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  1. Just go to torchy's I heard you Texans swear by it haha

  2. I’m more concerned about climbing mountain passes at highway speed. Just trying to get a general idea how much the car struggles to maintain the speed limit up steep grades.

  3. Any non aspirated engine is going to struggle up steep grades.

  4. Yeah, it's got a V8 and torque. Both are lacking in the 2.5

  5. Sounds good on paper, but depends if the crust tastes like paper, and I'd be worried it's a greasy mess.

  6. Does it come with the consome?

  7. Crutchfield and budget don't equate

  8. You're going to have to swap the tpms on the spare or buy a new one for the spare.

  9. picked up a 7-11 order then messaged me if I can pick up there IHOP order too SMH

  10. pour it into a pint glass like a civilized person haha

  11. That’s the ones I want to get but they don’t list anything for the ‘22 wilderness yet. I’ll contact them and see if they have something that fits though. Thank you

  12. The 2019+ fit. I've seen a couple wilderness with them

  13. Your customer seems to have had nothing but good experiences with UE deliveries and the previous drivers, so I think that is not meant for you personally. You are just the lucky one who got the Note. Or Maybe they don't realize that they have a different driver every time or maybe they have the same driver every time except this time and that note is really meant for someone else.

  14. Yeah, it is a big deal to him j/s SMH

  15. That’s not a pizza…might as well put some pineapple on it and call it a day haha

  16. thanks for being the second person to not be a complete asshole. fucking shit this reddit is full of dick heads. everyone talking shit. It's insane how the police are ok with meth head fucking low lifes shitting and shooting heroine under the library yet god forbid you forget to renew something you never got a notice about. Talked to the officer I shouldn't have to pay my ticket. Roommate will probably since his ticket was already handed in. I just think it's a testament to how bad our society is falling apart. Extortion from normal everyday people who work, allow scumbags a free ride. People talking shit for a legit concern. I's funny too people cry about affordable housing every day. Charging someone 50 for parking in front of their own house doesn't seem to make housing more affordable here. Maybe I should wax my mustache and go buy an iphone and talk about climate change. Might get a better thing here. It's absolutely no wonder people hate boulder. I should probably buy a fixie bike too.

  17. Yeah, you should probably leave SMH

  18. There’s a place in socal called eggslut

  19. Since the new law to swap out old license plates I went in to register a new car and they already had plates (standard Colo) ready to hand to you. I was planning on using my old ones.

  20. Huh. Hadn’t heard about this. Do you have a link to learn more?


  22. cars with OTA updates are prone to problems. get a classic SG forester and rejoice in the reliablilty.

  23. If you’ve eaten there and don’t like it, you have terrible taste. This place may be the best taco in the front range. One could easily argue that.

  24. They’re solid but have you had tacos @tacos ayayay???

  25. Going mtb there 13-18th looks like it’s going to be in the low 70’s. Are you camping in the dispersed area right outside of town?

  26. There’s a couple on Amazon

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