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  1. You should never take a man seriously when he tells you about the kind of women he hates, that’s the same type he actually obsesses over

  2. is turkey the best, or just most affordable? what makes turkey the best for that specific surgery?

  3. Turkey isn’t even that affordable anymore due to inflation. It’s just popular for rhinoplasty because turkish surgeons have mastered the tiny, upturned “barbie nose”/“Cindy Kimberly nose”. It’s rare to come across a surgeon willing to perform this surgery outside of Turkey because most doctors are more conservative when it comes to nose jobs, they will fix your flaws but not do something as radically different as a barbie nose.

  4. that seems more like a negative then, that tiny upturned barbie nose definitely does not work on the majority of faces, if i were to want a rhinoplasty i’d definitely prefer a surgeon who values natural and conservative looks

  5. Yes they do not work on every face, those same surgeons reject tons of people for having thick skin and outright tell them they can’t get the exact nose they want, but they are willing to perform the surgery where they see fit. I personally don’t think that kind of nose looks good on everyone but I also think people have a right to be frustrated if they end up spending thousands only to have US doctors slightly straighten their nose without daring to do anything more aesthetically pleasing, whereas turkish surgeons do that everyday for a fraction of the price and minimal risk.

  6. 14mm is not that bad, but if you really want to do it, there are countries which are less conservative about surgery where you can go.

  7. Honestly the whole small boob>>>>> large boob thing is cope. The study it comes from was wildly flawed in their samples and men will compliment whichever one they think will get them laid faster. Large breasts and being visibly curvaceous both come from high sexual dimorphism. A lot of the disparaging comes from the insecurities/jealousy of other women. See: the preschool teacher who recently went viral for dressing “inappropriately” even though she was dressed modestly. She just happened to be an extreme hourglass.

  8. I feel like the real difference is that a big bust can be a halo, while a flat chest cannot. When I think about it, most of the actresses/singers/models who I consider super beautiful are actually on the smaller side, but they have an exceptional face which makes you not care about that. At the same time there are women who objectively aren’t as stunning face wise but benefit a lot from having big breasts and are considered hot anyway (i.e. Sydney Sweeney).

  9. I went from a very full C cup to a very full DD cup.

  10. Thank you. So they were round silicone, not gummy bear right?

  11. My two favourites are Xerjoff Italica, and Diptyque Eau Duelle. Entirely different scents, Eau Duelle is on the cusp of a gourmand, some might not think it is but for me the fresh vanilla bean aspect is totally delicious, and it’s just soothed down by this weird combo of tea and wood chips - but the nicest wood chips you’ve ever smelled, and I’m not a fan of woody scents at all. Italica is like freshly baked cookies on christmas eve under the tree. Both incredible and worth a sniff for any gourmand lover.

  12. I’ve been reading it, but as I mentioned, when American women state their standards they are demonised as entitled, whereas Russians being demanding is just tehe Russian girl behaviour<3 men will still bow down to them.

  13. You should never openly state your standards in my opinion, just pay dust to the men whose behaviour doesn’t reflect those standards from the jump.

  14. As others have pointed out, they represent what men pretend to hate but secretly love, which is demanding, witty, high maintenance women. It does help that eastern european women are some of the most beautiful in the world.

  15. This is great but only 1 female fragrance :( Would you do one like this but with just female or unisex fragrances?

  16. If you smoke, stop immediately because smoking makes your boobs sag. Other than that, as others have said, there isn’t any miracle cream sadly, your best bet is a mastopexy (breast lift). I’ve heard good things about chest exercises and massaging with fenugreek/flaxseed oil, take that with a grain of salt though, because chest exercising and lifting can make you lose your boobs altogether.

  17. Is it for nicotine in general so vaping or just smoking cigs?

  18. This is all very accurate. I know women who repress their sexual side, not because they have a low sex drive like some actually do, but because they are deeply convinced that men don’t want a woman who’s “ran through” or whatever. These women are always bitter and surprised when they see men they like committing to girls who are the opposite of that. The truth is that men will only slutshame women who they deem ugly or undesirable, or women they want but can’t get. When the girl of their dreams comes along and they actually have a chance to get with her, they really don’t give a fuck and sometimes they are even secretly turned on by her past. This is why I never let a man ask me about my body count even though it’s low enough that no one could ever slutshame me about it - if he asks, he probably doesn’t want me enough to shut the fuck up and ignore his curiosity. No man is gonna care about his dream girl’s body count

  19. I agree about everything except point 3 to be honest. Of course you should always be well groomed, have good hygiene and look good for yourself but I have some girl friends who, before seeing a man (usually someone they had no intention of sleeping with yet or someone they had no business seeing again, i.e. an ex) always shave and wear matching underwear “just in case” and guess what, they have no self control and end up sleeping with them anyway. I mean there are also girls who end up giving in even with this method, but trying not to do at least these two things in my opinion can help you “shame yourself” (forgive me for how I’m wording it lol) in order to delay sex. If denying sex one time is enough to make or break the relationship/situation it wasn’t worth it anyway.

  20. Umm I'm always perfectly groomed, even if I don't meet up with a man. If you struggle with giving it away too soon you should probably work on your self respect and self love. No shame needed.

  21. I personally don’t need to, but I think there are some people with little self control who would benefit from it.

  22. Honestly buy Cloud from Ariana Grande. It’s a huge compliment getter, men love it, crowd pleasing and cheap.

  23. I think that flat stomachs, thin limbs and other small characteristics that signal a low BMI (collarbones, hipbones etc) will always will always be “in” and I don’t see this changing anytime soon. The desirability of secondary sexual characteristics (aka boobs and butt) in addition to a body which already has those “skinny” traits fluctuates based on many things: cultures, current trends in music and fashion, etc.

  24. Curious, what makes boobs and butt secondary? Is it bc of where it's located?

  25. “..traits that distinguish the sexes of a species, but unlike the sex organs (primary sex characteristics), are not directly part of the reproductive system.” (Wikipedia)

  26. Me too but why is it happening? Isn’t the sub private anymore?

  27. I was going to list Ariana’s Cloud, which even though I tend to go for more smokey scents, I actually rly enjoy for some reason. I also think Glossier You is a balanced perfume as far as appealing to men and women. It’s a bit more unique but def still has sweet undertones, but not basic like let’s say a VS body mist lol

  28. I’ve been wanting to try Glossier You for a while but it would be a blind buy from their website because there are no Glossier stores in my country, so I’m a little hesitant even if it’s not expensive. What does it actually smell like?

  29. It doesn’t look like you’re benefiting from your relationship. Quite the opposite, in fact. Be careful about what men joke about - 90% of the time they’re not just joking. Also be careful about men with girl bestfriends. Best case scenario the girl is an annoying obstacle, worst case scenario they had sex in the past and/or there are romantic feelings involved. Sorry to be pessimistic but this is Diabla. I would leave him or, better yet, start considering your options and looking around before leaving him for good when you’ve found someone else. It doesn’t sound like this is someone who genuinely wants you to be happy and cares for you, so I wouldn’t feel too bad about it.

  30. I know how ridiculous this is but pretend that things you actually bought for yourself were gifts. It works for me lmao

  31. If we’re talking facial features, when I think sensual of course what comes to mind are full lips, upturned foxy eyes, arched eyebrows et cetera. However sex appeal is more of an abstract thing and having certain features doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gonna convey that vibe. There are lots of IG models who don’t have any sensuality despite their conventionally sexy features and then there are people like Chloe Sevigny who is somehow very sensual even though she doesn’t have hyper feminine features. It’s hard to determine honestly. But something else I’ve noticed is that having a good mix of feminine and masculine is what makes people super attractive and Angelina Jolie is an example of this because has full lips and foxy eyes but also very prominent cheekbones and a strong jawline. Also this might be weird but personally I find that when people have sanpaku eyes (scleral show under the pupil) they automatically look more sultry and sexy lol.

  32. Would you say the Skinceuticals vit C is worth buying for someone who already has pretty good skin and no acne and is just intrigued by how allegedly miraculous it is? Also which Olaplex products do you use specifically? Thank you :)

  33. Unless your fat distribution bothers you (i.e. you have a chubby stomach which you want to get rid of, you want to lose fat in your face, anything).. I would say don’t do it. An hourglass shape is always attractive, and as you mentioned body standards have changed in the past few years. Skinnier means prettier for a lot of people, not everyone though.

  34. There are 20 year old girls getting played by broke skaters and falling for the 50/50 scam and there are also 40+ year old women getting millionaires and billionaires to fall for them (i.e. Lauren Sanchez). Of course being young/young looking always helps but Diabla is a mindset.

  35. Just chiming in to say that for me, what helped was also being “careful” about how much I talk and what to say when I talk. I am very introverted when I first meet people and for the longest time I thought that the ideal thing to do to seem more likeable was to fake a bubbly, talkative personality and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s a certain charisma to someone who only talks when they have something very funny or very insightful to say, and I’ve also always found this type of girl cooler than the ones with “golden retriever vibes”. Of course, this will only work when people also find you attractive.

  36. Do you use the 5% or 10% lactic acid from TO?

  37. Not sure why you got downvoted. I think people here just can't handle that the majority of men (be it lower or upper class) like bigger boobs and need to believe HVM like smaller boobs to protect their fragile egos. Case on point: Sydney Sweeny vs. Alexa Demie. While Alexa has the better face and is more popular with women, Sydney has larger boobs op top of having a great face as well, which makes her more popular with men.

  38. At the end of the day I don’t think the women poor and rich men lust after are much different. The only difference is that, unlike the poor man, the rich man might commit to a more conservative loooking woman because he would be too wary of the social stigmas of his class to do otherwise - that is, if he’s a politician or important public figure, because i.e. footballers and entertainers don’t give a fuck and marry who they want.

  39. Yeah, fat transfer sounds a LOT better to me but I’m upset about the fact that since it’s a lot less popular than implants, there are also way less reviews, before/after photos, etc.. I also found out that apparently you can’t really gain more than a cup size and a lot of the fat gets “lost” when it gets transferred?

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