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  1. I have another X-ray that I think is a lateral of the same person and the year is ‘88. I can’t tell what the tech was aiming for on that one though. Looks like a lateral sacrum and coccyx but the collimation is opened an extra foot on both sides

  2. I feel like I was put in this life to suffer. No matter how much good I do bad things keep happening.

  3. I can relate but you gotta remember: your efforts are always gonna be worth something. Happy cake day btw

  4. Supply chain. I keep getting interviews and I end up being more qualified than the hiring manager. Makes things awkward.

  5. Yikes that’s uncomfortable. I hope you find a role that suits you, good luck

  6. There is nothing wrong with being subservient to one’s husband. IF that’s what you want of course. I get a lot of flak for choosing to be very “traditional” in my marriage.

  7. I agree with this - the issue comes from obligation. You shouldn’t have to assume any roles against your will, and that includes that of a ‘modern woman’ if that’s not what you want

  8. Vikingur Olafsson’s recording of Bach’s Organ Sonata no. 4 BWV 528 II. Andante [Adagio]

  9. Advertise on FB - so many parents/interested students avidly follow those tutoring groups, and you can probably easily find one specific to your area too.

  10. Defensive lineman for an NFL team. You are 47, making you the oldest active player. You also play the sousaphone.

  11. So close but I turned 48 last Tuesday. Hope I get a chance to bust out the sousaphone again at the end of the season

  12. You still here? In year 10, considering Music Perf. for my VCE and have 3 general questions:

  13. Dangg, that's too bad (I didn't either). I think they lean towards niche instruments and contemp music for these though so probably why

  14. Exercising really helps with this: literally tire yourself out physically until no amount of adrenaline will stop you from sleeping. Best of luck, don't worry about it and you'll do amazing

  15. The judge function basically well, judges whether a mathematical statement is true.

  16. I don't think I can comment on this too much as I use classpad, but looking it up it seems that just entering a statement

  17. Essentially, social purpose is the intended impact of a text on social relationships. It gets interpreted many ways because it was defined differently in the previous study design (the ‘to inform’, ‘to persuade’ that is now classified as function): currently, this is no longer the case.

  18. No it’s not that I’m out. I just want to see what these really old exams involved out of curiosity

  19. If you use the Wayback Machine to access the pre-2010 (or around then) VCAA website versions, you might be able to find the older exams (I haven’t searched for the 90s papers but the 2015 version went as far back as 2001)

  20. Main course of sausage roll, chicken parma, and a four-n-twenty meat pie. Tim tams (as straws) and fairy bread for dessert. Maybe a zooper dooper if it’s hot.

  21. I did CSL 3/4 last year, also while I was in year 10 like you. The thing is, it's fine if you make little mistakes, like a 错别字 here and there occasionally, wrong 的/得/地 etc. For the whole year, I didn't write a single mistake free essay ever, including on all the sacs and the exam. Don't worry too much about it because the exams are harder now, some of my friends finished the exam with literally 2 minutes to spare and got mid-high raw 40s. I ended up with 42 raw for reference. The examiners look for good structure, points, and use of eloquent language/成语, so they'll be willing to overlook small things. Don't sweat it! :D

  22. Thank you so much! I'll keep that in mind. I've been practicing to write more idioms into my essay as well as trying to incorporate some stuff abt COVID since I heard talking about current issues tend to reward you.

  23. Yeah haha that’s definitely a good idea! It must be hard this year esp with the wacky study design... best of luck with your exam, you’re headed straight for the 40s :)

  24. My dictionary says gluttony, which sounds like what you are describing. Do you think it’s more than that?

  25. I suppose but it doesn’t really carry the meaning of excessiveness. Often it’s just used to describe a person’s reaction to a particular object eg. food

  26. 碳碳键键能能否否定定律一?

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