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  1. most of us did but im 17 and still do it a lot

  2. daisy, all that matters is that you be yourself. don't try to change for anyone else, okay?

  3. doubt it they barely trust my siblings boyfriend and they've meet him

  4. at some point but it'll be a few years probably

  5. Im Pansexual... gender fluid, im 25 and i don't get offended by this joke anymore. This is actual elementary/middle school grade of an insult. That's on you if you take it that offensively. Along with the 5 people (probably growing number of people now) who downvoted's fault if they get offended by that joke. 😑

  6. if you're 25 why the fuck are you on a teen sub

  7. Ahhh okay good. Thank god. Also, it was recommended to me by reddit for some reason. Didn't think about the name at the time of joining.

  8. i would replace falling out and she's your baby with does it turn you on followed by she'll just get you as the closing tracks for white pepper

  9. this made me so fucking happy I'm excited to meet her too and see how i change

  10. out of mana is the second best song on sci-fi and could never be heaven should be in meh (though same logic is my favorite so that might be why i dont like it too much)

  11. i feel you wanna be shapeless blobs with daisy ?

  12. Yeah my sister is supportive but it’s always so difficult to start a serious conversation

  13. ask her to take a walk with you and tell her you want to talk then just tell her everything thats going on

  14. i am going to start doing this and assume they are calling me a good girl

  15. 46 & 2 but maynard using magic turns his piss into wine for the whole song

  16. catboys + dog ladys are the cutest combo ever and no one will tell me otherwise

  17. hair length is the worse i want long hair but i got a damn afro

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