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Transforming Vintage Cars to Electric

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  • By - Sxzym

I'll tell you honestly, This was unexpectedly AWESOME

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  1. Either these guys have horrible aim or they are deliberately not shooting at those people, I didn't see one person fall

  2. HOW DARE YOU !!! I can't belive that they put an electric motor in a VW. That was my very first car and half the fun of it was fixing it constantly. It takes away ALL of the character of this car. You really should be ashamed of yourself for doing that !

  3. Anyone know where this was on the 91 ? And which direction ?

  4. Damn dude I remember your crop last year !! Killing it

  5. if you want a genuine answer on "how much longer" then provide pictures of your trichomes UP CLOSE ! Otherwise you'll get the generic answer "give it 2 more weeks" invest in the tools required to make a good crop

  6. Honestly, if I were standing there I would have punched that bleached haired dweeb right in his dick sucker

  7. I've seen this posted before, I was told that these idiots stole that car then proceeded to take the young man with the arm made of spaghetti to the hospital, obviously it didn't take long for the police to find them, and to top it off, they drove the stolen car to the hospital and they were all there together!!

  8. A balck guy being racist, never heard of such a scenario

  9. Poor child, I’m sorry you’ve been so sheltered.

  10. By the sound of your response, you have no business being on reddit, maybe you should start out by signing up for AARP this weekend, baby steps sir, baby steps

  11. Hold on one sec, let's talk about your amazing choice of song here !! This is by far my favorite jam by the talking heads, what's funny is that I was watching this and my wife rolled over in bed and said, "hey isn't that the song you always play?" LOL

  12. "Home, is where I want to be, pick me up and turn me around"

  13. "I'm fire Marshall Bill Burns, and I'm HERE TO SHOW YOU SOMETHING !!!

  14. I know the laws as far as that is concerned, can you show me a clear and defined "merge" lane in this photo ?

  15. Probably further op the road by the 2 orange signs i would think.

  16. Lol I actually just looked at the signs, those are pre warning signs for construction, the furthest signs are merging signs ! Notice one line curves to the other ? There is construction down that ramp, leading me to belive there are signs behind where this photo was taken, I bet $100 the op has no idea what was going on.

  17. I get the pleasure of operating one of these and I'll be honest, sometimes this can happen While your operating it, but not on purpose, on complete accident !! It makes your butt pucker right away !!

  18. I'd be standing in court with my broken eye socket and chipped tooth, lookin at him like "enjoy those 3 delicious meals my very large ignorant friend"

  19. It's a DVD with the following TV shows: Hey Dude What would you do Temple run Pete and Pete You can't do that on television If anyone remembers those shows, wasn't life great back then ? No responsibilities, except homework and cleaning up the dog crap

  20. Your right, it's an okidata printed page, that's encrypted in the Oregon Trail game. If you are able to survive past the scarlet fever you will uncover the mystery of how they actually made slime in 92'

  21. It's actually a different girl ! The voice your hearing singing that song is from their first lead singer who actually does gigs with them from time to time. There's a great version of this song on YouTube, there sitting in the forest doing an acoustic version. Definitely a must watch !

  22. Keep going, make sure he isn't able to fuck your momma over again

  23. FELONY ASSALT on a cop, fucker is looking at at least 10 yrs

  24. The sadest part ?I watched a video of a little boy, about 2 years old talking this way TO A COP ! I'd have to bet this girl only knows how to speak that way, and has been raised to be completely disrespectful and become the center of extention. She just got the rude expelled from her body !!

  25. Honestly it looks like one of those portable coat racks that you stash your good clothes in so that they don't get dusty and prevent moths from chewing holes

  26. I have no idea what you just said

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