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  1. Fruits, ice cream and cute clothes! Also being able to have fun in the water

  2. Hopefully nothing lol, I'm having to work with them at the moment and unlike them, i actually take my work seriously and want to deliver something good but they're taking forever to do their part, taking weirdly long breaks, not keeping me informed in changes of their schedule ugh it goes on

  3. Are they younger than you?? I kind of work with that same type of person.

  4. $bid, it's been on my watchlist for months! I'll probably be chatty tho lol i have only seen like 3-4 animes in total so it's all still very exciting for me

  5. Just how volatile people are, i would like some stability and predictability right about now

  6. I would suggest using paneer/haloumi Alternatively u can also use chickpeas

  7. The chikpeas 👌 but what is that kind of cheeses omg i want

  8. So basically cottage cheese and haloumi are both a little firm but soft, buttery and a little salty. They are great at absorbing sauces and spices which is why they're good for fillings! You should be able to get them at the local supermarket or convenience store!

  9. $bid i recently wrote a letter of recommendation for a nursing grad student lately! Can share that with you for reference if needed

  10. In Canada voluntary intoxication is a criminal defense 😮‍💨.

  11. There’s a specific law saying that the punishment for a man who kills his female relative (partner/ sister/ etc) who was caught in a a “compromising” or “dishonouring” situation is three years.

  12. This is the kind of context some people might need heading into the book.

  13. I had this context as a literature student but i still couldn't make it past the halfway mark. The protagonist is so...annoying and self absorbed and entitled lol, Fitzgerald was at least good at character building as opposed to Hemingway (imo)

  14. The protagonist is a depressed drunk because his penis was disfigured during the war, making him unable to have a normal relationship with women. That's trauma, in the most literal sense of the word, not entitlement.

  15. The problem isn't his depression but how he is projecting it. It gives a very Bojack horseman vibe if you catch my drift. Also throwing trauma doesn't make someone a good character, we can still dislike them. I really like, how, for example, Virginia Woolf or Arthur Miller deal with trauma.

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