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  1. Pretty sure I know this game. I had it as a kid but can't remember the name. I think it was a Binary Arts game (the guys who made Rush Hour). I'm going to see if I can figure it out.

  2. River Crossing is really good. It gets HARD too. I've never finished it.

  3. Basically I check if Rodney has a video on it. If not I search for far inferior replacements.

  4. Literally the only reason I could understand Robinson Crusoe

  5. Indeed, Scrabble is still really high on my list it is a high skill game and lots of fun to play with the right people.

  6. Scrabble is great. If you like it, and people don't like the words aspect, try Quinto. It's of the same age, and is math based. The math is very simple.

  7. HeroScape. They recently tried to reboot it.

  8. They pretended to try. Pricing it at 250 bucks and requiring oodles of backers was ridiculous. I hope they release the cards and STLs of the figures. I'd buy that for sure.

  9. 20 second rubber footed sand timer. Use as a turn marker, give everyone the option to use it as a "finish your turn in this long" hurry up device. Works excellently for my crew on mahjong.

  10. Tak feels super old. It's so good. I wish my wife liked perfect information games sometimes, but she doesn't like losing and feeling like it's ENTIRELY her fault, so the closest we get is The Duke.

  11. My SO likes to play games. But unfortunately she lacks a warrior modus where she to studies her opponent and try to block/hinder/crush him whenever and wherever she can. She prefers to play games in a friendly way...where as I love to play them cut-throat.

  12. Azul is straight meanness incarnate at 2 p. What player count are you playing?

  13. The extra windows ruins the look and intention of the original architectural design, personally. Too bad Portland got.... the way it became.

  14. The floor to ceiling windows were a bad plan even 8 years ago. Someone bricked one of those windows in the first 6 months. That's why the one panel was always white.

  15. Yeah, it's not like anyone ever got the idea to connect Apple to throwing heavy things thru glass. /s

  16. Camel up has been a smash hit at my meetups. Wasn't expecting it to be that fun

  17. The lid of my pyramid pops off constantly. Any tips?

  18. I emailed the company and they sent me a new one that works.

  19. Oh dang I should do that. I took my first box back to the shop, they swapped it l, and the same problem was there on the second.

  20. Dont close yourself off! Younger people can be great to sit down and game with and open you up to new experiences.

  21. Yeah, I host game nights at my office and I play with 60 year olds regularly. Real gamers don't discriminate on age, or anything; we just want to PLAY.

  22. Granny will kick your ass at Catan. And the engineering student will own you in any strategy game. Lots of variation means a diverse table and lots of different views on the game!

  23. In my experience the older crowd really cuts loose and the filter comes off. If it's a word game, you're going to hear some incredibly filthy jokes told them the most euphemistic way possible. It's always great.

  24. Unused/vacant buildings like this should be taxed at a higher rate.

  25. I've lived here nearly a decade and it's always been a fucked up meth corner. I always thought it should offer free rent to new tenants subsidized by the city or something. Now that there are so many empty shops downtown, I don't think they could pull my plan off.

  26. Frostpunk. But they were IT people. Did anyone else notice how programmers get boardgames super quick?

  27. It's because they have to constantly learn in their field (speaking as someone in a field with programming). Good programmers are good at peeling apart documentation.

  28. My biggest problem is that considering the price, a lot of them look like cheap Ikea tables with the topper on or are just plain ugly.

  29. Must be a British thing. During the Victorian times when we weren't colonising we were sat around drinking tea and playing whist all day so there's lots of antique tables which fold out into playing surfaces.

  30. Oh so just a "folding card table" then? We use a gorgeous handmade one of those for mahjong. The legs are rarely very stable on those though.

  31. My friends and I play on the coffee table for social games like Blockbuster, monikers, and betrayal at the house on the hill. None of them have a bunch of stuff that you need to look super closely at that's outside of your hand, so there's not actually a lot of hunching over the table. We play power grid on the dining table.

  32. People who are able to work from home and have a lot of experience working downtown heard something political in the air at all and opted to stay home yesterday and today. Having been downtown during the start of many protests for work, I want no part in that place when there's even the chance of the proud boys showing up.

  33. I've been slowly bumped into at a crosswalk, which was confusing. I've almost been hit while legally using a crosswalk at a light at least 3 times. I almost got hit by an old lady in a parking lot another time. You can't expect drivers to pay attention at all. I never step foot into the road unless it looks like they are slowing down

  34. I wave my arms above my head whenever I cross the street. Bonus protection: people think you're deranged or on drugs and often give you extra room.

  35. I also wear a super reflective high visibility jacket, but sometimes that doesn't even save you. I used to work right near a hospital, and I would eat there all the time. Leaving the hospital in the morning, you'd almost always have close calls with cars, because people are all crying and disoriented. Leaving the hospital usually. Constant vigilance!

  36. Rent the bike town bikes. They're great. Wear a helmet cause they stop FAST

  37. Fixed my gutters and filled my bike tires, then went to the store and bought an unholy asston of lemons. It's highball time.

  38. Edit: Thank you for the answers to my question. Need to find work from home employment as well.

  39. Home. I'm writing this from my home office on a day I didn't want to commute. I go into the office to teach people stuff that requires 19 drawings open at once spread across a big ol table. When it's just stuff I need to do myself, I just stay home. This is the case for a LOT of office jobs now.

  40. I enjoy The captain is dead, but the game always boils down to a very similar feeling. You always have to give the orange player engine repair cards. The game basically feels like if you played betrayal at the house on the hill repeatedly, but only used the same haunt. You can switch up the characters, but somebody always has to be orange and they basically sit in the engine room the whole time. It's one of the games on the chopping block at my house. It has some really great thematic feel, but we can't really get past the fact that it feels so samey every time

  41. Those cakes or flowers are getting delivered in a Ford Transit Connect or similar for the most part. That's going to be an electric van in the next decade. Is there a distinction worth caring about between a small electric cargo van and a good-sized electric cargo bike?

  42. Wattage. One of those devices is moving a thousand pounds of steel, while one of them is moving 100.

  43. i know OP is looking for Life specifically, but anyone have a rec for a similar slice of life/spans the life of an average human sort of game that is just...better?

  44. Redneck Life is better, and has done actual decision space. Not a lot, but some. It's pretty funny, too.

  45. I hate the Portland sub sometimes but the chili arc is by far the best arc we’ve seen

  46. I'd just buy a few digital versions and/or subscribe to boardgame arena. Boardgames quickly turn into a burden of physical goods in your life. I was never happier than the day I was able to sell off my blinged up physical copy of Gloomhaven (fancy 3D printed organizers, 3d printed extras) and just play the digital version (via Steam).

  47. Eliminating the entire reason I enjoy gaming right there: being with other people in the same space without a screen.

  48. My wife was offended at this question, and then I realized all her favorites in the collection are incredibly out of print.

  49. Apparently both Tales of the Arabian Nights and Shadow Hunters are insanely desirable and out of print. I bought both of them on very steep sales absolutely ages ago. Both have seen a colossal amount of play. I love them both. I also have a copy of CHAOS (the old Milton Bradley game) that I've never seen anywhere.

  50. Galaxy Trucker is the only brick of a box that I use EVERYTHING in.

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