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  1. Packing the court is a slippery slope even FDR wasn't allowed to go down though I agree Alito and all Trumps appointees (for having the gall to say they believed abortion was settled law) should be impeached and honestly disbarred

  2. The court has already been packed. It started the day McConnell refused to seat Garland when Obama nominated him.

  3. Now if only there were actual consequences for this sort of thing...

  4. Many old folks in the US believe retirement causes death. This is a logical fallacy in reverse causation, but letting your life revolve around work doesn't prepare you to endure well in its absence. Boomers really do tend to do poorly after retirement and break down/die after not thst long, especially if unmarried or widowed/widowers.

  5. The problem in America is that a lot of seniors never had the chance to actually build any kind of real life because all they ever did was work.

  6. This is probably correct. Easy to cut corners when mistakes like this often yield little to no accountability

  7. Lowest bidder on construction, from a blueprint that was probably substandard to begin with.

  8. The fact that this is legal definitely is a strike against American work culture.

  9. It might not be. Here in the real world you need permits and zoning to make a temporary residence, not just the fleeting whim of a billionaire.

  10. Its crazy CPS has not intervened. He has been hatespewing lgbt which she is part of for years for political gain. That has to qualify as abuse.

  11. It can, if it bugs out. Can leave you highlighted the whole game.

  12. Actually they would be pretty good at comedy if what they said was a joke. But when you realize they mean it, it isn't funny any more.

  13. The program seems to be wanting to participate in an already existing “story hour” by having one slot.

  14. The libraries just don’t want Christian hateful messaging in their public libraries.

  15. The judge didn't exactly force them, but it was pretty much the only option once the judge says "sign off on it be in contempt".

  16. I suppose the question is what happens if they didn't pass it? Is this something like failing to pass the budget bill, and it shuts down the military until they pass one for the year?

  17. No sane person would argue it would never be misused or abused but cops are able to refuse responsibility for their murders specifically because they can legally argue a fear for their life.

  18. I mean, there's been plenty of cases without robots where any sane person would say that there was no excuse for use of violence by the police, and yet somehow they still got away without consequence.

  19. This does actually reduce deaths of criminals and deaths of cops though. Just stop and think about it.

  20. It'll certainly prove whether or not police are shooting people for fear of their lives, or because they just like to shoot people.

  21. I'm not really a fan of Reinforcement or Hunter's Summon Charlie. The only thing I say in their favor is they may divert some attacks away from your main squad, making them about as effective as generating some Block.

  22. Reinforcement might be the better option if you get it modded to be free.

  23. I feel like a lot of the legendary cards are a trap.

  24. The ones that are just big AOE's with big damage are alright. The other ones kind of require you to build around it, which can be annoying.

  25. Or asking about things they already knew the answer to, aka catching him in a lie.

  26. DOJ: I don’t care how you do it, but you and I both know you still have shit, so go “find” it.

  27. You say that but, remember, Herschel fucking walker just got 49% of the vote. Maybe a dull candidate wouldn't pull people to the polls in sufficient #’s but, (R) voters will vote for anyone, and I mean ANYONE to own the libs

  28. The Republican candidate doesn't have to convince Republicans to show up, they just have to make sure they don't make the Democrats show up to vote against them.

  29. Pretty sure the ads just appear on every page. I doubt Uber or Amazon requested the Nazi package.

  30. That's the point, and why these sites all eventually start stepping up the moderation.

  31. I saw a thread yesterday that claimed (sans benefits) that lean ground beef per pound is 13$.

  32. The price of the lab grown has the potential to drop as they improve the process. The price of raising a cow is unlikely to drop.

  33. They would vote for a pile of mush if it had an R next to its name.

  34. Since a lot of people are confused and/or haven't read the article, this is not referring to the mozzarella sticks from the restaurant, nor is this referring to the frozen mozzarella sticks from the freezer case at the grocery store.

  35. Ted has never once shown the ability to care about anybody other than himself. I don't know why he'd start now.

  36. By "bitching and moaning" do you mean the warrented complaints about not being taken seriously as a member along with the rest of the Midnights Suns and being sidelined by the Avengers even though she's arguably one of the most powerful people in the abbey with the Staff of One? Or that she complains the fact that people seem to care more about losing Banner over Maximoff? Or about her crazy murder-cult mother who tried to justify it as "doing it all for you"?

  37. She's not sidelined by anyone. She's on the team and you can bring her on missions. You can train with her. You can hang out with her. Here complaining doesn't make sense in the context of the larger game

  38. All of which only happens because of the Hunter, not because of Caretaker.

  39. They weren’t refused for being Christian, they were refused for their bigotry. Seems fine to me!

  40. Having seen Starship Troopers in the theater when I was in college, there is nothing more annoying than every subsequent generation figuring out that it's a satire and that humanity is the villain and then thinking this is some deep insight.

  41. I'll take those people over the ones who never figured out it was supposed to be satire.

  42. Yeah Cameron is depressed and needed a push. The movie purposefully makes Ferris look like a dick, but then reveals at the end it was a good thing for Cameron and that the entire thing was Ferris' way of helping him. Thats literally the text of the film.

  43. That depends. If you’re a political reporter for Fox News, it could be argued that renting you a hotel room is supporting the message, assuming you’re in town for work.

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