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  1. Can you generate a transaction summary in your online account from the date of the last statement through today?

  2. Two days ago, I’ve given them multiple versions that show my current balance, when the transaction happened, that shows the funds went directly to my bank, that show my balance over the course of months, all with the fidelity logo on it.

  3. There's a very competent lender giving you good advice right now. I would listen to him and even give him a call if you need a competent lender

  4. Any of those should be able to provide a transaction history up to the current date. May have to work over a few front line employees by escalating to get to the person that can do it.

  5. I spoke with a Fidelity escalation manager and he said we are not doing anything, you have to wait for the end of the month for regulatory audit reasons. Chase bank said they can help but only in the branch, I’m going to the bank tomorrow, Sofi bank the escalation manage is trying to get a special team to work with my bank. This is very stressful.

  6. Sounds like a USDA loan. If there's too much income you won't qualify for that loan program, so do with that information what you will.

  7. Nc Down payment assistance program $8k. I think I’m screwed because the lender transaction manager needs me to sign a document attesting that I’m the only one living there but she said over the phone “just write that youre the only one living there. It’s not like we’re going to be coming in and checking your closets, and was laughing”. In the handbook it says no rental roommates, and a roommate is defined as doing business in more than 15% of the residence. But wouldn’t the irs be reporting my rental income from my roommate regardless of what the lender says they will not do.

  8. Having roommates rent from you is commercial activity and could be considered commercial use by the lender which needs to be disclosed.

  9. Just tell your lender exactly that.

  10. I’m going to say that I don’t have roommates yet but I’m thinking about renting a few rooms to some friends

  11. Lol how will you give it new life in a few months on a crack house with squatters in it?

  12. You seem incredibly immature with a response like that.

  13. “Lol how will you give it life in a few months on a crack house with squatters in it?” Is a condescending question I don’t care.

  14. You definitely can. It’s a horrendous business decision and you’ll probably lose money on it, but there’s nothing legally stopping you

  15. Why is it a horrible business decision and how would I lose money on it?

  16. Evicting squatters is a pain in the ass. Like, you can’t just show up and throw them out. You have to go to court.

  17. Do you have experience evicting squatters, especially in NC? What exactly makes the process long?

  18. which package on learn test pass did you buy?

  19. You don’t know that in today’s age.

  20. Todays age where there’s kids in middle school getting 300k nil contracts and making 15k per month on YouTube and Dropshiping

  21. Tell me more with all your wisdom and experience

  22. How is the real estate industry a scam.

  23. I NEVER said that, I said the residential brokerage industry seems like a scam. I work full time in the real estate/ debt trading industry. Why is there a gate keeper for commissions, what is the inherent value of the Realtors association that requires all these fees?

  24. Great job being proactive. I doubt that there’s a lot of opportunities to apply online as a freshman. If I were you, I’d widen my scope to be willing to get any kind of internship, while continuing to network with alumni/ LinkedIn folks and even send cold emails. Bother your real estate professors about seeking opportunities, and even offer to assist them with setting up their classes or anything.

  25. Not in REPE, but Acquisitions hiring is probably frozen, asset management might be still hiring. Interest rates are high, deal volume has fallen/ is falling. REPE positions are rare and highly competitive, even with people who have experience. I’d focus on just breaking into CRE in the area that you want, then figure out how to get into REPE. Select leaders, LinkedIn, indeed are the most popular job boards for CRE that I’ve seen. The masters will definitely get you in.

  26. Absolutely use an agent- I’m currently under contract to buy an investment property in Charlotte. It’s tough out here right now. Get a good agent, I’m happy to pass my realtors info along- she was awesome. We’ve bought several properties and she’s the only realtor I’ve worked with where I would use her again gladly.

  27. Thinking about it, it still may be worth at a minimum getting an agent to split the commission with you as a referral. Reason being, your inexperience could cost you much more anyway when it comes to overpaying in the deal (and paying for things you didn’t catch that could cost you in the future). Personally, if this were my first one I’d get an agent to learn the process the first time, and try to get by on my own for future purchases.

  28. I agree, my only problem is that I only have my provisional license, so I’d need to hang my license somewhere with a BIC to get a referral or split

  29. Yeah totally true, but agree that on the whole real estate is pretty solid. Just have to filter for the right teams/offices in each market.

  30. Excel is the most important tool in Finance

  31. What do the CCR's say regarding windows in units and who is responsible for them?

  32. I have to ask my parents for those documents, what’s annoying is that the hoa hired window cleaners who were wreckless to clean the windows. The cleaner’s chemicals destroyed all of the ikea wood balcony furniture, and they removed the fairy lights tied to my balcony which ended up dropping down to my neighbors balcony below and then the hoa said it was our fault and it was the storm that took down the lights. This hoa is the worst.

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