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  1. Trails Head in Deadwood said they hoped they would have THC in “48 hours”. They were waiting on the testing facility. Fingers crossed.

  2. Good dank all over in the Lead/Deadwood area. Too bad NOEP made the decision not to legalize and tax it. Vote her out I guess?

  3. Oh, Porterhouse! Look at the wax build-up on those shoes! This is fine leather! I want that wax stripped off! I want them creamed and buffed with a fine chamois. And I want them now! Chop chop!

  4. She legally can’t. They can’t open your mail, the USPS is a federal entity, the justice department just told them to shove it. This will end up in court and they will lose.

  5. This. She has no control over the USPS or the FDA.

  6. He probably got it for his Fun Machine.

  7. Serious question, are the people from South Dakota this dumb? To elect such an unethical, stupid person does not speak well for the constituents. Are there no other issues in South Dakota? Does everyone have healthcare? Everyone is getting an excellent free education? Are all roads good? No housing crisis? No crime? That she can focus on killing women?

  8. Lulz. And Kristi is pro-love. Good to know…keep voting GQP Mr. Classic Car Baby Boomer…🤣

  9. Never claimed that, Jamie Smith campaign ad said he was working to unit people, yet you said you hate all Republicans. You support Jamie Smith so either you don't believe in his message or he is what his supporters are (democrats logic they used to discredit Trump).

  10. Look at those two men standing there.

  11. My wife (27) is very happy that Roe v Wade got overturned

  12. There will still be abortions in America though. Is she just happy about it being outlawed in South Dakota?

  13. She doesn't think it should be outlawed, but she also doesn't think it should be at-will abortions. There are very few cases where abortion is actually justified.

  14. What about the morning after pill? That should probably be made readily available though, right?

  15. I hope it happens just to piss off the GQP.

  16. Yeah don’t waste your vote on the Libertarians…

  17. Kristi Noem is calling for a special session, 'to protect women.' So she's planning to go farther than the laws that are already in place.

  18. He had to take evasive maneuvers around that old lady!

  19. That’ll peel the paint right off your house and give you a permanent orange afro…

  20. A bunch of tough guys traveled across the country because they were mad at gay people for partying together in the middle of nowhere?

  21. I know you mean well, but the idea that someone has to be in the closet in order to hate LGBTQ people is actually pretty harmful, as cishet people who have troublesome views can look at that and say “I can’t be homophobic/transphobic because I’m not a closet case.” It also frames queerphobia as an inter community queer issue when a large chunk of the time it’s not.

  22. Noem hates marijuana so it’s pretty much at the bottom of her honeydew list…

  23. Why did Mark Meadows call General Milley on January 6 and say:

  24. Remember when Al Gore got robbed?

  25. My brother in Christ please be realistic. Jamie smith has literally zero shot at beating her and the results will look very similar to how bad she beat haugaard.

  26. Have another hit of salvia. She narrowly won last time around against Billie Sutton.

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