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  1. Woke started as a term in the black community for those who accepted the existence and harm done by institutional racism. The right stole it and started using "woke" as shorthand for "uppity blacks." However in the last couple years it has expanded to mean "anything Republicans don't like."

  2. More specifically, it is a derisive term for somebody that isn’t racist and bigoted.

  3. Actually, that's a thing that trees did 300million years ago. When there weren't any bacteria and fungi that decomposed the wood. We'd need to cover a huge additional amount of landmass with trees to capture the CO2 in wood.

  4. So that’s my concern with use of trees as carbon capture. For it to actually permanently work, wouldn’t we have to then chop down those trees and stuff them in, say, a hollowed-out coal mine?

  5. Does anyone else just kind of start to question reality when reading MTG tweets? Like, is this real? Is she real? I’ve been to Georgia so I think that it’s a real place, but does it really have a 14th congressional district? Or is it all just an elaborate, potent ruse to make me afraid of faraway people who think the same way MC Escher paints and that apparently want me to think the same impossible, disconcertingly twisted thoughts?

  6. I took ecstasy after a Guavatron show with my wife. Completely changed how I feel about her. I couldn’t imagine feeling any other way about her now.

  7. Pssshh, get a load of this guy, wanting to love and take care of his wife instead of exploiting her for profit. What a Libtard.

  8. I mean Moscow, while ethnically Russian and Orthodox, was a vassal of the Mongol hordes that gained independence.

  9. Lol Mongols are like “Logistics? What logistics, we have everything we need right here!”

  10. Sweet summer child. You forget about the world’s oligarchs.

  11. Yes, but with improved fusion technology, we can fuse the oligarchs into a monarch, and then we can deal with a monarch...

  12. Trump Eggs does sound like one of his failed business ventures, though.

  13. He takes the finest eggs, hard-boils them for twenty minutes, then has them delivered right to your door for way too much money.

  14. People do die though. Maybe we're all just living in this guy's reality, and our consciousness is merely his projection of our existence, and we're totally expendable and die as he thinks we will while he just keeps getting into horrendous accidents and walking away fine until he is the last thing in the universe and has nothing left to observe.

  15. That’s probably about what I spend for my wife and kid per month, so maybe there’s room to cut back, but if you can afford it I wouldn’t call it outrageous to pay that for good food that you like.

  16. Not entirely true. Plenty of Democrats were staunch Unionists who wanted to prosecute the war and smite the rebels. The Anti-War copperheads were despised by many even within their own party.

  17. Thanks for the context. I’d imagine that the Democratic Party would have been an absolutely incoherent trainwreck during the Civil War. The strongest pro-CSA elements that it depended on would consider themselves a different country and not part of US politics, and the others would be trying to turn back time or have a policy matching the Republicans while not being Republicans.

  18. So this is something that's been fact checked. The Fairness Doctrine largely would not have applied to networks like Fox News. It only impacted broadcast licenses. Fox News was considered a "cable, satellite, or Internet provided service". Services that consumers must pay for. It appears it would have applied more to Rush Limbaugh type radio shows, that were broadcast over open, public Airwaves and TV.

  19. So there was no stopping Fox News. I’d say that the 24 hr mews cycle a la CNN was devastating on its own. News should be compact, clear, and dry so that people can actually keep up and be informed. Now the news stretches any shred of information to beyond the point of consumption for actual info, and then makes it a two sided conflict so that there can’t even be agreement on the basic facts of what happened. Absolute poison for our society.

  20. These kids think they’re so edgy with their shin pic pinups and Stravinsky concerts...

  21. Kids, this LPT is the good stuff. In the business world (and even kind of out of it), Excel is magic, and the better you are at it, the more powerful a wizard you are. Study the formulas, know the difference between relative and absolute references. Learn to format data as tables, seal the deal with mighty Pivot Tables. Disturb your coworkers with the arcane art of macros, completing complex but repetitive tasks in unthinkable speeds. Then, if you’re ready for forbidden necromancy, learn VBScript. Discover that Excel’s power is only limited by the depths of your ambition.

  22. I've been doing this since 2015, everyone says I'm too negative or a pessimist, but I have yet to be surprised or disappointed with how quickly our country is circling the drain.

  23. He’s not getting put in jail any day soon. The Feds took back classified documents at Mar a Lago that Trump was supposed to send back to the government but didn’t. Technically, holding on to them was a crime, but objectively speaking, it’s almost a procedural infraction not much worse than Hillary keeping some classified emails on a private server. Putting aside Trump’s numerous other potentially jailable offenses, taking him down on this would look horrendously political.

  24. Or like getting randomly selected for extra screening at the airport when you’re a middle eastern guy with a beard traveling alone.

  25. That, but also you entered the airport with a big round bomb and wick in your hand, then promised for that you’d hand over the bomb, then instead just held onto the bomb while loitering around the security line for two years, then tried to go through security, and then acted shocked that security took away your bomb when you had promised to hand it over.

  26. Are you saying... that Cameron turned into the Narrator from Fight Club? Are you saying that he's always had an imaginary friend that flouts societal norms? Are you saying that Ferris Bueller's fun-loving antics gradually escalate into a massive act of terrorism against the entire international banking system?

  27. Look at mister optimist here believing there’s going to be someone left to bury him.

  28. Protip: your emergency hole apocalyptic doom shelter doubles as a tomb!

  29. Great story. Hate to ask, but is the no human bones because the dragon respects the humans or because he wants to add the appraiser to his collection?

  30. At first I thought that the dragon most def was going to roast him. But then it occurred to me that, if the dragon wanted human bones, it would have been nothing for it to acquire them at any other time. The dragon just wants its bones appraised. For them to have value beyond its massive treasures, the dragon must have some crazy skeletons down there, like the bones of dead gods or something.

  31. And his own tennis balls. In this economy?!

  32. Check this geezer with his private tennis balls. This is the 21st Century, just download the Ballsly app, fill out a brief survey on your childhood fears and psychological weaknesses, and wait for the drone to deliver your tennis balls for the day for a nominal fee!

  33. Is there even something as a universal "right now?".

  34. No, that’s a relic from Newtonian models of the universe. Once relativity compounded by vast astronomical distances take their toll, the idea of objective now starts to fall apart.

  35. Furthermore, I doubt that NK would risk a few thousand of their soldiers coming back and talking about the real world.

  36. I imagine a bunch of North Korean soldiers looking around going "Their rubble is so much nicer than our rubble! Has... has it all been a lie?"

  37. That's a little higher than the "30%" rule, but not a whole lot. In California though, you may just have to do what you have to do for a while.

  38. There was an incident this month close to where I live, where some young men got into an altercation.

  39. Or the prosecutor was hoping to get a plea deal. A lot of prosecutors over charge for that very purpose and hope the defendant just gives in. They don't expect to actually have to defend the charge in court. When the defendant can actually AFFORD a proper legal defense, the prosecutors wind up losing because they didn't go for a safe charge.

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