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Sanders Announces He’s Voting No on $778 Billion Defense Bill

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  1. Stormzy, if we're considering grime to be associated with hip hop (which I think it absolutely is). I liked Shut up, but that's about it. He's more on the singing vibe now and doing big hits with Ed Sheeran. It all just sounds soulless.

  2. Ah yes, the invisible hand at work. These massive chains have such a gigantic market share that they can do almost anything they want with pricing and people will still buy due to the lack of viable alternatives. Increased regulation and enforcement in case of violations must occur for this to stop.

  3. His history of praising sweatshops in Asia should be enough to disqualify him

  4. I'm gonna need to see a link for that one.


  6. I can't think of any beyond perhaps a few local ones. Thankfully, this sub doesn't seem to ascribe to Marxism, due to its dogmatism and creeping authoritarianism. It seems more aligned with anarcho-syndicalism.

  7. I really hope he won't but the current alternatives within the Democratic party are even worse... Kamala is the new Hilary, hated by Republicans and progressives alike. Mayor Pete is like a stock character from the dullest sitcom you can imagine. I also don't want another septuagenarian running. A new outlook is required and a non corporate democrat or independent will hopefully run.

  8. There's no way he wins. He killed his political career in Texas with the gun comment. Texas can and should do better. Hopefully a good candidate runs and kicks Abbott out.

  9. He's a known wonderkid in the game. I think 150-180 potential, so he's either going to be world class or a very good player. Sign him if you can !

  10. Excellent signing for them. They need someone with his strength and stamina in midfield.

  11. Haha this is some out of touch crap. Yeah this is the right option for people if Amazon with all the money they make actually payed their employees not only a liveable but a wage they deserve.

  12. Could not agree more. No mention of the deaths, heart attacks, and heat strokes at Amazon warehouses due to the inhumane conditions. Apparently, none of that matters because it's "good, honest work". GTFO

  13. Entirely out-of-touch and he of course makes it all about himself. He minimizes the proven abuses of workers at Amazon warehouses and calls the minimum wage jobs at Amazon "good, honest work". Amazon does not pay a living wage to many of it's employees and pushes the workers to keep up an insane pace which has lead to deaths and health issues, but apparently that's all fine. He was used to whitewash the abuses and he doesn't seem to recognize that.

  14. So strange that there was zero money for Koeman and now apparently all the money in the world for Xavi. They still have an insane wage bill and they have to clear out so many players. All these players they are linked to won't accept playing for much lower wages.

  15. I see him playing until he's 45. He's big and strong, and his style doesn't require him to be super agile and fast. Just stick him up front and watch him pass and score for a few more years.

  16. Even Eisenhower warned Americans about the military industrial complex. Here we are throwing money at it, as our bought and paid for 'representatives' pocket the cash from the weapons manufacturers.

  17. He should've been charged with assault at least, then he'd fit in better with his clubs fans.

  18. I remember him with Feyenoord and at first he wasn't great and he got Advocaat back as an advisor. He did much better after that although there were still complaints about him. The title was a fantastic achievement.

  19. I think he goes to Newcastle. They might even work out a deal with Man U for a cheap winter signing. They have the money he apparently wants and he'd be a good player for them.

  20. Those two demands you mentioned are far more pressing than more vacation hours. They all need to be increased, but the corporate media will spin a demand for more vacation hours as evidence that the millenials and gen z'ers are lazy. It will give politicians the ammunition they need to reject the two other demands.

  21. Ah okay... good to hear. Thank you Chinese State Media. It's also nice how the email apparently refutes the sexual assault allegations she made against the CCP politician. It all checks out.

  22. This will be such a pain in the ass come tax season. I hate this. Fuck Janet Yellen

  23. She's vile, but what's most troubling is that this little xenophobe was elected by voters who looked at her record and thought, "sounds good".

  24. Welcome to this wonderful country! The best part is that most companies don't allow your vacation days to rollover, so if you want to save for a few years for a month off... well, guess who's not in luck.

  25. How is this not enough to remove him from the House? I'm all for free speech, but the line that must be drawn is when someone incites violence against another person/group. A video depicting you killing one of your colleagues is so so far out of line. The Republican leadership's failure to to take action here is an utter joke and an embarrassment to the nation.

  26. You can support Trayvon's case and despise Zimmerman, and also look at the Rittenhouse case and think he should be acquitted. Trayvon was murdered. That's a fact, and his murderer was incorrectly acquitted. Kyle Rittenhouse shot 3 people, the first person he shot (Rosenbaum) chased after him screaming that he was going to kill him, apparently incorrectly believing him to be a security guard who tried to put out the dumpster fire Rosenbaum had started. The second person attacked him with a skateboard and then went for Rittenhouse's gun. The 3rd person who was shot testified that he had his gun aimed at Rittenhouse. All of this is on video. This isn't the case to use as evidence that the US justice system is racist (which it is). There are so many other legitimately fucked up cases and it's just weird that people are obsessed with this case.

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