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  1. inferior? 50% of your population is too close to our border for you to be talking like this.

  2. It's you who's too close to our border, yank scum. Know your place.

  3. For some reason you're still replying to me, despite me not having given you permission. Yank scum.

  4. What is what supposed to mean? I simply linked a subreddit; no need for name-calling.

  5. A person defending the USA - a country in which slavery is legal - is condemning others for supposedly supporting slavery...

  6. Oh, the US is definitely the popular quarterback that fucks the prom queen that everyone loves to hate, but secretly loves when he sticks up for the school nerd and beats up the class bully.

  7. No wonder the USA is so fucked; they think they're the main character in a generic teen drama movie lmao

  8. Important question: are you a creep?

  9. Taking photos of complete strangers without their consent is creepy behaviour, regardless of whether the photographer perceives themselves as a creep. Stop trying to justify this shit.

  10. And yet it isn't illegal. If it were nobody would be able to film or take a picture in public ever in case someone is in the frame without permission.

  11. Except it absolutely is illegal where I live to publish an image with a clear subject without their consent. It's considered a violation of their right to privacy, and rightfully so.

  12. Thank god there’s only one Hillsboro in the world, so you never need to mention the state.

  13. Yup, I see this all the time with Americans online. It's bad enough when they spit out nothing but an abbreviation and expect you to figure out which state they're referring to, but this is a whole new low.

  14. It's not like state abbreviations are all that difficult, nor are abbreviations for states/provinces/territories/departments/regions/whatever unique to the USA.

  15. I never said regional abbreviations were exclusive to the USA, just that people from elsewhere generally don't refer to them outside of their respective local communities. And if they do, chances are that they'll at least follow it up with the name of a country.

  16. Perhaps as Americans, our expectations for products and services are extremely high compared to the rest of the world. Go anywhere outside the US and you'll quickly find that things like hospitality are incredibly lackluster or non-existent. We demand and expect things that in other parts of the world, people just laugh at you for asking and clock out of their job with a smirk on their smug faces because they'd rather not deal with the problem and they don't care about quality. At least that's been my experience. I guess Japan is just not known for quality standards. Either way, this SNFU paints Japanese corporations in a horrible light and they should really be ashamed of themselves and their workmanship.

  17. Canadians are aggressively patriotic, they talk about how great their country is way more than anywhere else I’ve been

  18. I've encountered countless Americans who were "aggressively patriotic", but never a Canadian. In fact, it's Americans who tend to idealise Canada in my experience.

  19. It’s how Canadians say the word sorry. Don’t you know anything aboot Canada?

  20. I like to think I know something about Canada, considering I've lived here my entire life lol. I've literally never heard it pronounced "sore-E", only "saw-ree".

  21. Bro now you’re just pulling stuff outta ur ass there isn’t any texture corruption and poor LOD unless you have a shit pc 😂. And the game is optimized really well compared to forza horizon 3 on pc 💀

  22. Just because you personally haven't experienced these issues doesn't mean many people aren't affected by them. Quit the gaslighting.

  23. America #1. Has been and will be for a while sorry to burst your commie bubble.

  24. You joke, but some morons actually believe that shit lmao

  25. St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America.

  26. Oh cool, wouldn't have thought! Near Banja Luka then, presumably?

  27. You can in most countries at 18 (some earlier than that).

  28. In the vast majority of countries around the world, not only in Europe.

  29. Keep doing ur freeze in place like a bunch of little children and videotaping it like ist cool. Maybe it's the only shot u lames have to do lol just watch the video and tell me that's not some super corny shit to do

  30. Your last few responses just go to show how little it takes to send an American into a full-blown temper tantrum, complete with unintelligible grammar and lame insults. I'm all here for it!

  31. Here for it? Lol see super corny little kid talk. And listen if u wanna stand in place like a statue and think thats the thing to do then go ahead. Just know the world looks at u guys like fucking nerds lol and u prove ur point by being the grammar police lol clown ass canuck

  32. You'd know all about "little kid talk", considering your grammar is on par with one. Hell, my English is better than yours and it's not even my native language. That doesn't make me a "nerd"; that just makes you a fucking moron whose education system failed them.

  33. Was anybody else thinking this girl was British until they looked it up or am I just an idiot?

  34. No, you're not an idiot. That would be whoever thought it would be a good idea to abbreviate some obscure school in the USA as "UK".

  35. Ya, I’m an idiot because I abbreviated a university. Maybe the post wasn’t for you if you’re confused by the title?

  36. Instead of trying to pin the blame on others, how about you learn from your mistake and move on?

  37. We don't count imaginary currency here. A pound? Don't make me laugh. We use those to measure weight here in the free world.

  38. Good for them. Fuckin dumb. But good for them. I also suspect that it's no where near 80 million people. Like really? 25% of the entire country? You know how many people I know or have ever met that have or have ever used premium? Exactly zero people. That's how many. If I were gonna put a number in it, I'd say maybe 4 million pay for it. Be ausw most of them have big dreams of becoming a YouTube star so they kinda need it and would use it.

  39. Oh calm the fuck down. I assumed they were talking about US customers, from a US based company. Take your "there are other countries other than the US pal" bullshit elsewhere.

  40. It's you who needs to calm down, pal. Learn to own up to your mistakes and move on.

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