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  1. Your lobes seem extremely irritated, what kind of jewelry and aftercare do you use?

  2. Haha I knew someone was gonna say that. I JUST put the jewelry in for this pic. Had some trouble with the hoops

  3. I think so! I had a breast reduction and lift in 2018, and had implants this past December. I think you’d be really happy with both. I do suggest implants for upper pole fullness from my experience 😬

  4. Thank you! How was the pain and recovery? That’s what I’m most worried about!!

  5. I’m a bad person to ask because I have a really high pain tolerance, but for me super easy. I was up going for walks the next day both times. If you can handle it, I’d suggest take the least amount of heavy pain meds possible. They make you nauseas and feel so shitty!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing! I have a high pain tolerance too haha. So that makes me feel better. Thanks for the pro tips! Would it be okay if I DM you and ask a few more questions?

  7. Lol I'm in SD and it's supposed to rain all weekend

  8. I’ll be there for a month so I should be able to achieve that burnt potato chip look

  9. any chances of still getting the call? i'm on the east coast and haven't gotten anything. feeling pretty bummed, cuz i love fuqua. luckily have some options, but would still love to have fuqua as a choice :')

  10. I found “Everything I Never Told You” by Celeste Ng to help me understand my feelings towards my mother more. I’m not sure if it’s necessarily help with understanding her, but could perhaps help you uncover what you feel towards her, and put those thoughts into words. My issues with my mom are drowning under the weight of her expectations and feeling like I’ll never have autonomy over my life. And that her love is not unconditional, and can be overly possessive and crushing at times.

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