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  1. I feel convinced now Greg Romans success has come on Lamars shoulders. Too many times Lamar has done something amazing in a broken down play, maybe it’s just because he has had one of the best play makers in the league in his prime? Would it be fair to say most OC would have a decent shot with Lamar?

  2. It's time to move on from Roman, but it's revisionist history to say that he wasn't good for Lamar and this offense in the beginning. Go watch our 2019 highlights and look for all of the times that Lamar made plays with his arm outside of structure. You're not going to find very many. There were a good amount of scrambles, but fewer than 2020 and 2021, and you definitely want to design your offense so that your super athletic QB can scramble when needed.

  3. There's been a disappointing lack of JP Dellacamera slander in this thread.

  4. A man asked me what was on tap so I pointed at the taps and he was blind.

  5. I just told a guy I didn't feel comfortable serving him because he was shaking and acting weird. He has Parkinson's.

  6. OP, I hope you’re crushing college. I’m so happy to hear that you loved you job up in New England.

  7. I'm very grateful to have worked at places where Sundays were always for football, not church. Never dealt with an after church crowd and never want to live in a place where that exists.

  8. That's Harbaugh talk for "out for the rest of the season" based on what's he's said about Ronnie, Dobbins, Edwards, Ojabo, Kolar, etc etc etc

  9. Ojabo and Kolar are healthy scratches every week, they’re not still injured. And Edwards wasn’t exactly a long drawn out process once he started practicing. The only guys that applied to were Dobbins and Stanley.

  10. I've said this for weeks and the blind faith morons don't want to hear it. Defense is overall average- run d is top 3, pass D is bottom 8 in like every metric, overall they're about average. Which is pretty concerning given how much they're spending on defense. Yeah the defense has the potential to be elite and on paper is elite, but great defenses don't choke a bunch of games.

  11. The Ravens pass D is bottom 8 in "every metric?" Because a very basic metric, passer rating against, is not close to bottom 8. ANY/A which factors in sacks, INTs, and TDs has us top 10.

  12. I said “like every metric.” I know fans don’t like hearing it, but this ravens defense isn’t always amazing. It often can be, but it’s inconsistent. DVOA is a good metric but you can’t selectively pick 1 metric to ignore the other pass defense metrics, a lot of which are pretty bad. The defense is still pretty good, but it’s inconsistent and has cost them when it matters.

  13. I’m not selectively picking one metric, my post listed 5 different metrics. You haven’t given any (though I know they are bottom 8 in yards and y/a)

  14. If they chose Roman over Lamar they all deserve unemployment

  15. Lol there is no chance of this. Either they both stay, both go, or Lamar stays and Roman goes.

  16. Huntley single handedly lost us 3 of our last six games last year

  17. He really doesn't, but I have a hard time disagreeing with anything he said in that text

  18. Gotta say, I disagree with the first two parts. Proche definitely fucked up by not throwing it away like he's coached to do.

  19. The first part is maybe arguable, but it was awfully designed for sure. That weird motion with Drake basically alerted to the Broncos that something weird was coming with the play, and probably encoraged them to key in on Drake. We also almost botched the initial handoff.

  20. It's all Lamar... Roman blows and Lamar has bailed him out with hero ball the entire time he's been here

  21. Roman's offense has unquestionable declined over the past few seasons, and the failures to adjust are on him, but our offense was at it's best when Lamar wasn't playing hero ball in 2019.

  22. We should be looking at an OSU-Michigan rematch in the semi-finals which is fucking awesome

  23. It’s long but ultimately only four guys are questionable, and one unimportant player is out. Not bad at all especially when Hamilton and Humphrey practiced fully on Friday.

  24. Getting fresh powder in Steamboat, caught the end of the World Cup game and got to see Suarez cry, and the bartender accidentally charged me $3 for my Bloody Mary. Life is good

  25. The Ravens are a Conservative team that plays to not lose and it all makes sense now.

  26. The Ravens are a conservative oraganization as a whole. Our FO definitely wants to be a consistently good team, be in the playoffs every year, and go from there. They don't want to give up future assets and go "all in" on a year or two.

  27. i have been a defender of Roman (relative to seemingly 99% of the fan base at least), but this quote just might make me fold. outside of the fact that it's clearly an excuse for getting calls in late (which he specifcally acknowledged last week and has been a consistent issue over the course of his tenure), it's just a fundamental misunderstanding of time of possession.

  28. Agreed with pretty much everything And if we’re favored in a game, we should be looking to increase the number of possessions to allow time for our superior talent to win out, not trying to shorten the game.

  29. The stereotypical Dundalkian wouldn’t care about that tweet because that person is homophobic themselves.

  30. My dad's almost 70 y.o. and has a thyroid problem now so he's always cold. He has their house set to 73 heat and whenever I'm over there it feels like a sauna. A regular person setting it to 75 should be psych evaluated

  31. My grandmother was at my parents house and complained that the guest room was too cold. My dad looked at the temperature and she had already set it to 78.

  32. How is Louisville the worst basketball team in the country holy shit.

  33. I hate calling anything cringe but there’s no other word for it really

  34. You can see why he got hurt. There’s a reason wrestling has weight brackets. Same should apply to football. That team crushed them literally.

  35. Eh, when I was a Freshman and Sophomore my high school won state with a 165 lb guard.

  36. When opposing teams need a big pass play they go right after Marcus Peters. He's cooked and other teams know it. Problem is Ravens have no depth at CB and don't have a suitable replacement. This is definately Peters last year and only hope is that the damage he inflicts is mininimized by scheming.

  37. How many times has prevent defense worked for us? We’re 0-4 when it’s been used to close out games lol

  38. LOL we very clearly are not. Tyreek beat us twice over the top in the Dolphins game. We also have closed out games on defense with turnovers (NE and CAR) and kept the Browns out of field goal range.

  39. Given that we are a 7-4 team, it is undoubtedly a positive to be in the company of only two elite teams in the SB era. It shows that this team can hang with anyone.

  40. it was a possibility. If Mark Andrews caught that TD that bounced out of his hands...and and number of bad things that could have went the Ravens way happened...we could have won.

  41. Andrews catching that TD wouldn't have changed anything, we scored on the next play.

  42. Lamar had his best game at least since NE yesterday, probably his best of the whole season.

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