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  1. For the most part deaf babies milestones are the same as their hearing cpunterparts language development. Deaf babies can express language earlier than hearing babies due to modality

  2. Deafness has no correlation 5o other delays. Is the muscle is also delayed you may see a delay in language productions but language development and processing should be on schedule without other disabilities present

  3. Since your child is deaf most of their language development will meet language notes within a signed language, and tone of voice will kot play an indicative role to their brain development

  4. More than anything a cochlear can delay typical milestones because the lense is still based on a hearing child and not a deaf child, due to the numerological input directly to the brain. She is still deaf but a cochlear is similar to a disability aid. I would suggest finding an deaf advocate within your community

  5. Hell yeah, dude. Great tools make all the difference

  6. Omg come on. Like. Hercules. You see that boi? Aladin?? Fuckin Milo Thatch. Its a list

  7. This is that Russian meme from back in the day, isn't it

  8. Brah. For real, the best books I've found on witchcraft have been when I go to second hand stores. Sometimes an old witch passes (blessed be) and there are their LIBRARIES of knowledge. Sift sift diggity dog

  9. Literally bubble water. It burns enough to shock me into life for a little bit longer

  10. Love my moon cup, ill never go back. Its amazing. Very had 3 friends with IUDs rip them out with their moon cup, though. Cuz it has a think plastic string attached to the IUD that they just tuck the tail up there and sometimes it get dislodged and the caught in the pinch of the moon cup. Its a big shrug from me, dude

  11. I did and it got knocked all cattywompus so I had to get it taken out. But I had it for 5 years with no problems!

  12. There was an episode of Buffy the Vampire slayer that ended like this

  13. Crystal! Shit was crazy for the time, even the cartridge looked different. And it was the first one to introduce a girl avatar!

  14. Great work! And this way you don't have to sew all the button holes!!

  15. Time to start learning about yourself, understanding your inner truths. Unraveling of the chaos. Treat yourself with the compassion you would give a child.

  16. My twin sister and I used to me pillow nests too. Weird.

  17. Walnuts are also in the sand if you use your hoe. They're in super weird tiny spots and I legit Wikipedia d that

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