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  1. I always felt like he was a nice dude. Never hated him or something.

  2. I don’t even eat the parks. Most of the quick service restaurants are crappy.

  3. Have done this twice in the last couple of times. Last December we did 2 days. 1 day AK/MK and 2nd day HS/Epcot. It’s totally doable.

  4. Interesting that In Hawaii the rich family shared a 1 bedroom suite for 5 but in Italy the 3 Di Grassos each get their own suites?

  5. Yeah interesting as in used as a plot device.

  6. 5 years? That ride is almost 20 years old

  7. Maybe cause jack said he saved him from a deep hole

  8. How would you react if strangers showed up at your home. Their behavior was justified.

  9. Thats what I was thinking… and she saw the pic, how did she not know it was a setup!! I was like, NOOO dont do it!!

  10. Harper and Jack have played really good drunks.

  11. I’d be bored of eating at the same restaurant every night.

  12. I don’t get how security did not see the guy try to climb the barrier or something, they have people in bikes all over. Can’t even pregame on your car or they come and tell you to move along lol

  13. Someone else just said it was a principal. Crazy how rumors go around lol

  14. Playing with stuff or playing those card games and minesweeper on my Compaq computer

  15. That looks basic AF. Might as well go to king taco

  16. So I guess the American equivalent of the BBC is PBS here in the US but BBC is more popular?

  17. The contrast of William telling his mom to not talk about her romantic life to Charles just casually kissing Camilla in the same space as William 😮‍💨

  18. He was probably brainwashed by all of them. Sad.

  19. I just wish the line "when the lights go down" would be synced with the lights actually going down.

  20. I think Barbarian was cue’d up to have the lights turn on at a certain time. Or some movie but I remember a post here about it and confirmed when i saw it.

  21. It’s hitting VOD on the 13th-ish. Idk what that whole release strategy was. Should’ve gone wide from the beginning but… instead they’re doing whatever this was.

  22. Bad move. I can’t sit through it on TV without pulling up my phone. Would rather watch in theaters lol

  23. One of the funniest things ever was taking new people to see “It’s tough to be a bug” and they start screaming when the bugs crawl through your seats.

  24. I could’ve watched Aladdin 50 times and never gotten tired of it. Bad move to change it

  25. Lmao. But I get you when she told the pastor the secret I was like WTF

  26. I’ve been on those flights but only 5 hrs. I would rather just take food from a restaurant or something.

  27. I wish they made more shows like this with a fresh story and cast every season but keeping the theme

  28. Maybe Fargo would fit the bill for you--though its tone is quite different from White Lotus. I like both series a lot.

  29. I agree the thing about the show is it keeps things grounded and believable. Like last season I expected a huge nursed but how it happened was very accidental.

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