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  1. Jensen, Marpet, and Wirfs all gone this season. Pain.

  2. Huge win for the Bengals over a playoff team, hopefully the start to a good run with a very tough schedule for the rest of the season. Can’t complain with 7-4.

  3. Meh, I’m not all that worried. Given our penalty history I choose to believe this game was more of an outlier than a concern.

  4. Don't forget some good defensive studs like Mario Williams and Manny Lawson, among others

  5. Mario Williams is so underrated. The man went 1st overall but all the hype went to Vince and Reggie. Straight up dawg for the better part of a decade

  6. Pode passar o tempo que for e acontecer qualquer coisa, NADA nunca vai ser tão humilhante quanto ter a chance de rebaixar seu rival pela primeira vez, e não só perder como tomar um sonoro 6x1

  7. As long as the message sent is not about specific details of the game, but rather your sentiment towards it, you should be fine.

  8. It contains some specific information about it to demonstrate how I was obsessed about it, but still confused how can it affect the rating

  9. I think you should ask yourself whether someone with no knowledge of the game could understand your essay. Even better, ask someone to read it and ask if they understood the message you were trying to convey

  10. As a Brazilian, I wish Roger would bring some games to Brazil. I think it will eventually happen

  11. Se um jogador faz isso no Brasil o que acontece no aeroporto é coisa de maluco

  12. My father has a whole lot of Ayrton Senna memorabilia. I think that will hold quite some value in the future

  13. I strongly suggest that you post this question in some finances/investments-related subs

  14. Agreed man. My school year is over for good, just want to submit my apps and be free from this

  15. Thought of it and nice post but would it be ok if I give it to them after I’ve got in to a school/picked one?

  16. Sure I think, especially because then you can maybe give them something related to the school you chose

  17. Damn, I gave mine some chocolates, accompanied by a thank you note. But since I’m international, I don’t think they’re used to receiving such gifts for recommendation letters, so I think they enjoyed it.

  18. Great game for Flamengo yesterday, hopefully this is a turning point in their season, that has been inconsistent, to say the least.

  19. Bengals Offense: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2 Defense: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2

  20. Try tapping 5x quickly on the Retro Bowl logo at the top of the Saves page, that should bring up the backups

  21. So aside from Marte as OP mentioned and probably Elly de la Cruz, I would say all of our catching prospects cause I don’t need to see Stephenson behind the plate anymore

  22. Dude, what? Tyler is one of our foundational pieces for the future

  23. I agree I just don’t need to see him behind the plate anymore. I’d love him to DH or play 1st though (once votto retires of course)

  24. Oh, now I get it, thought you didn’t want Tyler on our team

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