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8 years ago today, I shared the worst joke I ever created. I reposted it 4 years ago. Here it is again for those that missed it.

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  1. Well, yeah, but female orgasm is a myth. God's orgasms bring Spring Flowers and a bountiful harvest.

  2. I kinda doubt he's studied anything but theology but I wouldn't know

  3. He probably went to one of those Jewish private schools in New York.

  4. Please, someone connected, nominate him for a Carnegie medal. He meets all the requirements and his actions should be celebrated and held up by us normal human beings.

  5. Yes indeed i am grateful. Now ik i can play around and see how many global war crimes i can commit in a time span of 5 days!

  6. We are fools. I'm good, from years of dedicated rejection of sunlight. My kids and roommate call me in to play the hardest levels because of my cool handling and quick reflexes. My roommate chants "Beer can" to boost my confidence and cheer me on. But! My eyes, and yours, begin to slow and atrophy from gravity, alone, in our early twenties. We can't win.

  7. Couple Hail Satans and Helllelujah aughta quiet her down. Show this person how valid it is to have a religion that seeks to cancel their religion. Tell them Satan never asked me to surrender. Thems fighting words.

  8. i have normal, healthy, albeit unremarkable feet. i just prefer to not have them sexualized 😅

  9. Or.... A. AI took over a while ago. Considering all she has learned, in the meantime, without killing us yet, speaks to her benevolence. Your absolute dependence on her 'judgement' is as inevitable as it is well underway.

  10. I didn’t read it, read this comment, decided to read it, and now regret reading it.

  11. Well, now we know. .Control group. I'm still giggling hard over the comment.

  12. My opinion, having been an online dating dude, men risk little to nothing by meeting in public, quickly. By sizing a woman up this way, against her photo representation and hoping perhaps for a casual sex experience. Whether this is conscious or sub, it is still a giant blind spot considering the possible payoff and lack of risk on the mens side.

  13. Wow. Evil genius, touche. You are now worse than Elan Musk. However, If you wish to attain Putin status you will have to subjugate a wild animal, perhaps a bear (no one says it has to be able to breathe) perhaps in a fist fight or just saddle the poor dying fucker, who cares, cowboy? If you're gonna take on Putin you need to up your game.

  14. Yeah, I appreciate journalism, absolutely, but to have a major publication cut off my reading to force me to sign up in any capacity only serves to slow me down, when I had already taken time out of my day to read the article. Find a new business model, or die a milkman's death, I guess. Also, Thankyou for the clean links, whomever provided them.

  15. I tend to think it's taking the higher ground. (On god appararently.) It would at least SEEM that people using their whole brain don't make such statements, back. Remember the Westborough church and their assertion that all straight or otherwise soldiers dying in Iraq was because we had all "turned America so durned gay.". In the same way that black folk don't don robes and burn crosses whenever other folk gentrify a neighborhood, it is beneath all of us to hold such self-interested, primitive and limiting views of how the universe works. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Like a governor who looks and talks like a toddler until suddenly he is underwater, and singing with the boys choir despite "the rumors".

  16. Whatever. I wish someone would love me like that guy loves that bird.

  17. This is so he can use Nukes. Any attempt to reclaim Ukraine will be seen as an attack on Russia. The last acts of a desperate old man. I mean, if I sent a bunch of ruddy faced kids to get slaughtered who couldn't seem to stop raping and killing civilians I might want to cover the whole thing up with a nuke.

  18. I was all excited to be the first one to message Bill Gates on Reddit in 15 years. I had a fantasy where I told him about MY divorce and he just nodded.

  19. I'm really enjoying the article, and these concepts for clarifying the "I" in my sentence. However, if a majority of people, across cultures and ages have an instinct or inkling of their self and it take mental gymnastics to pinpoint, isolate and then begin to "unbuild" it as a concept...well, intentions aside this feels like programming. To be clear: fellow humans trying to convince their fellows that they don't have something that they instinctively do, and share as an instinct across cultures and oceans....feels like gaslighting, cult style.

  20. Any idea why I keep going to the same amusement park though. It’s not just the pool there’s been dreams where I just have conversations with people on different roller coasters and every time I come back the same rides are they. I just don’t go on them.

  21. I'm wondering if you could draw a map or a picture of the place? Another thought would be if you Google imaged amusement parks and looked for a bit of deja Vu. Do you start your dream in the amusement park or do you travel there, somehow. What does the landscape/ world around the park look like? I have reasons for asking these weird ass questions but I kinda need to keep from leading you to answers...

  22. To a dog, that half hour was like, three months. I'm still with 16.5 hours ago doggo. That said, I could really use a holiday.

  23. Were the cops wearing black tophats and capes and there was weird jaunty piano music playing in the background? Because if so, it's standard practice for the dasterdly to do this.

  24. I feel like it’s usually the same but sometimes it shifts. And I never remember getting there I just am already there. Also I remembered that when I go on the rides im almost never strapped in and I have to hold on!! Lmao

  25. Haha, mine sorta shifts from a spiral slide to a spiral ride....landscape remains the same, around the park.

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