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The Supreme Court has overturned Roe V. Wade. How do you feel?

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  1. This is purely anecdotal but I would consider getting a job or volunteering in a childcare position. You'll get firsthand experience in dealing with kids in person and learn what their quirks/hobbies are like. It's definitely not a substitute for reading actual parenting books but it'll give you a way to practice those skills with actual kids and get feedback in a more or less structured environment where you can ask for help.

  2. I haven't cut Amazon out entirely because sometimes I really do need something the next day. But I've tried to cut it out as much as possible.

  3. In Atelier or Persona? Yeah, usually when you ambush an enemy in P4G and P5R, you get the new song (“Time to Make History” and “Takeover”) while if you just go into battle without the advantage you got the old song (“Reach Out to the Truth” and “Last Surprise”). I always thought it was weird though, because “Last Surprise” felt more fitting for ambushes than “Takeover.”

  4. Never understood that for P5R because it's so easy to ambush enemies anyway, I don't think I ever heard Last Surprise outside of the first dungeon. At least in P4G it was more difficult to ambush enemies so the mixup was nice.

  5. There also seems to be a lot of posts about how people claim SB is a monster and a psychotic killer, while there has been literally zero indications for something like that.

  6. I learned a long time that when comics get adapted into TV shows, then the best thing is to not expect anything to happen the same and treat it as it's own unique thing.

  7. I truly wonder if Solider boy can't actually remember his blackouts. He doesn't even have any idea what happened after he torched the place. Is it the same with MM's family?

  8. I thought I remembered a line that implied that the blasts he expels (in response to the Russian music) are new; they weren't originally part of his powers. And he seems genuinely confused when they happen. So I don't think he was blacking out before he was abducted and tortured/experimented on by the Russians.

  9. This whole show is really good at portraying an image of what happens to a Superman like figure when he lets fame and adoration become his whole life to a fault. Homelander at his core is a flawed and deeply tragic character, he laments being born of unnatural circumstances, and hates being who he is while also wanting love for being what he is.

  10. The polling is disingenuous. Yes, the vast majority of Americans want abortion to be legal… IN REASONABLE CIRCUMSTANCES. Rape, incest, life of the mother. They also want it to be as early in the pregnancy as possible.

  11. The author of this article argues that abortion should be illegal even in cases of rape and incest, though:

  12. I'm Roman Catholic, even we agree abortion is necessary when it's to save the life of the mother. Don't know what that guy is on about.

  13. Dumbasses. here we go again. when will people understand that you can be both? i can be pro-life for me but that doesn't give me the right to tell anyone else what to do. they need to question what other rights are they gonna take away.

  14. I mean I'm pro-choice but I get it. The pro-life crowd honestly and sincerely believes that human children are being euthanized so they can't bring themselves to "let people choose" because it means, in their mind, letting children die.

  15. In response to your last sentence: Simply put, if it’s wrong tomorrow, then it’s wrong today. That human fetus becomes that same human child. It’s the same human on the human life development cycle. When one destroys a human life at any point along that cycle, they have destroyed not just what it is at the moment, but also what it will become.

  16. Not sure how to explain this to you but there are many things that are wrong to do to a child that are acceptable to do to adults and vice versa. It's almost like a person's age and experience have a direct impact on what actions are considered morally acceptable.

  17. My rights don’t go away when politicians get scared. That’s why we have a constitution.

  18. Many people were. In a society where you must work to live, threatening peoples jobs is forcing them.

  19. I’m obviously angry at the Republicans for constantly trying (and now succeeding in this instance) to force their religious beliefs on the entire population of the country, but I’m also pretty pissed at the Democrats because they had 50 years to codify abortion rights into federal law and they never did it. Obviously that isn’t really feasible at this exact moment in time because the Senate is tied and 2 of the Democrats are basically just Republicans with (D) next to their name, but there have been times when we certainly had enough people in government that it could have been done. Obama had 57 Democrats in the Senate and 257 Democrats in the House for his first 2 years. The Democrats could have gotten it done if they really wanted, but they chose not to make it a priority.

  20. Nervous. As far as I can tell this doesn't have any immediate impact on my state's abortion laws but we also just recently elected a Republican governor and I'm worried he'll start making some changes once November elections have passed.

  21. There's an amazing sci-fi book called Blindsight about first contact with a species of aliens radically different to anything we'd expect to find, and

  22. Have they done any recent studies on this? I am not trying to cast doubt but IIRC

  23. When he yells "he's trying to get in my ass!!!" In that French accent is the funniest part of the show to this point. Great delivery.

  24. I literally almost cried laughing during that scene. His delivery is incredible.

  25. Making MM’s ex-wife’s new guy a white reactionary is kind of bizarre. I know people like that can be in interracial relationships but it’s kind of a rarity. They usually have too much racial resentment to consider such a thing

  26. Really? Maybe it's the area I live in but the Trump supporters I know are the opposite. They're so "moderate" that they think harping on about racial inequality is racist. They see Donald Trump as someone "pushing back against liberal hypocrisy" rather than someone actually racist. So they have no problem with interracial relationships because they're dating the "good/normal" minorities, unlike the "extreme" protesters.

  27. Same 🤍. Also if you’re nervous about the herogasm episode, I believe the creators made clear it would not include sexual violence like that. I’ll be watching Friday morning if you’d like me to message you regarding scenes you should skip.

  28. I completely agree. I also want to mention that I love that they don't make Starlight out to be permanently damaged and completely defined by her experience. It was horrifying, traumatic, but she heals and it's not her main character trait. The show is still punishing The Deep but it doesn't punish her.

  29. "Guilt is acknowledging a crime or a harmful action while remorse is regretting the actions and taking steps to undo damage."

  30. I'd say sociopath. Sociopaths are typically impulsive and erratic, whereas psychopaths are not (which makes it a lot harder to catch the latter).

  31. Any chance soldier boy is just a red herring and someone else puts homelander down?

  32. For some reason I have this fear that Soldier Boy's going to team up with Homelander instead of fighting him.

  33. Is Homelander supposed to be cunning? Because he certainly never acts intelligently. He's just a mentally disturbed individual, but people keep covering for him because they don't want to die.

  34. Depends on what you mean by "cunning". He's definitely very good at manipulating people, which is a skill.

  35. Yeah they do a good job showing people that A-Train has pangs of guilt, but it's never enough to override his selfishness and cowardice.

  36. What do you mean when you say that "anti-woke stuff is from a pro-left perspective"?

  37. When the show points out how the Brave Maeve/BLM BLTs stuff is just bullshit fake corporate pandering, right-wingers think that's a dig at the "woke left."

  38. It's kind of a shame because it loops back to the fact that the differences between the "right and left" are less severe than the differences between classes. The left and right both hate corporate cronyism but 90% of the time they ascribe their flaws to their political ideology instead of their corporate nature.

  39. Halfway through the scene, I thought that (whilst the musical is obviously a dream sequence) frenchie running out the room to get a doctor was real, so it made me think that kimiko would be flatlining or something, I am so glad to have been proven wrong.

  40. The Timothy’s death thing I don’t think comes up enough. She clearly knew he finished while thinking about Timothy and I’m like 99% sure she told homelander and that’s why he was the “special surprise” lol

  41. This actress is really incredible, every single time she's onscreen I want to punch her character in the face. Phenomenal acting job.

  42. I have a fear that they'll end up teaming up with each other instead of fighting.

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