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  1. If your org gets to a point where they need to get a british player, its over

  2. Look how long it took Facebook to "get old" after its peak.. id say IG is in its peak right now, there's some good years to go still

  3. I thought the FEDs in Atlanta were only targeting the rappers/labels but they just RICOd the US economy lmao

  4. I don't rlly like him but i miss having him on the scene lmao it was guaranteed content EVERY TIME, honestly, there's no other pro that comes even close to how much hilarious games he gave us. That being said he's trash as a core in current dota, his only choice is either becoming a 5 or a coach

  5. Going on pro play, Brew swap with viper, Underlord sees more play than say LC as well. Plus Dark Seer is dead.

  6. I'm pretty sure Viper gets a LOT more play than brew on the pro level, unless I'm missing the only ones where brew is picked lol

  7. This is the funniest timeline lmao this sub most hated candidates player possibly being 2nd and the sub wonderkid and favourite probably going dead last lmaoo

  8. lmao so funny lmao dank 😂😂😂😂 funny lmao so funny dank funny 🤣🤣🤣

  9. I read the first few chapters some years ago, of the first book and remember there were drawings of maps, now i finally got back into reading it but on kindle and there isnt any , only text, am i missing something else or just the maps?

  10. I‘m not sure about the appendix at the end but apart from that (and the maps that you can find online if you want to look at them) everything should be the same

  11. Honestly OKC would have the best and would be even more hilarious.

  12. How would OKC have the best? people overrate picks too much, and SGA aswell

  13. A little joking, a little not. Obviously Ian is a good player and has had more than just one good tournament in his career, but he has absolutely no claim to being clear #2.

  14. I don't think he's a better than ding and Fabi, but if we are talking about form right now he's clearly #2. He's on pace to win 2 candidates in a row, i don't see how you can argue otherwise

  15. Because two tournaments are simply not a statistically significant amount of games when you are trying to distinguish between people who are close in strength. When you look at all the data we have he has not shown himself to be stronger than other top 5-10 ish players.

  16. the candidates isnt just "two tournments" lmao, its basically the one that really matters for anyone else not named magnus, they prepare all year long for that moment, but ok

  17. Got downvoted to hell yesterday by saying nepo RIGHT NOW is the clear 2nd behind magnus. Someone said i had no attention span, because he had half a good tournment btw, yes, the guy whos on pace to easily win his second candidates only had "half a good tounrment" LMAO

  18. It was hotfixed yesterday, but this bug was live from about 2pm to 6pm Seattle time.

  19. It also wasnt working with right click on teammate unit, after the changes on the right click deny was it fixed too?

  20. There are Chinese forum groups where there are tons of people who have never stepped foot in the US and Canada but they know all about which school districts and teachers are good. Then of course this information is used to drive purchasing decisions often sight unseen. It's bonkers.

  21. Wait, they are buying and checking school districts and teachers info and all this shit for what if they don't plan on living there? I don't get it

  22. I don't know if you've ever bought a house, but in case you haven't: the single most important thing when you buy is the location. Everything else can be solved with money and is secondary. If you're in a good school district, there will always be someone willing to buy your place and it will retain its value/grow in value better.

  23. AM is fucking trash unless in a perfect game and even then, if he has a free lane/game it still feels like only has impact after almost 30 min. Thats unplayable in current meta

  24. I swear that there is a whole new social group forming amongst top sports athletes around the world. They are extremely talented and blow up very early and after some time keep making big bucks and playing for big teams just because of their name + their availability drops significantly.

  25. Neymar was WAY better than basically everyone on your list tho

  26. LOL unlike most united rejects, Neymar at one point was top 3 behind Ronaldo and Messi. They should be all in for him at the state that they're in.

  27. He was arguably the best player in the world for good stretches

  28. Piquet + bolsonaro supporters share a lot of things in common, specially in this topic if you know what i mean.

  29. His intentions were 100% racist. He wanted to offend and belittle Hamilton...

  30. Agreed. Im brazilian he 100% meant it in a racist way. I also find it very weird how many brazilians are here claiming "neguinho" isnt a slur, how many times have you ever called someone that you have no relations that word? Unless youre friends and its ok, the other 99% of times its used in a racist way, atleast in my experience.. Pretty weird how yall are trying to make it seem okay lmao

  31. I think if Nakamura wins Carlsen would play him for sure.

  32. It would also be the most one sided WCC of the last 40 years

  33. No way what? You saw what he just did to nepo, and nepo is a way better classical player than naka right now. Not to mention the ridiculous winrate magnus has over naka overall. It would be as close to a "stomp" as it can get in classical chess lmao

  34. You should do what your username suggests and look for some help, honestly

  35. And here you are, calling the mid of a dpc div2 team tier 3

  36. Hes somehow worse than gorg on that team. If thats not tier3 mid then idk what it is. Maybe even lower

  37. Why arent we all on TRT? Remind me again, is there a legit reason not to?

  38. Theres a lot of prejudice against hormones still, sadly, and bad doctors are probably one of the biggest reasons for this. I know a LOT of people who would change their entire lives for the better with TRT but think something like this is wrong or "cheating". Hypogonadism causes a shitton of problems for men, not only just physically but also mentally like depression, anxiety etc

  39. Other celtics fans should thank GOD youre not their GM, otherwise yall woud never win a ring again lmaoo

  40. Kinda crazy difference of opinion here, I think it's highway robbery in the other direction. Durant is one of the greatest stars in NBA history, with at least 2 years left of being in his prime.

  41. Celtics fans have a very weird addiction to picks and young players lmaoo this is 100% a STEAL for the celtics, anyone saying otherwise is high out of this world

  42. Glowie language right there. Shifting the goal posts from Amy ET news to vaccine or "fake news". Sounds like you are trying to discredit anything that could come from this meeting with many different people based on how you feel about one participant.

  43. You're arguing against people that live here and knows what's going on brother, nobody wants to discredit ET news lmao and wtf is glowie language? This is literally just a meeting, there's nothing secret or special about it, no ex military spilling the beans or anything,it's just bloggers and UFO enthusiasts gathering. Trust me, if there was any real , important "hearing" about UFOs in my country, i would be the first to post it here

  44. TI qualifier for Secret it is then. Crystallis still hasn't shown a fucking sign of him being Top Tier carry so far, It's been 4 series already. Puppey really got it wrong this time, sad for him.

  45. Lmao how can you blame the new player that basically only played 1 hero, meanwhile the core 3 players have struggled for 6 months now

  46. Where shall I send it? I would bet every dollar in my bank account that I look better and am in better physical shape than you. And I’d cook you at 1 on 1. I played D1 college basketball.

  47. I noticed several posts the last few days where CM ults and the other team disintegrates.

  48. The shard ncreases the number of explosions of the ult by 20%. I didnt know that untill last week, but its a lot

  49. The direction on this movie was ass. Not sure what people are talking about. From the weird sound effects, to the poor attempts at making it look like a horror movie, to some of the editing and writing was just not good.

  50. I just watched it and youre completely right, the movie was fun but really bad lmao that being said, youre on a fanboy subreddit, people here will love anything

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