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  1. Everyone by Van Morrison is a great song on the tenenbaums soundtrack

  2. I bought a shirt and record, the record was $40 and the shirt was $25

  3. No actually I used my card ! Oh I forgot I got a tote also, black with the fairy drawing on it

  4. Yea the lot is about 2 or 3 years old. But its fresh paved enough that thing shouldn't be there.

  5. 1/2 inch rock Asphalt (which is the specific mix here) is designed specifically for decoration. Appearance over performance. The "shelf life" for this specific mix is around 7 years at the most ! Likely what happened with the tab you see, either it was smashed into the mat the day of paving, or depending on where you live, you had a very hot summer day, which in that case the Asphalt becomes playable again, and someone dropped that thing and smashed it in its forever home. Asphalt is laid at 350° once it cools down it gets hard. In my semi expert opinion, you have 3 MAYBE 4 years before this parking lot needs to either be slurry sealed or repaved. If everyone's cars leak oil or fuel, Mayne even less.

  6. Naaa doesn't seem like I need it

  7. First time for me at that venue and I was very disappointed, probably on the bottom of my list of shows I've seen

  8. Nothing like walking 5 blocks to get there and stepping over homeless people the whole time

  9. They would have been nice to see at a different venue, I was really disappointed with the Hollywood Paladium

  10. I could care less about the weed, it was just shitty ditch weed, it's funny that all those young foos smoking it like there cool as hell, meanwhile I'm thinking to myself "I remember when I had my first beer"

  11. Why is this downvoted? For being LA I was surprised by how shitty the weed smelled .

  12. It was down voted because it was them who were smoking it

  13. The man's wife doesn't say or do anything until he gets knocked into oblivion

  14. Rich as fuck, but probably the loneliest person alive, I really dislike this family, but what special talent do they have ? Any specific job qualifications?

  15. Where did you meet her at ? Was she walking around with all the homeless people ?

  16. I like how you were careful to adhear to the art of traditional Japanese, the wind appears to flow in the same direction, with the lightning in a symmetrical form, very nice bud

  17. Thank you for noticing! I love traditional Japanese art ! ;)

  18. As do I ! I have tons of books I read about this specific genre. I'm no professional by any means, but I have lots of tattoos and traditional Japanese is something that can be messed up with the slightest thing being off.

  19. My youth called they want there baggy ass jeans back from 96

  20. I hope to be around, the day we grasp in truuuuuth

  21. Got a few for you. Have you checked out Mild Orange, Moon monsoon, Men I trust, Her, Dope Lemon, Mac Demarco

  22. Let me get some of that hamburger in the background ! Looks to be about 2 maybe 3 lbs.

  23. Seriously, what is the deal with every person using the N-word ? I don't understand how EVERYONE uses that horrible word.

  24. She's always wearing those headphones, the video for sugar, she's always wearing them

  25. Looks like he could have been drunk by the way he was walking

  26. What a dumb comment. This is not manufactured by Monsanto. Monsanto does not manufacture products for Scott’s. Scott’s is contracted to sell Roundup which was produced by the agrochemical company Monsanto (Now Bayer).

  27. In the U.S., the Company's Scotts®, Miracle- Gro® and Ortho® brands are market-leading in their categories, as is the consumer Roundup® brand, which is marketed in North America and most of Europe exclusively by Scotts and owned by Monsanto.

  28. Yes, Bayer contracts Scott’s to market and distribute roundup. That doesn’t mean Scott’s is owned by a now defunct company or that the now defunct company manufactured the OMRI listed fertilizer you stated was “made by Monsanto”.

  29. I didn't realize we were dicing words, in the grand scheme of things Monsanto owns it ALL ! The way I look at it, they fund it all, make it all, distribute it all. Sorry we were having a pissing match, maybe you should think out loud to yourself before trying to insult someone with your down trotted words. Thank you sir/ma'am

  30. How sad, I mean just so sad to see the English language being butchered in such a horrible way, no wonder Europeans think we're all inbred, retarded humans 😢

  31. Your face is all over google news ! Maybe do Uber or something

  32. Do what you want, but if you want hold the attention of guys you gotta show more skin!

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