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  1. Has this chiefs front row ever won a scrum.

  2. Losing Francis and Moon getting on a bit has really hurt Exeter. You had your power front row and your speed front row. You could mix and match as required.

  3. FWIW - to me it looked accidental and a swinging arm - rather than getting his body into it. Yellow is probably about right - consistent with what we've seen this season.

  4. The study only compared elite players with the general public. While there is a clear elevated risk of mental deterioration in elite rugby players compared, the study doesn't say what make a causal link, and the sample size is too small to really state the reported risk increases.

  5. Unless you're doing an experiment you can't say 100% what a causal link is. (BTW you'd never get ethical approval to repeatedly concuss people to see what happens). You can't state "causal links" using an approach like this - it isn't how it works.

  6. The neurodegenerative stuff is fine - good even. The MND stuff is not, it is a disease with a 1 in 37000 prevalence which is not even the size of their control population.

  7. I notice all but two of your examples are 3rd person adventure games / RPGs.

  8. I really wish I could play Hollow Knight because I love pretty much everything about it but goddamn is it difficult.

  9. How far into it have you made it? I found it was a struggle to begin with (even against "easy" bosses), but stuck with it. Really slow improvements at first. But by the the time I was in the Soul Sanctum something clicked and the game really opened up for me.

  10. That was a brilliant try. Newcastle really deserved that. Much hungrier throughout the 80.

  11. Ugly, but tactically brilliant. Really taken the wind out of Newcastle's sails - built some momentum of their own. They can now play against 13 men. The space is definitely out wide now. Could really change the course of the game.

  12. Maybe this is a copout - but I think it really depends on how much 70 bucks is worth to you.

  13. Graphics are only "good" for a few years, strong art direction is forever.

  14. So quins fans. How do we dissect what was going on in that first half? We were all over the place with no clue on direction or tempo and our energy levels were as flat as anything.

  15. I think it's a problem (albeit an enormously entertaining one). It's been a feature of their play for the past two seasons now.

  16. Agreed I think it’s a problem too and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Open, broken, disrupted play there’s no better side than quins. Just feels when we don’t have the ball we’re ’not interested’ in getting back nor really putting in much of a defensive effort (it’s not quite that extreme but you know what I mean, it’s almost like it’s always somebody else’s job.

  17. This result will be on the cards every match due to Saints abject failure to build a decent scrum over the last few years. We desperately needed to sign some big front row players over the summer, Waller definitely wasn’t what was needed (although he had no impact here due to injury), and we clearly haven’t improved at all in that area.

  18. Saints we’re always gonna get a yellow for the next scrum. The yellow for the not releasing in the Leicester half was the killer one.

  19. Not a huge fan of Umaga waving bye bye to the crowd feels a little bit of a dick move

  20. I think he was making a "mouthy" hand gesture.

  21. What do we think to that decision on the shoulder to head?

  22. It's horrible collision - but I couldn't really see what more Willis could do. He wasn't the primary tackler, and was bent at the hips. It was as much the Bath player got tackled into him as anything else. No foul play in my opinion - a rugby incident is probably correct - but I've feel like I've seen players sent off for similar incidents.

  23. a big strong pack will be looking at exeters scrum and be salivating

  24. It wasn't brilliant today but they looked really pretty good vs. Leicester last weekend.

  25. Ollie Lawrence shouldn't be seen as the manu replacement. Yeah he's a strong carrier but his work around the park is what makes him stand out imo

  26. I think the most apparent Manu replacement is Ben Earl. Outrageous productivity - especially as he seems to have worked on reducing his penalty count.

  27. Quins did well to hang in. Poor attacking lineouts by Quins in the end: had a couple of opportunities to steal it which they fluffed. Not quite good enough.

  28. The offloading we seem to have added to our attack is pretty exciting to see, could make a big difference especially in places like Europe.

  29. It's been developing for a little while - started seeing it last season. TBH I think it's development caused some of the "un-Saracens" like decisions last season. Look like they're coming out of the other side much better for it.

  30. That’s always been the way that clubs can apply to have players cleared for a week as long as they complete their rest in a set time.

  31. Also the relationship hasn't been reciprocated by England for the clubs.

  32. Not sure if I can recommend it - but you got me thinking of Spore. It's pretty much what you described. Creature creator was brilliant, the end game was underbaked. Disappointed it didn't stick the landing as it was such a cool concept.

  33. It's not just his undeniable athletic gifts and his attitude, but his ability to pick lines is phenomenal. When he's on the pitch it equates to having an extra XL centre.

  34. Stone Genge is turning into some player now and it's great to see.

  35. I'm assuming it's because they hadn't retreated 10 m (or were unsure if they had or not)... decidedly lacklustre in the end regardless of the cause.

  36. If he's a retiree who went to uni, it was likely for free

  37. This hit close to home. A month after moving into my new home two years ago, the neighbour bought two rescue dogs. They go to work at 6am. The dogs "pine" for them.

  38. I feel bad for you. I feel bad for the dogs.

  39. I can't imagine how Chiefs fan must feel - my hearts going a mile a minute.

  40. I agree with the other poster. It's not required - but it does set up the story for the second (although it's not overly complex!). The first is pretty polished too, so there's no clunkiness or half finished ideas to deal with.

  41. No love or protection, just an unusually comfy place to sleep

  42. My cat used to lie on us in the evenings which was very cute.

  43. TBH I don’t care what others say. In my eyes:

  44. I've had Long Covid for since March 2020. Work from work would be impossible. WFH is extremely challenging but:

  45. I have the regular non-gaming embody. Overall I really like the chair but my butt hurt by the end of the day. I added an extra piece of foam under the seat and it really helped. I know some people would say they shouldn’t have to add anything to such an expensive chair but it made a big difference in my case.

  46. The Logitech model already has some foam added apparently. I'm not super keen on making alterations: I don't want to mess up the warranty. It's something I'd consider if I'd got a second hand one or it cost a bit less!

  47. You don’t need to modify the LE. I have had my LE for almost 2yrs now and the seat pan does break in after a few weeks depending on how much time you spend in it per day. I spend 8+hrs per day 7 days a week in the chair and I am always comfy. I bought the chair sight unseen and I didn’t need to try out the chair. I work from home full-time so I’m in this chair a lot. When I’m not tasking, I sit in the chair and lounge with my feet up on a stool and I rock back and forth fully supported and my tailbone never hurts. I’m 6’1 160lbs so I think our experience should be the same IF you are willing to take the chance and keep it longer than the 14 days because you’ll need it longer to break in the chair.

  48. Thanks, this is really useful (especially as you are a similar size to me). To be clear, my tail bone/coccyx is fine - it's my sitbones that get a bit pulverised.

  49. See I much prefer buying discs than downloading. I never really play a game more than once through so always like trading in (usually to CEX rather than game admittedly) and get some money and space in my cupboard.

  50. I'm very much the same and prefer physical:

  51. Fire Emblem: Three Houses or Banner Saga Trilogy

  52. +1 to the Banner Saga. Beautiful, soulful games where choices matter with solid gameplay.

  53. I've played San Andreas when it launched. It was a great game. I'm not sure it's story telling is up to the standard of 4 and 5 - but it's still solid. If you like modern GTA, I think you'll also like classic GTA. The overall feel of gameplay is pretty similar. So yes to the games in general.

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