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  1. I was finally able to listen to Hits different (absolutely love it) yesterday and immediately thought that it would be amazing as an acoustic version!

  2. I found a piano edition on YouTube that's awesome! I'll try and find it if you're interested. (Obviously just the same vocals but remixed for it).

  3. Oh sure, if it's not too hard to find I'd love a link :)

  4. Debut - Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Fearless - Skylar Vanilla Sky Speak Now - Chloe or Miss Dior Red - 7 Virtues Vanilla Woods 1989 - Flowerbomb or Delina Reputation - Tom Ford Black Orchid Lover - Armani My Way Folklore - Nest Indigo/Wisteria Blue Evermore - MM By the Fireplace Midnights - TF Lost Cherry?

  5. Elizabeth Arden sunflower for debut is such a good pick!

  6. Ok this might sound super weird but melodicaly it does sound a bit similar to "Mean" (obviously the moods of these songs are completely different).

  7. I don't think that's even Lala's first face on the left. Her features were a lot more rounded, her nose wasn't as sharp before. Then again, her changes were so gradual that it's hard to pin point

  8. Definitely Right where you left me for me. I've commented this before, how it's almost scary in how sad it is. It pretty much describes a haunting, she's haunted by what could have been, stuck in time and space which is such a devastating thought. I also think the music makes it even more surreal and eary - the country vibes build a contrast to the lyrics, which makes it almost disorienting, the continuous driving rhythm gives you a feeling of being stuck in a loop. And then that terrifying conclusion of the trauma being a companion that sticks around.

  9. Please don't come for me but for me it's Maroon atm . It hasn't died for me but I feel like I've lost interest in it surprisingly quickly. On my first Midnights listen it was an instant favourite for me but I've found myself hardly listening to it and ranking a lot of other songs above it on that album.

  10. I'm going through some stuff right now and find "Sad beautiful tragic" to be oddly calming and comforting, even though the lyrics are not happy. Musically however I find it to be very soothing (reminds me a bit of mazzy star).

  11. To be honest, the girl works hard and brings it every season. To everyone complaining about her being annoying tell me what content would there have been without her last season? Pickle ball and costume parties? No thank you.

  12. I agree! I'm not fond of her but I do feel that she brought a healthy dose of mostly light hearted cringe to the seasons before the last one. Now her husband I don't have to see on my screen ever again, I find him highly unlikable and transparent in his hunger for fame. Unfortunately they come as a pack now.

  13. It's such an album. Thirteen songs on that album!! Plus the bonus tracks?? Each one has lyrics, most have a melody, and all over two minutes in length! No one can deny that that is an album. Some would call it music! And who's to say they're wrong? If you can say anything about that album, nobody can deny it is the tenth album she has made. Remarkable!

  14. Thanks for making me laugh out loud on an otherwise dull day haha

  15. “Then you won’t have to cry. Or hide in the closet, And just like a folk song, our love will be passed on” love the way this progression sounds

  16. Ah yes, forgot to add that one to my list! I love the back and forth between her main and backing vocals, so pretty

  17. I agree with your picks but also, maybe RED?

  18. Me & my dog by boygenius (Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker)

  19. Super hard to pick, as I love them all but I do have a particularly strong love for "Peace".

  20. I'm sorry you had to go through this and unfortunately I can relate. You put it into words perfectly, that part about never really regretting anyone before until that one toxic ex.

  21. Mitski - your best American girl

  22. For cardio: OOTW, State of Grace, Paper Rings, LWYMMD

  23. Sometimes when I listen to Champagne Problems I do my own impromptu mash-up/remix by singing Clean over top of it and vice versa.

  24. There’s actually a quite lot going on in Cardigan. The verse progression is relatively uncommon: ii V IV V it doesn’t hit the root until the chorus. It’s basically a subversion of the classic Jazz ii V I but in Cardigan it delays hitting home until the chorus to build tension then the release. If you’re teaching songwriting or harmony it’s a perfect example of how hitting the tonic feels like home and how delaying hitting it builds tension.

  25. Thank you so much for this highly educational and interesting comment, the former music student in me could follow along with your explanation and now I have an even deeper appreciation for the song :)

  26. The compulsion to get in my car and drive the back roads with Cardigan at that perfect volume (when it feels like you are on the cobblestones) is strong.

  27. Being a swiftie makes me wanna finally get a driver's license at the age of 28 haha (grew up in a city with great public transport and I bike a lot)

  28. I'd rewatch seasons 1-6 because they are all good, season 4 introduces Lala who becomes a main player (unfortunately lol) so it's important to watch her intro season for the dynamics!

  29. The reputation and folklore looks are fire!

  30. I feel like they all look... dusty or cakey? With the amount of ediditn going on here it is beyond me how they didn't manage to at least make everyone look... healthy? Fresh? These are generally attractive people but the way these photos were lit and edited makes them all look odd. Like someone took the clarity slider on Photoshop/Lightroom all the way to the right to enhance everything too much.

  31. At first glance I was like "now, this isn't so bad", but the longer I look at it the creepier it gets... everyone looks like a parallel universe/uncanny valley version of themselves

  32. nothing makes schwartz more bold and brave than an excuse to attack a woman’s appearance

  33. Yes, that was strange to see! I think in part also because we hardly ever saw them make out even with each other when they were still together. We've never really seen either of them flirt above their cutesy bubba schtick, so to me, that adds to the weirdness!

  34. Super interesting question and made me realise:

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