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  1. They have a malt but not a Scotch. All those are very neutral in flavor so a big smoky Islay might not be a good start. Myself I’d add an Adbeg Uigeadail (a big smoky Islay) but maybe something more accessible like a Glendronach 12 ($) or a Glenmorangie 18 ($$)

  2. There is a material you can use with sheetrock that will wreck almost any cutting tool. A metal mesh. Between the bars and that material, assuming OP will use it. The door won't be impervious either. It is just about time and noise.

  3. This is where I make a “but how will I do the Wordle in my faraday cage panic room” joke.

  4. Oh yeah I know but the thought of my fat ass panicking over the Wordle made a better gag, I hope

  5. You may have also picked up the GI bug going around. It’s making everyone sick (vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, etc.) just suddenly out of nowhere.

  6. Ripped through our household. Reminiscent of norovirus. One minute fine, next minute “huh I feel a little foggy.” Ten minutes later, gurgle. Two minutes after that and for the next 12 hours…like somebody stomped on a new tube of toothpaste

  7. Yeah I’ve never dry heaved for 12 hours before. If I were thinner I’d have taken credit for the abs

  8. Nice! Straight alignment, lifted wheel, or rail rider?

  9. Purple is 3 wheel straight axle. Red, black is a rail rider but I messed up the rear alignment and it ran a 2.77. 6 year old was angry. The purple is my 4 yr old car and he took home the sibling 1st place and fastest car out of 57 cars.

  10. There’s always the “well you could build it yourself” line. I think I’m going to abandon rail riding, as it requires a pretty perfect track. Our pack’s isn’t.

  11. Question is, what’re the officers spending the unaccounted balance on and how can it be substantiated

  12. And now Africa, Ohio is at the bottom of the Alum Creek reservoir. Sigh.

  13. Man did you read about the neonazi home schoolers in *Sandusky recently? Wtf. Ohio used to be the home of enlightened education and progressive politics.

  14. Upper Sandusky, Wyandot County. Not that it matters that much but the folks in Sandusky, Erie County, probably care 😁

  15. Could be the dealer had a lot security/inventory device in the OBD2 port and forgot to remove it

  16. We're running into the same thing on Aruba IAP/Central 8.10.05, though I didn't consider Chrome as a possible cause.

  17. If you take federal funds you still need to be CIPA compliant...So I wouldn't just use Google DNS.

  18. CIPA compliance can come from restricting browser access altogether during eSports. Supervision helps make that case too. Ours get their own VLAN and a bare-minimum compliance filter policy using Lightspeed DNS, with their own WAN IP pool and SonicWall config.

  19. I grew up with Hondas in the ‘90s, worked to buy a couple with my student employment and a little side hustle money. ‘87 Integra LS 5MT, then a beautiful ‘89 Prelude Si 5MT. Graduated college in 2000, and after a brief romance with a Championship White ITR (bought used, dealership sold it by mistake and offered a lot to have it back…it had no AC, seemed like a good trade at the time) a Clover Green Pearl ‘98 Integra GSR. Loved that car too, had it 8 years. Being young, having a decent job, good credit, and a nice car would get me test drives in whatever I wanted. Drove an S2000 and I was in love. Everything right with my DC2, plus almost everything right with an NB Miata, all in one. Plus VTEC yo. When my wife and I were planning our wedding, I didn’t want to use a limo. I had a friend from a used Honda department that loaned us a 2002 Sebring Silver over full red for the day. It rained. But that memory stuck with me. When I could afford a third car in the family as a toy, I bought a series of Miatas which I loved dearly. Ultimately I had a 10AE for several years. I still miss it, and would have another in a heartbeat. I needed a new daily. Couldn’t decide what to replace my ‘05 Legacy GT Limited 5MT with. WRX, Golf R, GTI, or Civic Si. Couldn’t decide, so leased the cheapest option, the Si. Which left us with a 10AE, the Si, and the family Odyssey. And all the payments I banked while I was driving the paid off Subaru. And the money I sold the Subaru for.

  20. Tell me you've never been to a school board meeting without telling me. In our case, we spent the money retrofitting the entrances of our 1920's schools to force visitors to check in at the main office before they could be let into the building, adding mag locks and RFID entry at the doors so that we could claw back the "everybody in town has a master key" approach to security that has been SOP for four generations. Schools were built to be community centers. Open. Host cub scouts and church basketball and quilting club. Securing facilities that were designed and built to be kept wide open all the time, in a way that doesn't turn the experience of learning into feeling like prison, isn't "a couple metal detectors."

  21. I ran a ‘98 SL2 for a while that I bought wrecked for $400. Had some sprint springs and a RSB, it was great. Open diff, but still a lot of fun

  22. My ‘53 16 gauge is on my short “I’ll never sell it” list. Model 12s are the best of a bygone era, never to be repeated. Wonderful precision machinery there.

  23. I wouldn’t go in a Sam’s Club unless I absolutely had to. The cutbacks at Costco are breaking my heart (f*ck Wall Street) but it’s still miles better than anything the Walton family has ever done.

  24. I am both a SysAdmin and a parent with a diabetic child in HS right now.

  25. Am T1D and a K12 sysadmin. The only situation I’d like less is trying to manage this for one of my kids. It’s a mostly thankless job that takes a lot more than anybody understands. From a diabetic kid with parents who invested a lot less, I thank you.

  26. They’ve been spending the last half a decade redoing every gas line and meter on the east side.

  27. Yeah I’m familiar, we had to fight to get the east side moved up the list when we lived there. Now I live in Worthington, and they’ll get to us…eventually

  28. And they will 100% wait until my gas line fails to fix it

  29. I’ve just been using Dell or ASUS USB-C displays that charge and have a USB hub. If they need Ethernet, a USB-Ethernet dongle on the monitor

  30. Dell USBC hub monitors have Ethernet built in and work great with Macs. Only downside I found is sometimes the Mac needs a restart before Ethernet works on first setup.

  31. Both are great cars. Snow tires are cheaper than the sales tax you’ll pay swapping that one out.

  32. They opened a store near DK and it’s been predictably downhill since

  33. I dunno, I have guns from ‘80s Italy, ‘80s Brazil, ‘90s Israel, ‘50s USA, ‘40s USA, 2000s Germany and 2020s Czech Republic. Not a lot of MAGAts any of those places. It’s the tacticool people/companies that seem to be rotten with it. Local mom and pop gun shop does a good job keeping the politics out, so they get my business.

  34. Colluding to tamp wages back down and quell talk of unionization

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