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  1. Op had a stroke typing that title lol

  2. Shaun is so boring and clearly phones it in, NEXT!!

  3. I should get this for my wife

  4. Collaboration is still two companies working together to make a product. The name is still related to the product and this makes it a product of the companie. The speedmaster and omega name is literally on the watch. Yes its still a collaboration but omega signed on it and its making a tone of money for swatch and omega. People who can’t accept its an omega are just being sour about the fact that a luxury brand accepted to doing this.

  5. Let’s be real they’re plastic pieces that will not stand the test of time, and also aren’t omegas in terms of the actual things that matter (build quality, materials, movement, crystal, factories built, etc.)

  6. I agree, still is in part an omega product thats what I’m saying.

  7. Yeah I'll give you that, really wonder what these things will go for 5-10 years down the line

  8. You look great before and after tbh. What was your motivation?

  9. Definitely an RM now that I think about it

  10. Dank. Also extremely nyc lol

  11. “bitch i’m a cow bitch i’m a cow i’m not a cat i don’t say meow” - Proverbs 11:18

  12. Falcons sub is melting down lmao love to see it

  13. They should’ve also matched market value, fyi you can negotiate with them and it’s probably a good idea to reject their first few offers for the payout

  14. For sure. Yeah we went back and forth over some number based on how the market looked. Needed up getting a solid payout. Very happy with what they gave me in all honesty

  15. I don’t like this trend of workers eating shit for the bad decisions of billionaires though

  16. Oh no! Not the tech bros, how will they afford more fleece vests?! How?!

  17. Interception prayer circle worked 🔥🙏🏻


  19. Facebook literally is, instagram is plateauing

  20. Are you dense? Playlisting on Apple/Spotify is how artists get views and plays

  21. PJ the goat always rated him

  22. I have an estimate of $9000 buy back and the car is worth roughly $30000 before the crash. I anticipate the repair should cost me around $8000 at maximum. I also have collision insurance so I’ll be paid what the car was worth before the crash regardless if I want to buy it back or not

  23. It’s worth 9k in parts if you have the means, space, time/patience, money to part it out but obviously that’s a lot

  24. Lower monthly payments… probably

  25. You should throw this into an ai art generator

  26. That would be very interesting to see, I'm not too familiar with those, could you send me in the right direction with a link?

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