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  1. Definition: to define a word as opposed to not defining it, and instead drawing irrelevant comparisons to colors/non-colors. What are humans in this analogy? Are we white, like we reflect all animals, or black, like we absorb them all?

  2. If I am too take the first part of your reply as a snub against the definition I quoted, then I invite you to look it up. It was one of the definitions Google provided of you expand the list of definitions.

  3. Dude there is no way that either of those are definitions. You cannot define a word by vaguely explaining what it is NOT. A definition needs to explain a word as if the reader has never read the word in their life. The definition of color cannot be 'any color'.

  4. They aren't standalone definitions, sure. They are provided in a list with other definitions, which taken together do define the word with the meaning suggested by the parts I quoted. Here's an example for animal, look at 2a

  5. Well, the idea is facing mainly some technical problems such as popping, laggy animations at short distance, poor performance etc and resolve them via engineering principles and laws while measuring the results

  6. No offense meant, but I don't see how this is supposed to work for school (but I don't do CS in school, so maybe that's why). Aren't the solutions for most of these generally understood? How do you intend to replicate the problems to be able to solve them given you don't have access to the actual game code? I.e. what if you use Unity and have a similar scene going, and it ends up working without those issues (because of some hidden point you've overlooked in the actual games - a shader, IO, etc. resulting in not problem on your end).

  7. I read that some people are complaining that these AI apps copy from the artists and were about to sue some company. If you ask for a "forest in Mario World's style" the AI would use Mario World pictures as reference, and some elements will be too similar to the original art of Mario World. And Nintendo could sue you. I would be careful in using AI-generated images because you may be copying art without knowing it.

  8. I suspect it's possible, but why not just use an inverter (NOT gate)?

  9. I see, via interrupts. Interrupts would use the CPU a lot. I need to switch with 360,000 kHz. I was hoping to keep the cores free for processing and user interactions. If I can’t figure out the PWM synchronization, I may have to sacrifice a core for switching.

  10. Interesting! The manual from Espressive lists 10kHz as max, but there may be a workaround. I would be very interested in how to achieve that. Do you have more information? Thanks in advance!


  12. Not sure if its what you're looking for, but I'm a big fan of GameCube controllers for RC, as they're cheap, acessible (old and new), ergonomically are essentially an XBox360 controller, powered by 3.3v and can be read (and polled) directly with one wire from any micro using bit bang or a non-blocking library.

  13. For an RC car a Wii Nunchuck might be a cheaper option when similar pros. Never tried it myself though.

  14. Only one joystick and 2 digital buttons, not enought for a joypad. I have done with Nunchuks, it's super to easy as wel.. Hell, you can use 2 at the same time :p

  15. Definitely not a full controller, but for an RC car it's probably enough: forward/reverse, left/right, and a couple buttons for whatever.

  16. Just use fairly large resistances. E.g. a 1K resistor would give you only 144mW of power to dissipate. Unless it's completely enclosed, I doubt you could run into issues with heating (and even then, I suspect the ESP32 is producing more).

  17. thank you, i have some 10w resistors somewhere (1k and above ) that should do the job?

  18. Those should more than do the job. Just work out the math, and add a safety factor of 2 or 3 or whatever above what the resistor is rated for. If you're not familiar with it:

  19. If it works it isn’t wrong is a really dangerous statement.

  20. Not really in your typical game programming. Follow a few simple and common sense rules and you shouldn't run into anything dangerous.

  21. Oh yeah, I didn’t mean dangerous for the computer but dangerous for the person making a game with that mentality.

  22. To some extent I agree. It is good to learn good practices. I think the original point was about two things, though:

  23. So you'll still need to upload binaries through the UART? Is there no way to upload code through the internal USB?

  24. It's been a while since I looked into them, but I think it is possible to upload code through either interface. But the internal USB interface is able to do things like be programmed as a USB device, say a keyboard, while the other serial interface will always just be a serial adapter.

  25. But then it will just be a sum of capacities

  26. Yes, except real capacitors are not ideal capacitors, they also have some resistance/inductance that begins to dominate at the high frequencies when all capacitors should be nearly a short circuit. See here for more info

  27. actually not true because the baby is another person not the woman so no not technically the truth

  28. Instead, she should have claimed "I have two brains in me, so I'm right". Then it is technically the truth, since the child is indeed in her, and it still carries the same weight for the argument.

  29. The chance to be hit has to do with the cross-sectional area, not the surface area.

  30. Increased cross-sectional area has a large correlation with increased surface area.

  31. Yes. Especially if we consider uniform scaling of an object. Possibly a little less in this case, where I think we might approximate the scaling as uniform in the horizontal dimensions but unscaled in height. This gives twice the cross section when looking from horizontal, but between 2 and 4 times the surface area. Either way, it's still close.

  32. Thanks, do you think that LTE would be the better option over LoRa, considering that I'm hoping to develop this further in the future to be a network of sensors that are probably >50km away from each other?

  33. From a quick search, it looks like LoRa gives a range of only around 15-20km even in rural areas, so you will probably need to determine how to address that with your 50km+ spacing.

  34. Okay, got it working and it's now I (6543) STAB: Ready to fly. For any future readers looking for the solution, I increased the stack size in the idf menuconfig: Component config > FreeRTOS > FreeRTOS timer task stack size. I increased it 10x to 30720, but a much smaller increase will probably work. If I end up trying a smaller size and it works I may update this in the future.

  35. I increased it to 10x the original amount to 35840, and I'm still getting the error. Any other suggestions?

  36. Yeah but I don't think that's one of the basic points about human nature the other user said, also if everyone has the same things no one is in a position of power and everyone is at the same time. I don't think people would like to change something so perfectly established as the utopic communism idea but that doesn't mean they won't try, some people don't like to be at the same level as others even if that means almost all of the problems in the world get solved. Again, I don't think there's people in a position of power (like you said) in the communist ideology.

  37. That would be one of the points. That people seek to have control. Further, greed. And even leaving aside the more negative sides, there's the point that people are different, with differing wants and needs. Certainly they are overall shared (safety, food, air, comfort love, etc.) but let's take milk as an example of the differences within the group:

  38. On paper it's great but in practice it gets taken over by human greed every time

  39. Or in other words, it fails to take into account basic points about human nature, so it's not really great even on paper.

  40. They look really nice, but for someone who need them often, 15 of them cost as a 3D printer.

  41. 15 of the 5 packs, right? Or is there a $30 3D printer I'm not aware of?

  42. Yea, 15x5 packs, which you can spend pretty fast if you are student (I am not, but I make boxes all the time, I have no idea how many I broke during different tests or just playing around). 3D printer is a great tool for situations like this, I think it's their best purpose, you can use different controllers and make different sizes a lot cheaper, and you don't need some fancy look, otherwise you buy one.

  43. Wild. I'm just getting into doing stuff with microcontrollers, so maybe that's why I'm surprised. I can't think of ways I'd use even one of the 5 packs. (And I probably won't since I gave a 3D printer)

  44. I have solved it. Trying the sample SoftAP code worked (a little inconsistently but it did connect) and used Channel 1 instead of Channel 13. Switching to Channel 1 for the drone code worked similarly. I also switched to a different USB cable just in case (a longer one so I'm not planning on going back to the short one).

  45. Thanks to the arduino discord I've managed to get it working again! Seems like it had something to do with the arduino IDE, I was using version 1.8.9 and upgraded to 2.0.1, restarted my pc and uploads started working!

  46. Nozzle size 1.0, layer height 0.8. I’m printing the “thwack “ hammer from Can you clarify what you meant by “7mm retraction damn”? The sources I used said that was acceptable.

  47. To generate this ship I followed a multi step process, leaning heavily on the

  48. It isn't a similar outfit. It is the exact same outfit. Also you guys are not seeing the forest for the trees. Why risk it? Is this skin so fundamental to the game that it is worth the risk? If the answer to that is yes then the game probably has larger problems.

  49. Dress clothes are hardly unique, so I think similar is fair. Particularly since this is 3d and not 2d.

  50. I think the issue here is that you're attempting to use these broad estimates as a measure that allocates people's payment. What happens when your estimate is wrong, potentially by a lot? Who has final say when the group can't agree about how complex a task is?

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