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  1. As a fellow Michigander, may I ask where is it not, at least to some extent?

  2. I lived in Grand Ledge for most my life, and I think there was only one truly abandoned industrial area. It was a brick production plant that went out of business after a decade.

  3. I honestly haven't played around with those. A cursory look on the internet says that's the base price.

  4. How does that work? Doesn’t all loot reset after the tide??

  5. Items dropped by the player won't disappear in the tide, which is very helpful for creating places to rest!

  6. It's called the Rite of Duplessence, or a Binary Cortex. It first appeared in a magazine article about Explorators for the Inquisitor wargame. It reappeared and was expanded upon in the Rogue Trader RPG sourcebook Into the Storm, as an elite advance for Explorator characters.

  7. Yes, their strength bonus is accounted for in the damage. As for base damage, not quite sure, though I'd imagine just subtracting the SB from the damage would do it?

  8. As far as I can tell it was just all my players were taking it so that they had access to a source of damage.

  9. I thought the Rage was better for damage? I don't have my book on me though, so I might be wrong.

  10. A power in Geist that allows a Sin-Eater to merge with their Geist.

  11. Nah, you gotta let it ferment for longer. Otherwise, the harvest won't be as bountiful.

  12. Awesome, send me a DM answering those questions, and I'll send you the materials!

  13. What sort of posting frequency is expected? I've been wanting to play Promethean for years, so seeing this is amazing.

  14. I'd like at least once a day if possible, but more would be fantastic!

  15. Guy who studied psychology for one semester before giving up here.

  16. Dark Heresy, Black Crusade, Death Watch, and Only War all have weapon customization. It’s not a one off thing, it’s pretty set.

  17. Yes they are! I'm pretty sure they can all be found in Drivethrurpg, and Rogue Trader and Deathwatch both had a hella good humble bundle a while ago. They're great TTRPGs!

  18. As a few others have stated, this is a huge leap for a first time GM. Personally, I would suggest that you at least look at the official 40k TTRPGs for ideas on what may or may not be a good way to handle things.

  19. Could you use the mechanics of beast but change the lore to make it less gross? Or is the abuse part built in to the rules?

  20. From what I recall, abuse is built into the rules. How they abuse and fill their Hunger, however, varies from Beast to Beast. Some may not even have to outright attack and abuse people from what I remember, but they're always predatory.

  21. I would like to be clear i have very little knowledge of this line.

  22. It's possible to do it like that, primarily by making the Horror clearly, capital E Evil, while the human element could be more or less good.

  23. I know but I never found someone who is not trying to get into nsfw there. I just want normal rp and noone ever matched my expectations.

  24. If you don't want a NSFW RP, why on Earth do you need to know someone's kinks and limits?

  25. I haven't played any Rogue Trader, but I know a little about 40k. Why was an Ork allowed to be part of a party or be in human space at all without everyone just dumping every round of bolter ammo they had into it?

  26. Rogue Trader specifically allows for Xenos player characters, and gives an elite advance that makes it legal for them to be on Imperial worlds.

  27. Hey now, it was the Inquisition's idea! I'm just benefitting from their foresight!

  28. It sucks, but you'll get lucky eventually. After about three months of searching, I found someone willing to run the game I was looking for.

  29. Something horrific I noticed on a rewatch is during the sock part you can see the shooter walking towards them

  30. In every scene, you can notice things getting progressively worse as everyone realizes what's going on.

  31. The implications of the aftermath. The screams of terror and grief. The "I can't see what just happened but it sounds terrible" aspect. The fact that it can literally happen to anyone.

  32. I always thought the Tau were hard to work into a Rogue Trader's crew. The other three species are mercenaries, but the Tau are more focused on the greater good than making money. If the Tau did ally themselves with a Rogue Trader I would think they'd send someone from the water caste, since those Tau handle trade/diplomacy.

  33. True, but there are Tau in the Expanse, and apparently there are some minor outposts. It's not impossible to say that the Explorers helped the Tau out in the past, and they detached a Fire Warrior to assist them.

  34. If it's pBP I would love a chance to actually play a RT campaign rather than running one for once! Have been running FFG games since approximately 2008 since I was a little bugger.

  35. Sorry, this is a post looking for a GM, though I'm personally close to breaking and just running one.

  36. Leaving my piece here, just in case. Would be cool to use these!

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