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  1. There's no one reaction, autism is different for everyone. But if you've ever been hungover and found lights too bright and noises too loud it can be a bit like that.

  2. Omg, how do you tell if you might have autistic

  3. This one’s actually in Footscray. Dandenong has a fair amount of them though.

  4. What's the community composed of in that CD shop was this the 90s?

  5. I took this photo today but these places have been around ages.

  6. Wow so awesome! They are still around that's so nostalgic. Was that a fun trip down memory lane for you?

  7. I'll buy one for you but if you're chubby might not fit on your fat neck

  8. Well dammit! I’m out of luck. But I’d rather be a chubby unicorn than a skinny non unicorn 😋

  9. Lololol my joke woop u think u like the haha?

  10. They became that price when people started paying them

  11. A woman was cheated on by her husband.

  12. I took quite a few when we were in the hot air balloon, but I don’t really so photography other than that.

  13. Oh!!! Dang thought you would share some piggies

  14. I could share some more from the hot air ballooning! Just not too sure how

  15. You say the the jumps are smaller on high end, higher on low end? Is this also better for uphill climbs?

  16. I thought that was a speeding camera on a pole obscuring the sign.

  17. I thought you meant flower as in...

  18. It's worth noting that most of our country's Chinese population, from prior to the ending of the White Australia policy, was from Melbourne and Western Victoria. This article specifically talks about a number of them.

  19. What is the gist of the article about? Can't click

  20. What's usually contained in these recycling yards that ignites?

  21. I honestly think they do that for the insurance, and to get rid of rubbish. Some recycling yards that were desperately needing funds have that pattern

  22. Just wait for mark Manson's Everything is fucked book. I'm not being melodramatic here, the world is crumbling into a theatrical parody of itself and we are majority zombies to pop culture or instagram for most of the waking day. I may as well just join the masses as all the damage being done now only affects a few generations later so I'll be fine.

  23. Can you list your qualms about the world? Which societies in the world do you have the most qualms?

  24. i lived in the van from the end of 2016 up till like october of 2018. May actually move back into it tbh.

  25. No I'm serious, not anyone can live on the goal Takes a lot of ability to do that

  26. Somebody downvoted you for this???? Have an upvote dude

  27. Email them and they will email back

  28. Anybody watch FriendlyJordes multiple videos on Clive Palmer?

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