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  1. Pepinos everywhere! It’s a sacred pilgrimage on the pepino tour of NYC. Did you leave shouting pliis leaf meee alohne?

  2. Even at his most handsome, he has still always looked like a small-town thug

  3. Lol. Inquiring minds. This is very old news.

  4. Jesus, I’m sure it’s embedded into the ring.

  5. I guess we all see what we want to see.

  6. Thankfully things have changed for the better in this sub, and the pep in question and how they “disciplined” me, I now see the situation for what it was. I think that member had taken on the duties of being a mod without actually being one.

  7. One thing I’ve noticed that is stomach-turning is Alec’s seeming obsession with Carmen. The receipts are all over this sub

  8. She’ll prob be posting those pics when she’s allowed back on Instagram

  9. Of course she had to show off her “sexy Spanish senorita” cosplay to her husband Aleek by speaking to your husband only in Spanish while Aleek stood by and got all hot and bothered since he doesn’t know a word of Espaneth. You and your husband were just props in her play, unfortunately. HiLIARia does not have the ability to TRULY connect with anybody, including her poor (non-Spanish) kids.

  10. Narcissists have no shame. She’s ONLY gone silent bc grandpa and his reps told her to shut the eff up for once. She’s made an ass and laughingstock of both herself and her old fart murderer husband. That’s the only reason she’s been temporarily muzzled

  11. It was known in a lot of places, but since she's only fame adjacent, most people didn't care. With AB being such a hothead and so litigious, it's likely most journalists weren't going to touch it. But, now the floodgates are open and they deserve every single bit of bad press that gets publicized.

  12. I couldn’t help but hear the phrase “a lot of places” in Hilary’s fake accent: “alotta pley-sez.” OMG, I’ve been infected by her insanity! 😳😳😳😳😳😂

  13. This absolutely infuriating little pipsqueak. A nobody, with no legitimate yoga training. Gets a prime spot on the Today Show of all places, *only* by virtue of who her husband is. The premise of the interview is "omg you're skinny and you have a ten week old. How." I swear Jenna had a flash of despair when she laid eyes on Hillary's clear skin and flat stomach. And Hillary's like "oh I really don't have to try that hard, I just stretch." This is beaming straight into the homes of tired mothers, women in maternity wards, and pediatricians' waiting rooms across the country. She has no puffiness, no leaking, no engorgement, no hair loss, no post-partum softness at all - body or spirit. She's lying, lying lying lying. On national tv. Without a care in the world. It's really so awful. I hope every sweet and tired new mom who felt even a twinge of self-hatred after watching this segment feels better now. This segment really shows the worst of the grift. Manipulative, dishonest little brat, queen of the humble brag, toxic influencer culture. My youngest is in college, and I still remember that feeling of those early days stretching out in front of me, absolutely exhausted... would I even be able to get a shower in or get dressed, leaking, tired, hormonal... She is absolutely awful for cultivating this entire persona of hers, solely to make others feel bad about themselves and buy whatever dumb stuff she was peddling....she deserves all the karma flinging her way right now.

  14. Yup—The ONLY times she’s really “breastfeeding” her kids is when she’s using the supplemental nursing system. Just like in the photo of her nursing Edu at the hospital just after his (surrogate) birth, the white tubing is visible when she’s using this thing.

  15. Yup! And the breastfeeding isn’t for the CHILD. It’s so Hilz can show her silicone titties and get Alec breathing heavy while she mom-porns. Disgusting

  16. Exactlyl!!!! When will she into trouble for this?!?!

  17. I’ve often wondered this. I think even La Leche would condemn this if they knew the truth

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