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  1. So has everyone who haven't received it

  2. I didn't receive it and I'm not dead.

  3. Yep. Did a quick search and you get a full page of hits from the mirror pushing 50ps are worth xxx stories.

  4. Not sure you can reasonably compare Boris Johnson to Trump or Putin. Boris puts on a bit of a bumbling idiot persona for show and is self serving and hypocritical like most politicians but has yet to suggest injecting bleach as a treatment for covid or nuking a hurricane or, as far as I know, hasn't had any of his political enemies murdered or imprisoned.

  5. Boris did threaten to get a journalist beaten up before he was PM

  6. Who’s taking the photo of Joe Hart taking a photo of a young fan and Jota


  8. Yeah that bit was scary. Where the fuck did those 11 years go?

  9. I live in the UK and, aside 1 bank, I was always able to deposit into Kraken or buy from Coinbase directly

  10. The only exchange OP mentions is Binance. This isn't a problem with the UK or UK banks, it's a problem with one exchange which was banned by

  11. No, other exchanges have been banned by banks as well.

  12. Which ones? This thread is full of people from the UK who don't have problems transferring. I'm from the UK and don't have problems either.

  13. I won us the champions league (on fm21 so pre takeover) in 4 season without save scumming. Sign me up

  14. Do you have proof to counter it being a women's issue, such as male MP's being abused for their accents or are you just trying to dismiss this and pretend it doesn't happen

  15. There are some examples of male MPs being mocked for their accent.

  16. He could go the Arteta route

  17. Spend a few years at City as Pep's ass. man.?

  18. must be London, OP says it's a city lol... Maybe they swerved because of the other car but honestly that's almost impressive to fuck up that badly.

  19. It's not London, it's near Batley in West Yorkshire

  20. They're very common from my experience. I don't think I've ever lived anywhere in the UK that didn't have separate taps at least in the bathroom

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