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  1. Sometimes I'm mad at myself for developing empathy for insects because it makes everything so much more difficult but I don't want the babies to die :( and jello (the baby mama) is so cool looking i love her too much I can't put her outside, she felt safe enough to have her babies in my enclosure and she eats the crickets I feed her.

  2. That is so adorable! I love that you are helping her. I find these spiders in my basement and they are pretty good a staying hidden.

  3. My 8th grade teacher kept a giant brick on her desk and she told us that she was going to throw it at us if we acted out. 😂

  4. This is a pet peeve of mine but I would be angry about this hahaha

  5. Dude stop inviting her and being nice to her. Lol clearly she has issues and most of them most likely have nothing to do with you. Stop involving her, stop contacting her, and delete her on Facebook. You owe her nothing.

  6. I know she is your sister but why are you bending over backwards and bowing down to someone who treats you like absolute garbage? Would you let a friend treat you this way? A boyfriend? Anyone?

  7. This is part of the reason why having kids is so handy for me. My big girl gets her own kiddy cart through the shops and goes for a wander at times. Easily called back, no trouble. My other two sit in the trolley. My resting face is in natural bitch mode. So people see a pissed off looking woman with 3 kids around her, and they naturally give me space. As far as my face reads, I am one inconvenience from blowing up.

  8. In China I would have to stick my elbows out as far as I could to stop people from trying to cut in front of me. After my elbow digs under their rib cage for the 3rd time, they usually get the hint and stopped cause it actually hurt.

  9. I keep seeing stories on Reddit about people in China experiencing rude things

  10. Well, I have Aries ruling my 5th House and I don’t want kids. But I always thought maybe 1 kid would be okay. Sounds very Aries if you ask me lol

  11. This reminds me of the woman in the red dress in The Matrix. But personally I think it is all just to teach us. If you go with the distractions you learn something. If you don’t, you still learning something. It’s all about weaving the dream

  12. Dude, I’m so seriously sorry! She sounds delusional and disrespectful:/

  13. Thanks! Yeah, she has always kinda been like that a little but unfortunately she let that part of herself become her whole personality.

  14. The last one describes my brother. He’s got ADHD or autism or something (or both, I don’t know the exact diagnosis, I don’t want to pry) and does not do what a 27 year old should do .

  15. I understand, it’s tough. :/ My partner was the same way actually and he is both ADHD and autistic. I literally taught him how to wash his clothes and load the dishwasher. It’s been…a process. But I don’t think it reflects his character and he does a lot of that stuff on his own now.

  16. No. 😭 But I’ve been through times like you describe. I call it the “going through the birth canal phase.” It’s dark, confusing, and you don’t know what lies ahead. But it’s also really cool because it means your life is a blank canvas during these moments. So you can either look at that canvas and think “it’s void and empty” OR you can use it to create the life you WANT. The not knowing is the exciting part. You have the tools you need. I think I know which one you will do. :)

  17. Idk probably protesting abortion clinics and shooting liberals

  18. Myself for being a drug addict in the past. I’m still working on the forgiveness part but I don’t blame myself, yet I also take full responsibility for my addiction and actions. ☺️

  19. ILLINOIS. We literally have bridges that are ready to collapse any day now. It’s so bad that I roll down my windows everytime I cross it, no matter the temperature, so that if the bridge collapses I have a way to swim out of my car.

  20. My baby. 🥺🤰 Just kidding I don’t have kids nor do I want them. I guess I would have to say stuff I make with animal bones I find in the woods. Or some of my poetry.

  21. Meat is objectively pretty gross, actually.

  22. I never thought this until I stopped eating it mostly. Now I’m like - this is dead ass animal carcass for sale wrapped in plastic.

  23. I am very attracted to people’s voices. Like someone’s voice alone is what could make or break a relationship for me. I told my boyfriend that the woman on TV had a super sexy voice and I looked up to see that she was like 75 years old. 😂 People think it’s weird

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