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  1. Or they thought Private Message was a confusing term, considering the fact that you can invite up to 250 people into a conversation, thereby making it not so private.

  2. I'm uncircumcised, and that's normal in my culture so nobody ever thought of it as "weird."

  3. The complete opposite of #1 is what’s worked for me. You can’t find your way out of effective restrictions. Make your restrictions effective so you don’t find a way out of them. Physically preventing yourself is exactly what’s needed. Get restrictions that work.

  4. I think some of this is very useful (step 1, 3, and half of step 4) with some caveats, primarily that the reasons behind addiction or dependency can be highly individualized. Not everyone is going to be dealing with a connection issue, I think you’re saying the right things about it but we can’t generalize that to everyone. It’s important to acknowledge this because everyone goes on their own journey with it.

  5. Good point. There's definitely some individuality to it. (I just updated my post to reflect that, so thank you!)

  6. If everything about how we look is subjective then there wouldn’t have been people objectively more attractive than others and vise versa. Phone lenses lie, however mirrors- not so much.

  7. There are a series of distortions between the Mirror and "Truth" just as there are between Phone lenses and "Truth." Lighting, angle, and perhaps the most powerful of them all, the lens of own mind. Depending on my relationship to myself, I've looked at my face and found it either beautiful or extremely deformed. The lens of the mind is not a distortion to be underestimated.

  8. sick design man sorry about that i found the image on pinterest and thought it would make a cool rug, i can send it to you if you want? dm me!

  9. USA here, I have a feeling a lot of dentists get you to do a bunch of stuff because they know your insurance will pay. My dentist's office is constantly calling me if I miss an appointment. They reschedule it automatically and they're always looking to do "deep cleanings" if the insurance covers it

  10. I got this sense too. Did you ever get "deep cleaning" done as per their recommendation?

  11. It's normal to go to the dentist once or twice a year, although I'd imagine lots of people (including me) go much less frequently than that.

  12. I do sometimes bleed when poking at the gum line, but it's just a teeny amount that goes away if I'm flossing and using mouthwash more often.

  13. If wealthier Indians who have more access to meat are the groups that eat less meat, then we could make the assumption that access to meat is not the primary motivating force among the population.

  14. Hi EvadingTheDayAway. Sending care to you. I hope you are able to resolve whatever challenges you are facing in this phase of life. Life is not easy, and it's not unreasonable to want to diverge from the status quo to get reactions out of people. I've had several phases like this in my life, and quite recently too. The pandemic especially exacerbated it. It was only when I looked back that I realized why I was acting up.

  15. It's not crappy design, nor should it be considered "design," if it's a piece of art. In this case, I believe it's made this way to create intrigue and get you to stare at it to try to piece it together. Whether you like or dislike this piece of art, it doesn't belong on the sub

  16. We sent our marriage certificate, pictures of us during our relationship (also with family members), pictures of the stamps in my passport, boarding passes of a trip to the UK together.

  17. All you need is one 2x2 photo each for the online application for both you and your spouse. No need to write anything because you’re only uploading one side of the photo

  18. Thanks for the reminder. Some of that makes sense to me, some of it I'm not so sure about.

  19. Question: do you do any of these things or are you like me and do none of them because you don't know where to start?

  20. This is a good question. I don't think it's because I don't know where to start. I'm sure I could figure out a starting point.

  21. Thanks for sharing this! I'm also really interested in Sonic and its evolution.

  22. It's not like I'm intentionally making a boring game, it's just the core concept of my game is fundamentally antithetical to excitement. Like, say, Hearts of Iron is a very fucking boring spreadsheet of a game, and that's exactly what makes it so fascinating to play.

  23. Fascinating idea - to intentionally be boring.

  24. I specifically really like your idea related to the central towers.

  25. Yes! This is one of the main aspects. It also allows Sonic to keep its linear level structure while simultaneously giving free-er movement options

  26. Did you play Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast? I thought they brought Sonic to 3d in a great way. Didn’t have anything like a momentum system though, sounds interesting.

  27. It was novel and cool at the time, but I feel like it hasn't held up well.

  28. Horizontal black bars appearing on screen to indicate you've entered a cutscene or non-playable segment.

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