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  1. Yep, that was a disgusting video. We are seeing a general trend where cops are being held responsible for their actions, but it’s still a deeply flawed justice system that I don’t think we’re going to see a drastic enough shift/correction for a while - I don’t think that completely dismantlement will lead to anything but unjust suffering, rampant crime, and more death. We are seeing this play out in cities/areas where a defund the police rhetoric is the common belief held. Obviously it’s more nuanced than just “disdain of the police” that’s causing increased crime, but that’s certainly a factor worth considering

  2. No, I don’t believe that if it weren’t for recordings & subsequent media outrage we would see the same level of accountability we’re starting to see.

  3. I get collection calls for other people whom I have never met and I can only assume this is some bullshit really.

  4. Got a call a few weeks ago from "Georgia Power" (what showed up on my phone's caller ID) and they claimed my bill hadn't been paid and they would be shutting off my electricity in the next 30 minutes if I don't send them a payment over the phone.

  5. If I remember correctly you can send them a message or a letter that is a C&D. Text messages should also be considered documented communication if they can answer back, but the best way is an actual letter.

  6. I appreciate the info, but this wasn't a call from a debt collector that I got, this was a scammer who was spoofing Georgia Power's phone number.

  7. I believe it's a small effect. My generation had sex education from 12 or so and we had a high rate teen pregnancy. It's not a magic bullet

  8. It's only one half of the equation. Free/easy access to contraceptives is the other half. A lot of conservative states are opposed to providing those to teens.

  9. No, we got those for free on demand, including impants even if underage.

  10. I mean what was the end game here? Eventually you were going to be found out when everyone on your route complains that they did not get their packages

  11. Probably just dumped a few packages at a time. You could blame that on porch pirates.

  12. You're talking about a 4th-grade kid. This is a far cry from an adult criminal and you do these kids a significant disservice by making this comparison.

  13. I think the point is that there are some adults who never develop any maturity past the 4th grade level.

  14. Blue states like California are just gonna say “we don’t accept your ruling. We have our own laws and civil rights here”

  15. Striking down Roe wouldn't criminalize abortion nationwide, it would just leave everything up to the state level.

  16. I'm not sure if I'm ready to assume any gun shop owner is reckless enough to let something like this happen accidentally.

  17. There are a ton of irresponsible gun owners our there, so why should we assume that 100% of gun shop owners are responsible?

  18. Tragedies like this can only be prevented with a culture change. And a systemic change in our country.

  19. I agree that the solution is cultural and societal change, rather than gun restrictions.

  20. They'll still terminate, just in unsafe locations, risking the mother's life.

  21. Risking her life and her freedom. It's only a matter of time before one of these states charges a woman with murder for getting an illegal abortion.

  22. Not to be that guy: but is Sam Seder getting an apology from Sam Harris now for calling the former a psychopath or something of that kind because of his stance on Rubin? I feel like it's quite warranted for someone with Harris' character.

  23. Harris thinks Seder is a psychopath because of comments Seder has made about him (Harris). So I imagine nothing's changed there.

  24. When those on the right speak out against China in defense of the Uyghurs, just remember that these are mostly the same people who defended Trump's Muslim travel ban.

  25. I imagine he's right that corporations like Nike don't really give a shit about the progressive causes they endorse (BLM, etc). Most of them speak out because they've done a cost-benefit analysis and found that endorsing progressive political activism is more profitable than not doing so.

  26. To accomplish what Oprah has accomplished in a world biased by CIS white males and the patriarchy is no small feat.

  27. You could say the same about Candace Owens, but that doesn't mean her behavior is defensible.

  28. Owens' fame is only from her reprehensible actions. Oprah has accomplished a lot more then makeing two unethical doctors famous.

  29. For some it's probably an aversion to guns and for others it's probably about animal cruelty. Unless they're vegetarians, though, the animal cruelty argument doesn't hold water. Hunting is far more humane than factory farming, which is something I do have a problem with.

  30. I may be wrong here, but wasn't Alabama also where the sheriff or whoever was allowed to cut drastically back on prison food and use that money to buy his own luxury items? Also "legal?"

  31. Also the state where a child molester ran for Senate and still managed to get 48.3% of the vote.

  32. I mean, what if Zeus attacks? Poseidon can't defend the whole sea by himself.

  33. The US spends more on defense than any other country. We spend more than the next 11 countries combined. Of those 11 countries, most are our allies.

  34. Those people were reckless and deserve to be held accountable. But that fire could have just as easily been caused by a camp fire. Or hundreds of other things.

  35. In an area so dry that there's a significant danger of wildfires, it probably makes sense to also regulate campfires and the hundred other things that might cause wildfires.

  36. Any liberal concepts like the Bill of Rights that promote individual liberty are not aligned with fascism but would be conservatism in that they are a revered and preserved tradition.

  37. A broad oversimplification of conservatism is to describe it as the preservation of the status quo, yes, but I don't know that that means that the preservation of any and all tradition is necessarily conservative by nature.

  38. I wouldn't call Burke's interpretation a "broad oversimplification"--while it isn't Hume it is still more complicated than most vulgar interpretations.

  39. Let's be fair, Biden has the ability to cancel all federally held student debt and legalize cannabis by executive order. There's no reason why he can't do both today. All it would require is him signing two pieces of paper.

  40. Does he really have the power to actually legalize it? Legalization mean taxing and regulating businesses so I don't think that's possible without congress.

  41. Sandmann cleaned house though. Just about everyone sued settled. Rittenhouse has even more of a case - the POTUS called him a white supremacist due to the insane articles written about him.

  42. Assuming anyone was verified members of Proud Boys, why is their leader half black half latino and they have entire chapters full of immigrants and central / south americans? That seems a quite inclusive supremacy group?

  43. You don't have to be white to push white supremacy narratives. Just look at Candace Owens.

  44. The point I've often heard made regarding cops policing communities they don't live in is that it changes how the cops behave. The cops don't view the citizens they interact with as their neighbors; they view them as an "other," and that means they're less likely to employ empathy or compassion.

  45. Joe Biden is a republican? The majority of Congress are republicans? The house is majority republicans? I didn’t realize republicans had control of everything. I guess we need to vote for democrats then.

  46. Democrats need 60 Senate votes to pass this kind of legislation as long as the filibuster is in place.

  47. Every Democrat throughout the 245 year history of the country has not supported universal health care, no.

  48. Why not as another person stated fund those crucial social programs, while giving new police the necessary skills and training to deal with a multitude of issues? The one size fits all response cops are taught at the academy has been disastrous. People tend to forget that Derek Chauvins department TRAINED him to do that knee restraint. Defunding isn’t going to fix the issue of improper and inadequate training

  49. I don't think it's just an issue of improper training, though that's certainly part of it. I think it's also a matter of what kind of person is attracted to these jobs in the first place.

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