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  1. I just bought a singer 4452 the other day for my first machine. It can go through 4 layers of automotive vinyl no problem. Slows down a little bit when I'm going slow but punches through without issue. Just did 2 layers of vinyl and some velcro today

  2. This is the twin stitching. I will personally just do a single topstitch

  3. so just fold both allowances over to the same side? I will try that

  4. I've watch a lot of his videos. In this video he doesnt even notch out the corners! And it doesnt bunch up on him! I am confused

  5. I like the way the guy at the end shoots his RPG. He's either shooting into the 23rd story of a building 30 feet away from him, or hes going for the worlds longest RPG shot.

  6. I like how the guy is pretending to be in a gunfight through the doorway, meanwhile his buddy just casually walks across the doorway to get into position

  7. Spoolmatics have a potentiometer for a control signal to adjust wire speed. Spoolmate 100 series has no wire speed control on the gun, and is much cheaper gun. I think the Syncrowave 210 only works with the Spoolmate 100 series.

  8. I'm using the spoolmate 150. I guess its possible it could be an issue with the spoolgun itself, in the potentiometer instead of the machine. I already opened up the spoolmate and checked all the wiring and it all seemed fine. Blew out any dust that was inside of it

  9. Call Miller and see if they have a way to reset the machine.

  10. Big long whips for root pass, coming completely out of the puddle and back in so that the puddle can cool down a bit each whip, and then weave overtop of the root pass from side to side pausing on the sides. tilt the rod up about 10-15 degrees

  11. you know what gonna happen .. rich, white, privileged, Infiti driver ...we all know.

  12. Hes not rich, hes mixed race, as privileged as every other Canadian citizen, but yes he does drive an Infinity.

  13. I agree with you, but hes not mixed race. Hes as white as white gets, where tf did you get this from?

  14. The ring is just a slight snap fit. A small straight blade screwdriver should do the trick. The ring has four tabs in total. The twi you can see go into the notches of the speedo drive. And the other two (1 & 7 iclock) go into some cutouts in the hub.

  15. The speedo drive is just a helix gear from the wheel tabs to the output shaft. I'm having a hard time imagining how the failure one way is even possible. Pull the front wheel and speedo housing and see what's up with it. Even if the cable worked it's way out of the tab it should lose connection both ways.

  16. Okay so I took the wheel off, i think the problem is the tabs on the metal ring in the wheel have worn down, here is a picture.

  17. Cheap, low KM's, looks somewhat clean. If it runs well, why not!

  18. Backpack! Personally I don't like the look of saddle bags, but for some reason backpacks look cool on bikers

  19. I bought the bike! Was looking all over and under the bike, I noticed one spot where there was a drip of oil, but it was right where the chain went into the cover so I assume that it was just the chain lubricant. A little bit of surface rust in the corners of the frame, as expected on a 40 y/o unpainted frame.

  20. Update: Bought the bike. Looked super clean in person, the only bad thing I could see was a tiny bit of surface rust in the corners of the frame. I wouldn't expect any less from an original 40 year old piece of metal. Bike sounds great, runs great (when the fuel is turned on LOL) it starts almost instantly when you press the starter button. Someone on a bike slowed down and gave us the thumbs up with the bike in the back of the truck, made me happy.

  21. I just told the people who sent me money to charge back their payments, so that we can figure out a way to actually send me the money. I got the notification of a dispute, chose the option to refund the purchase and close the case, and got a message saying "Sorry, you can't issue the refund as there are limitations applied to your account"

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