News from peradeniya

  1. Maybe his nose has just grown because he has been lying so much?

  2. Putler spends a lot of orc blood, but he continues to be stingy at spending his military equipment.

  3. Nah he spent it. It was just embezzled so he didn’t get what he paid for.

  4. Many of the truths from the past are uncomfortable; actually highlights the importance of recognising them to ensure we learn the lessons of the past such that they not be repeated.

  5. am sure a lot of firms would need to do the sums here - gain a bit of trade into the Russian market; put at risk all "allied" western markets... Am sure for some companies that may make sense; but for a significant portion I reckon they will stick "West".

  6. Goodbye Lada; hello SAIPA? Not sure which i would rather drive?

  7. "Russia's google" leaving Russia... Oh yeah, their economy will take forever to recover... or perhaps Chinese tech (Weibo?) will fill the gap?

  8. That supply truck thinks Nup. Not going to stop and look for any survivors…

  9. Along with bushmasters, Perun is perhaps Australia’s most important contribution to the Ukraine war…

  10. Well… better than firing them with the nuclear warheads still on!

  11. I can’t wait for the memes of this to start.

  12. Literally 100 years has passed and there have been zero changes to conditions for Russian infantry.

  13. Ten crews of Ukrainian service personnel and engineers underwent a

  14. someone much more knowledgeable than me said - doesnt take 6 weeks for an already experienced helicopter crew to learn to fly that.... so suggests that the helicopter might come with many types of goodies for hunting subs perhaps...

  15. The West clearing out their stockpile of 30 year old weapons; and replacing it with the latest kit. Now that would be formidable...

  16. Ukrainians are treating them way too humanely. They deserve quick military tribunal followed by gallows, cremation and scattering of ashes in public toilets.

  17. that is definitely what would happen in barbaric Russia. But Ukraine is not Russia and should not stoop to their level. Perhaps it would be more painful for these traitors to be locked up for a very long time while being able to see Ukraine being rebuilt and proposer around them, and they can regret their poor decisions for the rest of their lives... That, or deport them to Russia if they are so keen to support that side.

  18. so do it. There should not be any question about this.

  19. Putler hadn't heard anything from General Relativity, so it never happened.

  20. i am pretty sure Schrodingers Cat is relevant here. Or in this instance, his Raccoon.

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