

  53. Well yeah the post itself is inflated. That’s why I posted the 3 picks, 3 swaps and 3 players kind of trade. At some point it’s just not worth it

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