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  1. If you’re below rank 2, there’s not much but at rank 2, the p39 is decent enough in a turn. Still don’t recommend turning in a US fighter. They’re built for boom and zoom or energy fighting if u know what those are

  2. there’s probably a video on youtube talking about it right

  3. no it actually lights better without a grinder , just break it up into small pieces with your fingers and keep the weed fluffy as you pack the bowl

  4. Have you tried shoving the disc in and seeing what happens? They should be compatible

  5. Ik how, go to the store and select r6s then theres 3 dots and it says other version like the ps5?one

  6. you don't. you need at minimum 4 playthroughs to get all 4 endings. the only way to do it in less would be save scumming which to my knowledge isn't possible on playstation.

  7. no it's not. and even if it was possible, why do you ask if you already now it anyways?

  8. what? dude look at the other comments. one of the other guys helped me figure it out. and i literally tried it and it works.

  9. Most mmo games. Final fantasy 14, elder scrolls online, Destiny 2, warframe.

  10. City skylines looks fun from what I saw so I’ll check that out. Thanks!

  11. You know what come immediately to my mind? Death Stranding.

  12. I played slime rancher on Xbox when I had it and I thought it was great from what I remember. And I’ll be sure to check out death stranding. I’ve heard lots of good things about it. Thanks!

  13. Yes. We know. Posted dozens of times. So many posts on this.

  14. Alright man chill out this is the first time seeing this happen.

  15. It’s been posted nonstop for a few days since it started.

  16. This is the first season I’ve bought the pass. If I recall correctly then last seasons pass had a free common book. And so did the challenge that released when heroes did. And I got my max e barbs after I completed the hero challenge.

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