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Promises Kept, Me, 2d animation, 2022

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Promises Kept. 2d animation in Procreate

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I Forgive Me, Me, digital animation, 2022

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  1. With this animation style... We might finally get a decent Fahrenheit 451 movie.

  2. It looks incredible and the work paid off mate! For next time I would distort some frames of the 3D model slightly to loose some of the computer generated vibes

  3. Thanku! Yes I have a lot of ideas and experiments to further these kinds of concepts in the future. Possibly overpainting everything by hand because nothing truly compares to manual painting

  4. my advice is making your own! Is quite easy! Just use 4 or more dots as a png and send it into procreate and edit to the way you like it. It is a fun process and gratifying building your own brushset 😌

  5. Can you share more of the process? How do you do the whole background change? Rotation? Or was it on after effects?

  6. on my insta will start sharing process! It is just layer by layer creating fills honestly. I could have done it faster in AE but I like it all being done in one thing cos I am lazy 😌

  7. Nice, could you share your instagram, please?

  8. its on my reddit profile not sure if I can share under a post wo getting it removed

  9. Can i use this for my song called “fear the Dear” as a visual ? Credits Will be given

  10. unfortunately this piece is used in a song already. For usage rights usually dm please

  11. do you do commissions my friend ? looking for an animator.

  12. taking a short break from comissions really trying to focus in on my own art and skill deveopment rn

  13. How many frames/layers did this take? (I'm actually not sure if it's one layer per frame, haven't used the animation feature?)

  14. One frame is a group for me. Inside of a group there are a few layers usually like outline hair face etc. So like 60ish groups with multiple layers inside them

  15. Your incredible dude that’s the level I want to get to. What program did ya use??

  16. That’s beutiful, I cannot express my amazement nearly as much as I wish I could. I sat there for 5 minutes just watching it again and again. Keep up the amazing work😄

  17. Really really tip-top in both artistry and animation—the shifting between images is perfectly paced—I love that I can actually see the images long enough to track what they are as well as fast enough to feel the thrill of the piece. Apex work!

  18. thank you so so much! Highly appreciated 💛💛🌻

  19. Fucking gorgeous. Keep up the amazing work!

  20. it is on my reddit profile! Cannot write it down here :c

  21. Do you make more of this kind of work

  22. it's a digital animation creative video just wow

  23. Hey! I can see it says commissions are open, but I can't seem to find a place where my messages don't get denied and if your open to commissions I think your style is perfect for us! Thanks for your time, and have a great day!

  24. hey apologies!! You can follow me on my social media on my reddit profile and I will connect with you!

  25. This is the first post I’ve ever saved, and over 2 days I’ve probably looked at it for hours. Thank you so much.

  26. wow thank you so much! I am super grateful you like the piece 🌻

  27. Tracking this is made in procreate, but is there a resource you recommend to learn procreate?

  28. I made a medium post about animation in Procreate but tbh youtube has incredible resources when you search for procreate animation tips. What I would say never forget to make duplicates of your file if you are merging layers and always build one frame up from beginning to end until you are happy. Doing it without preparation can leave you with 10-20 hours of extra work. Also time tested animation book classics is something I always recommend. GROUP LAYERS most important one so you know what you are doing at all times

  29. beautiful beautiful atmosphere and style this really speaks volumes 💛 deserves a lot more recognition

  30. I’ve done little animation and wouldn’t even know how to approach this. Well done!

  31. thank you so much! I hope to be posting on my website when I do an overhaul about how to do everything I learned and how tos for free

  32. hey thank you so much! 💛💛 It means a lot 🌻

  33. Woah this is awesome. Feels like the beginning of a short I'd like to watch.

  34. I wouldn't say that is slow. Granted, I'm not that into animation, but I often spend 10-20 hours on my individual paintings. Considering this is a smooth animation with like 100 frames (?), I'd say that is a good amount of time.

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