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What are some common signs that someone grew up with sh*tty parents?

Sometimes you just got to doot.

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  1. It was my first job at 16. I was a cashier. It was my first month and I was having a hard time with my drawer. My then boss looked me in the eye and said, " So much for that fancy school you go to. I thought you'd be better than this."

  2. I might be projecting but The Boys seems like it’s anti capitalist in themes. Again, I could be projecting and even if it is it’s probably another capitalist realism form of anti capitalism since it’s still produced by Amazon.

  3. You are not projecting. Idk if you've read the comics but they were super anti capitalist and a critique on politics and politicians in general. I haven't seen the show so I can't speak to it.

  4. I highly recommend the show. Even disregarding the political similarities, it’s a very engaging watch. The characters are all fleshed out and superbly written and the cast for this show is beyond phenomenal. Especially Anthony Star’s Homelander who’s amazing.

  5. I recommend the comics as well! If you can stomach them...Garth Ennis gets pretty raw in them.

  6. I get horrid painful itchy rashes under my breasts. I recommend washing with hibiclens on the affected areas and using aloe vesta on them. Works really well for me.

  7. Literal pain. My husband and I believe I have endometriosis or vaginismus or something like that.

  8. I don't have the money to pay for the school I wanted, originally it was their money, go where we say. Now I can only afford a community college, they might offer some architecture classes but at this point I'm not sure if they do.

  9. That's something you could do. Look it up. Or you can try a 4 year slowly over time. A class a semester or something like that. Whatever you can afford. Whatever you have time for. Honestly as long as you live there's still time to be who you want to be.

  10. No problem. I've been through it too, and I just want others to know it's ok. Go be who you want. Good luck. I'm rooting for you.

  11. I started a strip show and almost started a civil war in the first 30 mins of playing.

  12. I’ve had to switch to hot topic . I used to do torrid but the styles suck . I’m a 53 yr old punk . That’s the style I like .

  13. I agree! Hot Topic actually has a decent plus size section. Along with Target.

  14. My dude capped out at 8 lbs. Honestly his weight is common I think. Maybe the stranger is thinking of toy Chihuahuas?

  15. When I worked with a dietician she recommended multigrain Cheerios (pretty decent) and Kashi (tasted like cardboard). I prefer the multigrain Cheerios, and when I'm feeling fancy I add berries.

  16. Thank you so much! Gaahh I’m so tempted to get the master bundle haha. I’m wondering if I should “play around more with the default brushes” or just go ahead and get the bundle and figure it out from there.

  17. I recommend playing with the default brushes first. After all, procreate is just a tool and it's all in your skill and what you can do. Also Bardot has quite a few videos on using the default brushes to your advantage.

  18. Thank you, once again! I think I’ll play around and figure out which style I most prefer. And if I want to expand, I know BB will always be there. Gahhh. Thank you so much, one again!!

  19. Anyone reading this? Can they recommend it or is it a skip?

  20. If you like existential horror and anthologies this is a definite must. It's very well written and illustrated. I like it alot.

  21. I recommend incontrol clothing. I have a non binary friend that likes them and their plus sizes are pretty good too! Hope this helps!

  22. I don't believe I have a brush exactly like this but I went hunting for it and found something similar. I hope you like it.

  23. I'd like this as a sticker, thanks. Edit: I see the link. Gonna go buy.

  24. I don't think I have a specialty. I'm a recent graphic design grad. I just based it off the pen tool and my name. Does it not convey graphic design? How can I improve it?

  25. I see. That means your logo will work or not work depending on your audience and what jobs you want to land.

  26. I understand and agree with what you're saying. You gave me some things to think about, especially on my concept for the logo. Thank you very much for the critique.

  27. I used to like her at first for some of her dialogue which can be very funny at times, but she tries as hard as humanly possible to be impersonal. Trying to show 1% of human kindness just won’t make sense in her eyes.

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