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anon is romanian

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  1. i understand asshole, but where did entitled come from?

  2. I have money. I like something, I buy it. I’m kinda curious about something but don’t know if it’s worth my money, I pirate.

  3. You missed the most important part : Romanian

  4. Perhaps I'm mistaken in the sense that it could be done, but I'm not seeing any of these cold-pressed seed oils that you speak of in the store.

  5. it's less efficient, but not by much from aprox 45-50% oil output to about 25-30%

  6. today I learned str.isnumeric. Also why use a dict? I'm legitimately asking

  7. Best ones are: First row on the right- ronson varaflame, 2nd row middle- looks like an imco to me, 3rd/4th on the right- looks like ibelos to me, 4th row 2nd lighter might be an imco too. All in all, 70 seems a bit much. I would say more around 30-50$ with shipping, depending on how many work. I would split them in non working and working. If the petrol ones dont work, put a flint and sone liquid in them and they should work. Working lighters are worth a lot more.

  8. the person that put the ad didn't respond yet. From what i might tell 3 of them look like imco, the top one a 6800 streamline, middle 6700, and bottom a 6600, but could be copies as well.

  9. Well, if you’re ever in Central Europe and you want to work in IT! :D

  10. That depends on what you negotiate. Really wide variety, but it’s easy to negotiate a good salary.

  11. Thanks for the insight. Hungary is a nice country (from my two visits to Budapest haha). Hello from your east-south neighbour.

  12. I'd definitely say get a second opinion! And no astigmatism is not reversible it'll either stay the same or can change over time.

  13. Seek a second opinion. The astigmatism may have been there all along, and you’re just now noticing it now that you’re in a stressful job or situation. Still seek a second opinion just to be sure. But if things come back normal, may be time for some specs.

  14. My gender is a little bit more than I thought I would be 640k but I think it would be a good idea to have a chance to pick up an inch

  15. So how's that different from the US?

  16. it was not about the 450k, it was about the compound interest. She's 13, 450k in an index fund at 7% growth 6 years would be 640k. that would yield for every next year $44.8k to consume freely. where i am investment taxes are 10%, that would let her use $3360 each month that's basically free. I don't see how you can't live with that money. That enables you to get some money from the bank and invest in real estate or anything else, or just to try jobs and anything till you find one you like without any stress.

  17. If she learned about how to stretch a dollar she could be set off of $36,000 a year easily. Moving around the world or doing whatever she wants to do. Move to a cheaper country. But unfortunately a 19 year old is going to succumb to being a 19 year old. So there's that if she could arrange away just to live off that interest she's good but she might go for the principal too. It's nothing wrong with that it's your money after all. But this is also assuming that the stock market is going to do good forget about buying property unless you want to move to Mississippi.

  18. till now it has done quite well. Rn i think we're in a bubble, but growth after it should be fast

  19. You're not hurting anyone. It is breaking the law, sure. But it isn't criminal imo as you aren't hurting anyone. The laws for this are wrong and unnecessary.

  20. till they put you in prison 20 years for it...

  21. A student is not obligated to pay you because you solved practice problems.

  22. is not about that, is about the fact that she disappeared. she said she wanted help on exam but then ghosted

  23. Cost of implementing the compliance is bound to be more that not implementing it in whatsoever scenario. wdyn?

  24. i think he wanted to say that the cost of the potential damage caused by not fixing the problem is much lower than the cost of fixing it

  25. Hmmm f ciudat... Nu am auzit de simptomul asta... Bine de știut

  26. Could you make a video or just show a pic of how you're going about trying to pinch a gripper? Sounds like a fun idea.

  27. does any of you train pinch grip using gripper? i want to be able to pinch at least a CoC#1 although i can barely get it past parallel rn using only fingers.

  28. It’s cool. You get most of your contam when you are handling it during the inoculation process. If you do that in a still air box then you are usually good. I keep my bags in a closet above my dirty clothes and I never have contam issues. The last time I lost a bag to contam it was because it was on a lower shelf and my cat was chewing on one. Don’t feel too bad, that stuff is cheap. Just don’t waste money on heaters, humidifiers, thermostats and all that stupid stuff. All steps room temperature and you’re good. Saw some other guy here and he must have spent 400 dollars on really useless crap to grow

  29. You don’t run a heater in your house? At 63 it will grow a little slower but it’s still going to grow. When I say room temp I’m assuming you are keeping your house somewhat comfortable.

  30. i have a wood stove and i only fire it up once a day or once every 2 days. It'd be too costly to keep it constantly running. At the outside temps now if i run it once a day it usually doesn't go bellow 65F, that's where i'm stil comfortable. Thing is i have big temperature fluctuations, this apartment looses heat to easily. Can have 75-80 at night and 67 in the morning.

  31. "Support" the vaccine, get fake vaccine

  32. not sure in your country, but here you pay your family doctor or know someone that would accept money for vaccine

  33. Give me a timid guyyyyy I’ll smother him in love and strap him to the bed o,o…….. im sorry

  34. Hypothetically, just hypothetically, where would i sign up?

  35. Grippers don't build muscle very well, for most people. What else are you doing? Do you gain muscle in the rest of your body?

  36. not much really, just grippers and occasionally running

  37. That would be why. You're not working most of the forearm muscles very much, if at all. Forearm growth is more about a bunch of small muscles all getting slightly larger, and adding up in that way. They all have different, unconnected jobs, so you can't work them all fully with just one exercise. It's not simple, like the upper arm, where you only have to worry about a few muscles that can get much bigger.

  38. yea, cheap and free sounds good. so with gripper i do crushes and pinch (using just fingers) and realized that sometimes i use a small sledgehammer for rotations with it. Thanks for the info.

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