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  1. They are not what you think. They are not those who are untouchables... This is a very false narrative. They are those who are legs of this civilization. This country , this civilization wouldn't have existed without them. They are the people who practically run our our country function. Protect their brethren and their fellow kin. Infact the name shudras itself was a false term. We have viewed our social structure through the eyes of a coloniser and not through our Indic lens. They were originally known as pushanis. That's where the word poushan( nutrition) comes from. They sustain life.

  2. Shudras and untouchables are both different. The problem is you are being taught misinformation. The day when you realise the truth, you will come out from where you are now and join the other side.

  3. I used to think exactly like you mate. Which is why I went to the Sangh to expose the casteism and to my dismay, I was shocked to see how they were being portrayed as Nazis as opposed to the wonderful people that they were. Do you know that the Bajrang Dal and the RSS is made up mostly of people from LCs ? They are the true proponents of the Hinduism. What they want is representation at key decision making positions which is not happening. Our system is practically the British system. Which is why anyone who goes into it is unable to change it and those who are in it are able to exploit those not in the system.

  4. The reason why LC is not getting representation is because of Brahmins not British.

  5. Photos usually enriches such scene. Good one

  6. 100crores is not a lot when compared to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel costing between 2900-3000 Crores.

  7. There is no clear evidence one language formed from another. But it is clear all belong to same Dravidian family. Tamil so far has lot of evidence to be oldest. But if there are new evidence for other language we should accept that.

  8. All over the world everyone wants to make education accessible to all people. If a person doesn’t study well then they don’t get proper job. If they study well the chances of getting job is high.

  9. That’s exactly what I’m saying, technically all non Brahmin South Indians are either shudras or Dalits. The four varna system did not exist in the south, every single ruler from the south is non Kshatriya, some claimed at a later date and connected themselves to historic dynasties. Imagine having .5% Kshatriyas in south India but Rajasthan has like 30%, lol doesn’t make any sense. UP has 30% Brahmins, the whole system has had many iterations all disconnected by region. Manusmriti itself is some obscure text no one follows.

  10. Yeah you are right no one reads Manu smriti now. But those ideas mentioned in Manu smriti are still strong in our subconscious minds. That’s is the problem.

  11. Maybe not the exact but in spirit and I think it’s mostly class than varna

  12. This information was discussed in news. Quick link to one of them

  13. Astra is a fantasy idea and good in stories so Astra never existed. Many Indian God’s and stories are copied from Greek Mythology. Brahma was one of the important mythical god like Shiva and Vishnu. Based on puranam stories Brahma was the number one womaniser. All three of them would watch out for “any wrong done against a Brahmin” and they would avenge the common shurdra for the wrong doing. It even applies to even Kings. According to puranam stories Brahma was the most unethical treacherous and evil person. But Shiva and Vishnu would always save him. But but once Brahminical ideology took a hit by Buddha and Buddhism. People started to question. So same folks gave up on Brahma and just keep Vishnu and Shiva and mythical gods.

  14. Both family are living in Canada. It is a good & happy thing. But am not sure if the outcome would have been same if they were in India.

  15. Yes totally. Thank you for point it out. I have updated my comment accordingly.

  16. Bro your break up is still incorrect as you are comparing 2 states which has different taxation systems.

  17. Sorry Thozar. I missed including your points. I haven't considered break down by different taxation and VAT. Thank you for pointing it out.

  18. Telugana tops the list with 40,000 crores and the second highest is Tamilnadu with 38,000 crores.

  19. UP with higher population will have the highest revenue out beating every other state in India.

  20. Here's an example of the so called Dravdian model, Gujarat despite lacking 33,000 crores from liquor revenue every year unlike Tamilnadu does, their gsdp growth rate is higher than us, and their per capita growth rate in last 30 years are also higher than us. Despite all of this their employment rates are also higher than us, and their debts are currently at 21% of their gsdp (TN 26-27%) which is estimated to decrease down to 15% this year as compared to Tamilnadu being at the same 26% for next two years. Sure there's more poverty there than here but they don't give free ration, mixie, Grindr, fan, washing machine, dildos, pocket pussies, condoms, viagras, money for festivals, they give jobs which can get you all the mentioned above through the salary that you earn.

  21. It will be interesting to see the focus points of the movie. Until today Shankar’s almost all m movies were written by Sujatha. So it had sprinkles of right-wing ideology. After recent political learnings both Shankar and Kamal should try to avoid those. Else it will be not go well.

  22. You realise both left and right wings are bad right

  23. I used to believe so. But having a neutral stance is the worst of all, especially in politics. In social setup or in personal life being neutral might appear better but not in politics. If movie talks about politics it has to take a stance. After recent learning’s in politics I can be either left or right but never neutral. The right wing in India is the worst undemocratic force so I decided to be left. If BJP/RSS is right, I would be left. If they are left I would be right.

  24. If OP is looking for opinion to continue the relationship this is what I think:

  25. OP is asking for insights and opinions. I and other shared personal experiences. Don’t have to force yourself and think your opinions is better and stronger than others.

  26. When you're selecting colleges, especially between SSN and VIT, there definitely is a right answer.

  27. I agree with you partially but Talking to Almuni is very important to get a better sense. Just reading quora, online blog may not be always sufficient.

  28. Writer Jeyamohan being a right wing ideologist has claimed this as a WhatsApp’s fake news in 2019 in his article. So am wondering.

  29. Am wondering why people are talking about this during 75th Independence Day?

  30. Usually they block people from using the waterfalls whenever there is more flow of water because of rain. This is sad

  31. I am not sure if this is a real or fake. If it is real the person who created the black board doesn’t know the following things and obviously a Sangi.

  32. Sollaatheenga. Unmaiya sollaatheenga. Saami kanna kuthum.

  33. MNM is a part time party. I prefer not to waste time discussing this.

  34. Suspicious activity - If you try too many times in very short time you will get that error. Check every 4hrs. You will be fine.

  35. Cholas critics says only during their rule Sanskrit and Brahminical thoughts and influence became stronger and mainstream.

  36. There is an inscription about dalits who protested during Raja Raja cholan's rule. Also an Cholan minister himself described Rajendra cholan as monster ( Rakchasan ) for being so rude when it comes to collecting taxes from the people.

  37. Probably they kept it safe. Or it could be that they were neglected since it is the opinion of discriminated class

  38. In fact the same Shivaji was humiliated by Brahmins because according to them Shivaji cannot become a ruler because he was not born as Kshatriya (caste) but a shudra. He kept trying to please Brahmins so that he can get crowned. He paid such hefty price and he eventually got crowned and his mom died in 12 days. In three months he had to redo the crowning process to shut the mount of Brahmins in town who were still saying that he not eligible for Vedic rights and so on.

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