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  1. It’s hard to say from an outsiders perspective and the team definitely has more info on this than I do but I imagine everything is looked at on a case by case basis. I tend to believe the victim because oftentimes sexual assault victims do not come forward so I don’t believe that something like this is done for money or publicity etc.

  2. I generally believe sexual assault victims too but it’s also true that sometimes crazy women make up abuse to get back at their ex or to wield power in a way that gets them clout or attention. That’s why it’s important to look at each individual case instead of just instantly condemning someone when they get accused

  3. Draymond needs to get ejected again. Can’t imagine we resign him

  4. Everyone sleeping on nuggets. We will face them in the WCF and then bucks in the finals

  5. Ya i did that's why they're on the free agent list. Just remembering my boys rn

  6. Why would anyone need to vent about that Bates-Diop or Jokic line?

  7. Ivey, Milton, or Hardy for the rest of the week? everything's close except TO and FT

  8. I’m debating the same. No way he plays full mins Sunday right?

  9. Do we think Brunson is gunna sit the rest of the year? Could use the streaming spot if so

  10. Fml. Besides having had to replace 7 of my top 10 draft picks during the first two rounds I'm now dealing with Kessler, Deni, and now Delon (likely) out.

  11. Go past etc please. Because you've named to very special unique rare guys. The odds of Purdy actually being like those 2 is so low.

  12. How was what Purdy showed not suggestive of him being a special rare and unique guy? His performance was unprecedented.

  13. You're confusing how awesome his story is relative to his draft position with his actual QB play. He was roughly a more mobile Jimmy G. Pretty good. Not amazing. No need to seethe, just pull your head out of your ass.

  14. I'm not confusing anything, he was amazing for a rookie

  15. Thank god my league is bizarre and has 14 adds/week. My team been a disaster this week

  16. Thinking the same thing about Myles Turner, need to drop someone to activate Harden.

  17. I just dropped Myles but it's definitely a gamble. I easily win blocks anyway though so I felt I could get better value streaming the spot until KD returns

  18. Thinking about moving him to my IR and dropping Simons. Anyone in the same boat? Seems like Simons may be donezo for this szn…

  19. I'm amazed people are still holding onto Simons and the other blazer starters. He's done

  20. How many weeks do you have left? My semis start tomorrow and trying to decide if he’s droppable.

  21. i'm in my semis this week so 2. Doesn't matter how many weeks left though, Dame is done

  22. Same situation, but I havent dropped him. Think it already backfired as I’m at 39 players this week and my opponent has 47.

  23. it's the semis it's time to start streaming a few spots

  24. Thoughts on adding Josh Richardson for the 4 low volume days? He’s the only decent Pelican on the waiver rn

  25. Kessler should definitely be on here

  26. Whoever makes this has a bizarre fixation on FT% so because he missed a couple Kessler isn’t on here lol. It’s a yoke

  27. So now my TOP 4 DRAFT PICKS have been out this week (the others for the entire week) and I'm still up 5-4. King Kong aint got shit on me 😤

  28. Why is Nick's 10/11 on 50% shooting night on here? 0/3 FT is somewhat expected from a center

  29. I have KD and Lebron on IL, Rozier and Brunson out, Fultz with this off night, Dame about to shut down, and Vassell and Z. Collins questionable every game. Not feeling too gud rn boys

  30. You must be having something with the guy even after all disclaimers. There's a good reason why he told that it's all speculation and he isnt correct, yet you fail to understand basic English Communication.

  31. I have both Cam Johnson and Ben10 on the waiver wire, who would you guys prioritize?

  32. Might be too obvious or something, but surprised I havent seen Precious mentioned yet

  33. I totally get why people think that bringing in Brady is the best idea for the team next year. But if they do that, it just pushes our current problem a year further down the line and puts them into an even bigger problem with Lance.

  34. Our only current problem is that Purdy is injured, since he's our QB1 going forward

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