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  1. I think this is it, as they look a bit lighter in color than tent caterpillars. Either way, the advice stands. My chickens thank you!

  2. If your plant has been otherwise healthy I wouldn't even bother. According to

  3. Can't believe no one has said pick that sucker! I belive it was University of Georgia that ran tests that concluded after the tomatos pink over, or start to turn the slightest bit red, there is no difference in quality between allowing them to ripen inside or on the vine. The only difference is critters can easily enjoy them outside on the vine, it's harder on the counter

  4. Bastards freaking hurt. One got me the other day on my neck at work. All everyone seen was me running like a scaredy-cat. Sucker was vicious. They don’t feel good at all. The one after me was a huge black horse fly. Only the females bite. They actually use blood to help produce their eggs. Also the way they bite isn’t like we think, they actually insert some razor like straw and suck blood

  5. The offspring that they make are atleast voracious predators that help control mosquito populations, so at least they're not all bad

  6. Looks like a specimen you should try collecting seeds from!

  7. That's the food web baby! Bees are basically hairy vegetarian wasps, and idk if you know this but there is darn near always someone that prey on nature's vegetarians. From ladybugs to lions, if you just eat plants there's definitely something you need to look out for

  8. Only insect in America I know of that eats Japanese beetle. Bet it ends up on the early adopter of spotted lantern fly smoothies as well

  9. We should NEVER have allowed the import of foreign animals, especially as pets.

  10. Sure would be cool if we stopped. Could stop importing plants while we're at it. Would fucking love it if we recreated our native habitats. You know, the ones that basically everywhere the colonizers describe being truly amazed by right before destroying. Stupid hateful asses. Would love to see us fix it though. Plant some native stuff, help your local critters.

  11. I try to plant as many native or at least North American varieties as I can, from vegetables to trees to flowers and shrubs. It’s not easy

  12. They’re bumblebees and the queens are much bigger than the males in a lot of species.

  13. No need to make big strong sperm donors

  14. Colors are always bad news in garden bugs.

  15. Counterpoint: green, blue and yellow bees, the various colors of hoverflies, anything that lives on asclepias and all butterflies. Bugs are good, you just need balance.

  16. Pretty colors, but kill that thing! Sorry to be that guy, but those are the worst! Can’t tell you how many fruit trees of mine they’ve destroyed.

  17. If you're in North america this critter is just a member of the ecosystem. He is unlikely to kill your sunflowers and will instead contribute to your food web. Maybe one of the hundreds of species were damaging to your fruit trees, but im surprised to hear that they outright destroyed your plants. Diversify your ecosystem (more plants native to your area) and they should become balanced contributors.

  18. Best thing for your mental health imho would be to stop reading comments and stuff on social media. I recently reduced my social media intake and its been great. Instead read scientific articles and watch educational youtube videos about how to grow your own food, if you HAVE to surf (im Adhd I know how it goes lol)

  19. They’re cordless blinds. Twist the rod so that the slats are horizontal, and then just lift up the blinds from the bottom. Then, just pull them straight back down when you need the privacy.

  20. Whoa! I know what I'm getting next time

  21. The most important friend in the garden this week was this

  22. This probably won't vibe with this crowd too much, but if I get rabbits or a squirrel that is bent on destruction it's got to go. I have a great dumpling recipe for these occasions.

  23. I'm on board! We're striving to repair our habitat, and sometimes that means we get to enjoy the bounty!

  24. I appreciate that. I bought a lot of plants in pairs this year, and here I was grateful I only lost 25% instead of half. Now those pairs feel like big gambles. Yeah, thinking of this in terms of out-of-balance scarcity helps. Thank you.

  25. I started by buying singles and doubles. Then I started buying in 3s and 5s, for design purposes. Now I buy in like 7s+. Well I did, now I buy the seed and spend hours and hours and hours starting and growing and potting and planting and selling and giving away seedlings. So it's better lol

  26. Love the nature guys! Out here growing the circle!

  27. They escape by seed, so where they're going is wherever birds roost about 5-10 minutes after they leave, likely in a ditch, wood edge, watering hole, creek side, etc.

  28. On the way out in missouri too, but I was selling some native plugs in my front yard so I deadheaded for a rebloom. But I feel a little bummed, these ones definitely aren't as big as the last ones, doubt they make as many seeds. Still more birdseed than the fescue though, and got some more plant out there so I don't feel that bad.

  29. They've always been everywhere here. They're one of the apex predators in my parts, and we need them.

  30. Go coyote go! If you're gonna leave your pet outside where it can take from the food web, it might have to put to the food web. Keep your cats inside or leashed

  31. I'm from the very southern part of the state - grew up a couple miles north of the Texas border - and we have never considered ourselves Midwest down here. We mostly just consider ourselves southern.

  32. I'm from ne ok and that's what I always thought

  33. Looks to me like either cornus or viburnum. Cornus will have flower parts in 4s, viburnum in 5s

  34. It all good mate plenty of flies lay eggs in people

  35. Lol, "hey bud, don't worry, that niche is already occupied"

  36. Mines been having earwigs on them which I learned eat monarch eggs so we've been working on getting rid of them. Also learned that the earwig's only insect predator in North America is the tachinid fly. You can attract and encourage this fly in your garden by planting alyssum, calendula, dill, and fennel. Time to fight nature with nature!

  37. Hey you know monarch predators gotta eat too. I mean, if monarchs go away the monarch egg eating earwig might go too, and is it any less deserving of protection? IMO protecting the individuals < providing for the system. That said any shallow nectar flowers should be good for tachnids, like coreopsis and helianthus as well as the native apiaceae species.

  38. Yeah they are, earwigs are introduced from Europe so I’ll favor the monarchs here.

  39. Saw an honest-to-goodness red ladybug in my yard today. A shame it's so rare that it felt special.

  40. Hell yeah! That's why aphids are rad!

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