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[OC] How old is everyone in the US Senate now v then?

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  1. Wasn’t there a whole ass Domino movie with Kiera Knightly a while back?

  2. If I can't be sent to Valhalla on a burning pyre in a public lake then the goddamn military-industrial complex doesn't get to blow up a clandestinely purchased grandma.

  3. I did some research on this a few years back and at that time there were three states that still allowed pyre funerals but only on private property. I want my funeral to be the best most lit party that everyone attending will ever remember. I want it to be so grand that it brings back the trend!

  4. Like, if you can't find it with your hands?

  5. I was thinking so you can look yourself in the eyes to give yourself both the sense that you’re being watched as well as the sense that you are that person watching you. I know it’s not quite as extreme as hanging yourself with a belt in the closet while you rub one out, but still a little up there.

  6. Because it baits the stupid into thinking that they are smart, high on this sense of new found intelligence their critical thinking is skewed and they then believe anything. Manipulation at it's finest.

  7. Here, only the smartest 1% in the world can answer this… Next, come check out why the banks planned 9/11!

  8. I never believe whe the evidence is a blanket “sources tell me”. That’s reporter code for “I’m completely making this shit up”. Every time.

  9. Funny that the Republicans maintain a younger average than the democrats. It’s almost like stereotypes are bullshit…

  10. My dad was a union residential carpenter his whole life and he had to purchase and maintain pretty much all of his own tools. I think he was allowed to write all that off on taxes though. He also made sure to use Craftsman tools for anything they had a free replacement program for. He’d go through a couple hammers and several tape measures a year. He had to buy his own carpenter pencils and utility knives too. Pay was really good but if they got rained out they’d only get paid the hours they actually worked. No paid holidays or vacation/sick time either.

  11. At least three of those countries host safe haven bank accounts used by wealthy people and businesses for tax evasion.

  12. Then you will be sacrificed and eaten.

  13. But not before the great sproutening, when the seedling begins it’s journey into a grand tree of life to be beholden for many generations!

  14. It’s probably that the type of work life Dilbert represents is not what people are looking for any more. Dilbert got popular when mundane office jobs were booming. It served well to poke fun at what that kind of life really was. And the vast majority of them were on point. That’s not the booming type of job right now though. What he should’ve done is evolve with the times. Have Dilbert get laid off during the pandemic and have to get government assistance. Have home try to juggle operating under Uber, Grubhub, & Lyft all at the same time. That shit could be funny.

  15. I disagree. Touching a button on my phone and it popping up already logged in is a fuck ton easier than typing in and then having to remember the username and password I chose for that particular website three years ago. Keep on keepin on app kings

  16. It’s possible the account he paid off is frozen or closed and paying it off ends up with a negative effect.

  17. Cleopatra was white. She was not an Egyptian person. She ruled over Egypt as a Roman.

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